Wayne Zwick

Instructor and Business Partner, Wayne Zwick, brings years of experience to Allure Dance Studio - Atlanta. From Florida to Hong Kong, New York to Buenos Aries, Wayne has been dancing, teaching, choreographing and performing for over two decades. His unique professional experience includes performing with the world's premiere theatrical ballroom dance company, American
Ballroom Theatre. Having performed on such prestigious stages as the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., Jacobs Pillow, Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Lincoln Center and Joyce Theatre in New York City. Wayne has entertained thousands on the cruise ships of Premiere, Sun, Holland America and Seabourn Cruise Lines. Whether jazz, modern or partnership dance, theatre or stage performance,
Wayne has worked and trained with some of the best competitors, performers, teachers, and choreographers in the dance world. Wayne teaches beginners to advanced, social and competitive styles, of Ballroom, Latin, swing and Argentine Tango.

Jaime Bristol

Jaime started dancing as a very young girl growing up in Michigan. Polka was the first dances she learned. She then went on to study many different types and styles of dance. As a teenager she learned Hip Hop & Jazz dancing and soon began teaching it as a credited course at the North Western Michigan College.
While teaching, with her entrepreneurial spirit, she formed and ran J & J Dance, an entertainment and show group company that performed at numerous private and public functions all over Michigan. Jaime went on to teach dance at Leelanau Dance Studio and began learning Latin and Ballroom dance. In 2003 Jaime moved to Atlanta and taught Ballroom dancing at the Fred Astaire studios for 3 years.
At Fred Astaire she taught hundreds of people the art of Ballroom dancing as well as competing with her professional partner on the Silver level and placing in several national competitions. Jaime also competed in several competitions with her students receiving top student honors with many of them.

Roger Wiblin

Roger was born and raised in South Africa. His mother was a top competitor in South Africa and his parents met at a ballroom dance studio. Roger was nationally ranked in South Africa as a youth competitor and was awarded a ballroom dance scholarship to attend Brigham Young University in Utah. He toured with BYU’s Ballroom Dance Company for four years, dancing on teams that won a British Championship title, and four US formation titles and touring with the team on 4 continents. Roger is a US National American 9-Dance Champion, as well as reaching the US National Championship finals in Latin, Smooth, and Rhythm.
He has also been a finalist in multiple Ballroom championship sections in competitions on the West Coast. Roger has worked with some of the top coaches in the US and South Africa and uses that knowledge to help others grow and improve. Roger taught ballroom as a student at BYU and was named the top student instructor in his senior year. He later joined the faculty at Utah Valley University where he taught all levels and styles. He coached a high school ballroom team in Utah for three years and those teams placed in the US youth national formation championships.
Roger has also privately coached competitive couples who have been successful in their competitive endeavors. He holds Licenciate certifications in Ballroom and Latin American from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance which certify his knowledge, and qualify him to judge at the championship level. Currently Roger is a PhD student in history at Georgia State University. His dissertation will be on the history of ballroom dance in the US South, focusing on the rise of competitive dance and formal ballroom dance organizations. Roger’s wife and four children keep him busy, but he is available for private and group lessons.

Angela Harris

Angela Harris is our Certified Ballroom and Latin Dance Instructor & Performer who received her dance experience and detailed teaching methods in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Atlanta GA.  Angela’s creative teaching abilities have proven that she is able to teach anyone to dance. She truly believes ALL students, from novice to advance levels, should enjoy taking their lessons.  "Dancing shouldn't be so serious, especially if you've never had lessons before."  With years of social ballroom and latin dance teaching experience, Angela’s teaching style is technical and flavorful-filled with flexibility!

Jim Day

Jim started his dancing career in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1976 and was with the Fred Astaire studios for 20 years.  Over the course of his 40 year dance career, Jim has owned several different studios - both franchise and independent. He is quite the dancer and over the years has won several different local and regional competitions with his students.  His Marietta Fred Astaire dance studio won top franchise studio in 1987. Jim is now teaching all levels of social dancing to all his students as he wants to spread his joy and love of dancing to others.  He knows dancing is not only lots of fun but also great exercise for those who want to become more socially active and physically fit.


Kikuyo Silvestar

Kikuyo's love of dance began at age 10 with modern dance in her native Japan. In 1994 "Kiki" moved to the U.S. and started Country Western and Ballroom dancing. In 2006 after taking time off to start a family (she has 4 boys) Kiki's passion for dance drew her back to the dance floor where she began competing and winning in both International Standard and American Smooth styles of Ballroom dance; Dancing and training with some of the top professionals in ballroom dance. In 2007 Kiki began studying theatrical ballroom dance and has enjoyed success competing and performing, receiving numerous awards and accolades while bringing smiles and applause to all who watch her dance.

Don Wallace

Don is an Atlanta Native and began his dance career with the Arthur Murray Dance studio in Atlanta. In his training with Murray's, he achieved their Gold Standard. The last year he worked with Murray's in Atlanta he was awarded the top teacher trophy from the staff of 25 teachers. As a teacher he found his true love with the Latin music and just dancing. Don was awarded many trips and junkets because of his success at Murray's his love for teaching and his dancing abilities..
Being a college basketball player attributes to his posture and smooth, graceful movement to all his former dance teachers. Don loves to teach new students not only the dance steps but styling and technique, as well as how to follow and lead in all the social dances. The passion he has for dancing will almost compel anyone to develop themselves into an accomplished dancer.
At parties and socials Don just never sits down and has been tagged with the name, "the Dancing Machine". Don joined Academy Ballroom Cumberland staff in 2007 and the exposure and following he has experienced at Academy Cumberland has exceeded any previous teaching experience. The knowledge he has gained from the staff just adds to his ability to change lives with his outgoing personality and through the skill of dancing!

Robin Dickson

Robin has been a CMP (certified special event and meeting planner) for over 30 years. He has owned or co-owned several special event/production companies and knows sales, customer service, marketing and producing successful events since he was 17. Getting his start in New York, at Ray Bloch Productions, Robin opened up his company’s first satellite office in the Atlanta market in 1977 and
grew that office to over 5 million in sales in a very short time. Clients included IBM, Coca Cola, Sprint, & GTE ... along with many Associations and Organizations. In 2004, Robin had the desire to learn, walked into a studio, and the passion to learn was instant. A few years later, in 2007, with the help of a local dance instructor and Robin's business acumen, Allure Dance Atlanta was born.
Over the years, having successfully worked with Wayne Zwick on monthly parties and 2 New Years Eve parties, a tight friendship and mutual respect developed between Robin and Wayne ... creating a new partnership Spring of 2013 ... along with with a newer and more successful business plan.

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