Amazon Air Fryer Magnetic Cheat Sheet Review 2022

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I used to think air fryers were over-hyped. Admittedly, I’d never tried one, but I couldn’t understand justifying taking up precious counter space with a device that essentially does what my oven can do. However, I got the opportunity to test out the new Cosori Lite last month and I was almost instantly proven wrong. Since then, I’ve used my air fryer for nearly every quick lunch or dinner, appreciating how fast it heats up and makes food crispy. The only downside? I’m constantly Googling cook times for veggies and meats because this handy appliance cooks food faster than ovens. So, the times and temperatures I’m used to are all varied now, which means I don’t want to overcook chicken breasts or fry thin asparagus stalks to a crisp.

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Recently, I came across this Air Fryer Magnetic Cheat Sheet that seems like the perfect solution to avoid turning to Google every time I fire up the air fryer. For just $12, you can attach it directly to your machine (or your fridge) for ultimate convenience the next time you cook. And, with nearly 19,000 five-star reviews, it’s clear that this unconventional find is a big hit for tons of happy air fryer fans!

This set includes two magnetic cheat sheets, one with over 70 foods and the other featuring a handful of the most common foods to make in the air fryer. The chart also specifies size when appropriate, for instance noting certain cuts, such as a whole baked potato versus cubed potatoes versus baby potatoes. Then, each food has the temperature setting and approximate cook time, some varying depending on your preference of doneness. And, even if these sheets don’t fit or stick to your air fryer, you can always attach them to your fridge or use the included adhesive strips.

The main sheet is pretty expansive, including tons of different types of beef, pork, chicken, and seafood, with everything from filet mignon to scallops. It also conveniently includes an array of frozen foods, which is especially useful since people love using their air fryer for getting frozen bites and appetizers nice and crispy. You’ll find temperatures and cook times for frozen mozzarella sticks, chicken nuggets, pot stickers, and, of course, French fries.

Even though it’s such a simple item, tons of reviewers have raved about this magnetic cheat sheet on Amazon, especially people who are using an air fryer for the first time. “I’m new to using an air fryer so these magnets are super handy. Even if it doesn’t list the exact thing I’m cooking, I can find something close and gauge my times from there,” one person writes.

“We have a busy family and they constantly ask me if something can be cooked in the air fryer. While I normally google search for specifics, this magnet set has a generalized list of things likely to cook in the air fryer. I’ve hung these on the side of our fridge so we can check as we pull stuff out. It just makes one thing a step easier so I can focus on other things we need taken care of!” another reviewer writes.

Most importantly, plenty of people have attested to the fact that each time and temperature has been the perfect level for getting delicious crispy food every time. “This is a handy little guide for doing just what it says — giving cooking times for a number of foods to be cooked in the air fryer. I am using it regularly and everything is cooked just right, not dried out like I used to make it!” one customer writes.

For just $11.45, you can get your hands on this air fryer accessory that will make a shocking difference the next time you make tender, crispy veggies or perfectly cook chicken breast without overdoing it. Air fryer newbies and pros alike will love it!

Buy: Air Fryer Magnetic Cheat Sheet Set, $11.45

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