January 16, 2022


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Can I be held dependable for injury caused on metropolis-owned home? Inquire the law firm

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Q: I have a incredibly significant pine tree on my property adjacent to the town sidewalk. The tree is town-owned but I am liable for servicing, which I have done consistently. Several months ago, a major pine cone fell from the tree and broke a neighbor’s windshield. It’s not the very first time this has transpired. The existing neighbor is now demanding I pay for the price tag of the windshield (he even requested me to lie to my house owners insurance policies firm and not mention that the tree is city-owned. I refused. My response to him was that he assumed a threat by parking below the tree, as there are pine needles and cones littering the road. I suspect he is arranging to sue me on your own in compact statements court docket. Am I proper in asserting assumption of the risk on his portion? And how do I deal with him not adding the city as a defendant?

-T.R., Fremont

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