The Aorus RX 6700XT Elite is Gigabyte’s new flagship product for the newly produced RX 6700XT GPU from AMD. The Elite is geared up with a triple-fan cooling technique, ring RGB lights behind the supporters, and is the major 6700XT you can purchase from Gigabyte at this time. Perrhaps this card will assistance secure a spot for the 6700XT to be a single of the best graphics playing cards of 2021–not that you might be very likely to be able to obtain one particular in inventory. You can visit

For specs, the Elite characteristics a Sport Clock of 2548 MHz, alongside with a enhance clock of 2622 MHz. Because of to AMD’s more recent GPU boosting algorithm, you will most likely be seeing frequencies bigger than 2622 MHz if there is additional cooling and power headroom to spare (which there ought to be).