It may sound bizarre at first, but smells can play a big role when it comes to making decisions, sometimes almost subconsciously. Research has shown that certain smells can help sell a home, while others can hinder a sale.

In this article, we’ll take a look to see what aromas should be filling your home when there are viewings taking place, and what ones you should definitely be avoiding!

Clean before you do anything else!

It’s easy to stop noticing certain smells in your own home, so it’s vital to have a deep clean before you do anything else to ensure smells that you don’t notice aren’t still stinking the place out!

Unwanted smells can linger on certain belongings and items of furniture. The main culprits include sofas, curtains, carpets, rugs and pet related products such as a dog bed. Make sure you give these a wash before having people round for viewings.

You can give fabrics a clean with warm water and fabric cleaner. Fabric sprays will also help improve their smell.

Smells that Sell

The smell of fresh bread, as well as freshly ground coffee, with their association to homeliness, are often regarded as two of the best scents to get prospective buyers to warm to your property. These aromas have been well-noted within the property industry as having home-selling qualities and in some cases have become almost clichés. A well-read homebuyer may know these tricks of the trade and wonder whether you are trying a bit too hard to sell your property.

There are other smells which are not so closely associated with property viewings, that have the same effect of raising a viewer’s opinion of your home. One key thing to bear in mind is that any smell should not be overpowering, you don’t want to distract prospective buyers and have their attention on trying to identify what the smell is. If it’s too strong, they may also think you’re trying to cover up a more unpleasant smell.

Citrus is a proven winner when it comes to boosting one’s mood and studies have shown that the aroma can relieve stress. This therefore goes hand in hand with trying to sell a property.

A scent that has been linked to increased well-being is Pine. Research has shown that walking through a pine wood increases the feeling of well-being, so filling your home with this smell help emulate this.

Cinnamon is a smell loved by many and evokes images of being sat cosy around a fire on winter evenings and so would be a particularly good choice to use around Christmas. It also has therapeutic properties that include reducing irritability and drowsiness. A few tactically placed cinnamon sticks around the house is certainly a great way to go.

Smells that Repel

There are a number of smells that will turn prospective buyers noses up. While many buyers will be aware that once the current owners move out, they will be able to make the property their own and get rid of any nasty aromas, bad smells can subconsciously lower opinions of your property, making it appear dirtier and poorly looked after.

Smoke is the top smell that will put prospective buyers off a property. Not only is it a rancid odour, but it can linger and can require significant cost and effort to get rid of. Cigarette smoke is toxic, and the nicotine and tar can result in yellow patches on walls and ceilings that can be difficult to remove. It goes without saying that if you smoke, don’t do it inside!

Pet odours are a particular turn off, especially for non-pet owners and those who may be allergic. Dogs can carry a damp smell with them if not washed regularly and cat poo can be distinctly unpleasant odour if litter trays are not cleared out.

A home that smells of mildew and must give the impression that the property is rarely cleaned. It may also indicate the presence of damp and mould which can be a red flag for prospective homebuyers. Damp can be expensive to get rid of and prevent coming back and mould can incur health issues and ruin paintwork.

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