To the editor — I commend Elite Academy and Betty King, the owner, for their compassion and motion in doing the job to collect 500 sleeping baggage for the people in our group encountering homelessness. Thanks.

A person of the key good reasons for homelessness is the lack of cost-effective housing. The city of Yakima has declared that we will need to be constructing at least 300 housing units for all financial ranges just about every 12 months to satisfy the need. Due to the lack, rental expenditures are heading up, compounding the homeless problem.

Justice Housing Yakima ( is paying for property on which to develop a tiny house village for chronically homeless to enable deal with the need for very affordable housing for all those encountering homelessness. Of course, houses are a great deal more expensive than a sleeping bag, but the supreme goal requires to be doing the job together as a group to present the housing required for folk to get out of the cold and into a place with heat, rest room and a kitchen area. It is a a lot heavier lift, but it can be accomplished if we operate alongside one another.

As we handle the quick-expression needs through wintertime, let us be searching at the very long-expression remedy. Each and every person desires a property. Everybody justifies dignity and regard.

Board president, Justice Housing Yakima