Laura J. Conant to Ryan D. Sheehan, 5 Red Oaks Circle, $340,000.

Laura L. Farrington to Alex Boyko, 114 Carr Ave., $153,000.

Max La to John Uneegar and Christine Uneegar, 227 Regency Park, $87,000.

Melissa Noonan and Andrew Moure to Tifany Inacio, 16 Norris St., $240,000.

Russell P. Stetson III and Mary Gannotti to Zeni L. Gushue and Zeni Lynn Gushue, 105 S. Westfield St., $230,500.

Sondra G. Wolf to Anne Miller, 131 Corey Colonial, Unit 131, $160,000.


Donna L. Waskiewicz, personal representative, Shirley L. Lauder and Shirley L. Mosakewicz to Meredith E. Marvin and Thomas P. Marvin, 418 Shays St., $355,000.

Patricia J. Auth to Patricia J. Auth, trustee, and Patricia J. Auth 2019 Trust, 365 Middle St., $100.

Kevin S. Mepham and Amanda Roberts to Katherine E. Whitaker Tease and Ethan M. Tease, 51 Station Road, $482,000.


Constance Toth Berindei, Tatiana Christina Berindei, “aka” Tatiana Cristina Berindei, and Daniel Plane to Jane Kaufman, 152A John Ford Road, $325,000.


McCullough & Campora Enterprises LLC, to Jean Baptiste A. Bangoret and Vanessa N. Bangoret, 12 Autumn Lane, $325,000.

Mark E. Suchecki, Melissa M. Suchecki, Mark Suchecki and Melissa Suchecki to Phach Tra T. Thach and Tuan D. Tran, 150 Federal St., $259,000.


David C. Lewis and Merrilyn J. Lewis to David J. Harris and Anna C. Perry, 267 Turners Falls Road, $385,000.

New Penn Financial LLC, Bank of New York Mellon, trustee, by attorney, New Rez LLC, attorney, and Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing, attorney, to Colleen Frances Kubisch and Steven Walter Kubisch, 179 Shaw Road, $154,875.

Errol W. Caswell to Joan L. Hamilton and Thomas B. Hamilton, 175 West Road, $370,000.

Leslie Hunter to Aaron C. Hunter, 23 Center St., $268,896.


Housatonic Solar 1 LLC to BL MA Land LLC, 103 North Blandford Road, $183,302.


Andreas A. Gamborg and Madeline S. Lempereur to Elizabeth H. Song, 108 East St., $440,000.


Antonio Sousa Francisco, Antonio Francisco, Jorge M. J. Desousa, George Sousa, Jose J. Desousa, Audra Francisco and Annmarie Desousa to Plata O. Plomo Inc., 385-387 Springfield St., $180,000.

Bank Of New York Mellon, trustee, and CWABS Inc. Series 2006-BC4, trustee of, to Seweryn W. Grabowski, 90 Fernhill St., $167,000.

Blanco Electric LLC to Juan A. Rosario and Madeline Rosario, 2 West St., $150,000.

Dorothy Pirog to Robert J. Schroeter and Thomas S. Sophinos, 405 Chicopee St., $110,000.

Elizabeth A. Forgue and Elizabeth A. Mack to Scott T. Pirog, 75 Greenpoint Circle, $240,000.

John Kristopher Tano and Anne Tano to Jeffrey B. Bryan and Cynthia J. Bryan, 50 Fredette St., $119,000.

Meadowbrook Property Solutions LLC to Antonio Valdez Cabral, 8 Pleasantview Ave., $175,000.

Michael Jackewich and Jodie Jackewich to Joleen A. Ramos, 47 Conrad St., $231,500.

Roland N. J. Menard and Jeanne C. Menard to Connor K. Kennedy, 311 Montgomery St., $180,000.

Thomas P. Garvey to Joshua J. Medero and Monica K. Pich, 61 Claire St., $220,000.

William M. Parker and Christina A. Parker to Colleen Bates, 101 Fairview Ave., $220,000.


Joan A. Powell to Zachary Starr Powell, 8 Christian Hill Road, $220,000.


Amanda L. Nash to Sophie P. Michaux and Adam J. Simon, 46 Delabarre Ave., $290,000.


USA Housing Urban Development to Thomas J. Mitchell, 7 Graves St., $144,000.

East Longmeadow

Baldwin Street LLC, to All Purpose Storage East Longmeadow LLC, Baldwin Street, $1,500,000.

Brian Tondera and Laura Tondera to Bradford Taylor Mills, 55 Mapleshade Ave., $234,500.

Tracey L. Giard, Tracey L. Martin and Robert Martin to James Bertier and James J. Bertier, 45 Scantic Drive, $246,000.


Carol A. Dube, trustee, and Leo P. Dube & Carol A. Dube Irrevocable Home Trust to Alison Kleppinger, 8 Plain St., $320,000.


John Cyhowski, Kelly A. Deyo, Kathleen A. Kavanaugh, Kenneth F. Kavanaugh and Philip R. Kavanaugh to Melanie C. Breor, 22 Prospect St., $175,000.


Jill M. Wade, personal representative, Joan M. MacMonegle, estate, Jill M. Wade, Diane E. Langworthy and Heather MacMonegle to Stephen P. Brunetti and Darlene T. Brunetti, Cold Hill Road, $99,000.


Peter C. McMahon and Robin L. Todd to Peter C. McMahon, 58 Conway St., $40,000.

KWC 22 Riddell LLC, to Mark A. Abraham, 22 Riddell St., $192,000.

Riccardo Binetti & Tessa S. Taylor Living Trust, Riccardo Binetti and Tessa S. Taylor, trustees, to Peter C. Perkins, 450 Green River Road, $425,000.

Kimberly Croce-Devine, “aka” Kimberly Croce-Devine, “aka” Kimberly Gordon Scammon and Paul D. Scammon to Seth Rosenbloom, 20 Ferrante Ave., $227,500.

Greenfield KMW LLC, to Gregory Roberts and Jamie Roberts, 77 Verde Drive, $398,400.

Paul W. Allis, by attorney, Bricket Allis, attorney, to White Mountain Realty Group LLC, 333 Federal St., $305,000.

Michael Hutchinson to Daniel Littlefield, 24 Linwood St., $210,000

April V. Sawyer and Christopher D. Sawyer to Jamie P. Barry and Kristina N. Smyth, 151 Montague City Road, $260,000.


Kevin M. Skelly and Deborah W. Skelly to Raquel Frances Llera-Stern and Ruben Leon Stern, 258 River Drive, $259,900.

Leonard W. Wierzbicki and Elizabeth C. Wierzbicki to Summer Fetterman, 8 Bayberry Lane, $750,000.

Bercume Construction LLC, and Nikki B LLC, to David J. Gianatasio and Chelsea Lowe, 5 Crystal Lane, $689,000.


Vicki Marsh Arnould and Meghan Arnould to Virginia Mae Martell and Dean Christopher Martell, 322 West St., $240,000.

Bradford Eichwald, Joanna G. Vaughn and J. Vaughn to David J. Della Torre and Rebecca J. Della Torre, 62 Main St., $215,000.


Alfaville LLC to Matthew Randall Ingellis, Maple Crest Drive, Unit 20I, $149,000.

Alfred Shattelroe to Heidy L. Lanausse Ramos, 19 W. Glen St., $200,000.

Carmen I. Flores and Carmen I. Melendez to Extremely Clean (2) LLC, 75 Linden St., $40,000.

Greenvale Properties LLC to Justin Tomasini, 1244 Main St., $276,000.

Jennifer Wilda to Michael David Rabtor and Jacquelyn Pitoniak Rabtor, 430 Rock Valley Road, $200,000.

Mario Tedeschi to Shannon C. Dillard, 17-19 Parker St., $275,000.

N A R Realty LLC to Michael L. Davenport, 2060-2062 Northampton St., $216,000.


Grace M. Wheeler and Neil S. Wheeler Sr., attorney-in-fact, to Neil S. Wheeler Sr., 74 Worthington Road, $100.


Kim D. Tanzer and Wayne S. Tanzer to James J. Manoussoff, 58 Shady Side Drive, $527,500.

Michael Sullivan to Philip B. Jones and Eileen A. Cavanaugh, 37 Captain Road, $375,000.


Baystate Developers Inc. to Alina Leclaire and Spencer Burling, Sunset Ridge, $190,000.

Hemlock Ridge LLC to William E. Grise III and Marissa Grise, 8 Autumn Ridge Road, $532,000.

M & G Investors LLC to Augusto G. Crespo and Maria C. Crespo, Marias Way, $125,000.

Mary Paier Powers, conservator, and Mary E. Stoddard to Alice Grace English, 73 Ridgeview Circle, $200,000.

Patricia Coderre-Guyette and Paricia A. Guyette to Khanh Nguyen and Hally Hua, 177 Overlook Drive, $370,000.


Deborah A. Jones, Jon R. Gould, Susan Gough and Deborah A. Gould to Evergreen Design Build Inc., Munn Road, $95,000.

Sarah E. Danos, Sarah E. Longo and Joseph Danos to Joanne P. Kelly, Peter Lewis and Keeler H. Lapham, 28 Bethany Road, $170,000.


USA Housing Urban Development to Puertorico Quinones, 138 7th St., $77,890.

Karen Burek, Gloria Carme, Genevieve Denkewicz, Mary Louise Denkewicz, Raymond P. Denkewicz and Catherine Ptak to Amy L. Freeman and William P. Freeman, 94 Federal St., $225,000

Andrew H. Killeen to Samuel P. Gido and Yuying Tang, 60 Central St., $290,000.


Michael J. Welch and Sarah C. Welch to Jonathan G. Leonard, 575 Bridge Road, $220,000.

Debra J. Diemand to Micah A. Winston and Bharati E. Winston, 244 North Maple St., $420,250.

Bruce Alan Wilbur, David Williams Wilbur, Jody Elizabeth Kinner and Carol Ann Menke to Northampton City, Boggy Meadow Road Off, $150,000.

Northampton City to Congregation Bnai Israel Inc., 237 Prospect St., $427,000.

Lawrence G. Budgar, personal representative, and Gerald Budgar, estate, to Amy Campbell, 127 Bridge St., $332,500.

Rebekah Brooks and Christian Hawkins to Christian W. Hawkins, trustee, Rebekah R. Brooks, trustee, and Hawkins Brooks Family Trust, 35 Forbes Ave., $100.

Felix J. Grygorcewicz and Melodie J. Grygorcewicz to Lisa Cassidy, Ming Tsang and Lifang Luo-Cayode, 87 Pleasant St., and 382 Pleasant St., $400,000.

Felix J. Grygorcewicz and Melodie J. Grygorcewicz to Lisa Cassidy, Ming Tsang and Lifang Luo-Cayode, 386-388 Pleasant St., $465,000.

Gary F. Ciaschini to Caitlin M. Bunning, 673 Park Hill Road, $575,000.

Judith L. Snyder and Karen L. Korvek to Christine O’Hara, Sylvester Road, $155,000.

Sunwood Development Corp., to Laura S. Engler, trustee, and Engler Living Trust, 117 Olander Drive, $363,497.

Jack V. Finn, trustee, Priscilla R. Finn, trustee, Jack V. Finn Living Trust and Priscilla R. Finn Living Trust to Richard M. Lotstein and Jennifer R. Lotstein, 57B and 57 King St., $835,000.


Douglas A. Baker to Mei Yong-Zhi, 153 School St., $280,000.


Jay Guilmette and Martha Guilmette to Brandon M. Coy and Katherine R. Coy, 77 Pleasant St., $217,000.

Daniel M. Kimball and Deidre K. Kimball to Tina Diaz, 67 Main St., $375,000.

Edgewater Construction Inc., to Stephanie Perez Barrios and Max Carrazana, 113 Congress St., $260,000.


Glennair Executive Services LLC to Joshua Banas and Bradley Boulanger, 103 A&B South High St., $287,600.

Doreen Cunningham, Gregory Gardener and Samantha Pulley to Naomi Ruth Jackson and Gary William Jackson, 17 Old Farm Road, $385,000.

Janet Cronwell, representative, Wayne D. Trombly, representative, and Sheila A. Trombly, estate, to Joshua J. Natella, trustee, and 58 Water Street Realty Trust, trustee of, 58 Water St., $60,000.

Stephen A. Mushenko to Roger Parker, 1570-1572 North Main St., $161,000.

Wilbraham Road LLC to Jerzy Sajerda, Wilbraham Street, $535,000.


Paul J. Pappas and Linda L. Pappas to Christopher R. Liberty and Stephanie A. Liberty, Huntington Road, $100.


Ricki Carrol to Katherine Barr and Morgan Kelsey, 30 High St., $495,000.


Historical Enterprises LLC, to KJS Realty Inc., Locks Pond Road, $150,000.

South Hadley

Andrew K. Griswold to Nancy Gingras and John Gingras, 50 South St., $160,000.

Cathleen J. Smelcer, Cathleen J. Smelcher and Douglas C. Smelcer to Rachel M. Weisbrod, 24 Shadowbrook Estates, $207,000.

Ellen Higgins, personal representative, George M. Monaghan, estate, Mary LaMontagne, Constance Monaghan and Deborah Barthelette, conservator, to Charles D. Scott and Scott Family Properties LLC, 415 Granby Road, $140,000.

Oak Ridge Custom Home Builders Inc., to Henri D. Langevin and Anthony G. Langevin, 357 East St., $449,900.

Ronald N. Gendron and Linda A. Gendron to Ronald C. Gendron and Amy B. Gendron, 79 Pine Grove Drive, $100.

Harrison L. Crossland, Richard S. Crossland, Marie Y. Crossland, personal representative, Marie Y. Crossland, Timothy J. Crossland, estate, and Linda C. Moynahan to Teresa A. Czepiel, 87 Hadley St., $249,000.

Shane Adams and Treva Adams to Benjamin R. Craig, 47 McKinley Ave., $213,000.

Lynda M. Welch to Ethan J. Conklin, 54 Westbrook Road, $224,000.


John O. Martin, trustee, Claire M. Martin, trustee, and John & Claire Martin Revocable Family Trust to Gary J. Baldwin and Elizabeth G. Baldwin, 67 High St., $150,000.


Frank T. Larson to Randy Wessels and Carla Wessels, 21 Sterrett Drive, $350,000.

Luigi Dibenedetto Jr. to Richard Pelley and Francine Pelley, 14 Sheep Pasture Road, $95,000.

Marc A. Pereira and Andrea Pereira to William John Kokocinski and Denise Claire Kokocinski, 138 Vining Hill Road, $340,824.


855 Liberty Springfield LLC to Matthew D. Grunwald and Fei Xu, 279-287 Main St., $462,675.

Amat Victoria Curam LLC to Karelis Dejesus, 143 Marion St., $215,000.

Andrew C. Kalinyak to Cyndia Gonzalez, 33 Fullerton St., $184,000.

Anne M. Theocles, representative, Charles Athanssios Theocles, estate, and Charles A. Theocles, estate, to Jasper Mccoy, 123-125 Mulberry St., $300,000.

Antonio L. Joao, executor, and Jose Joao, estate, to Peter D. Lyons, 41-43 Quebec St., $70,140.

Bretta Construction LLC to Luz Martinez and Jimmy Macvarish, 282 Gilbert Ave., $418,000.

Bruce R. Buckley and Lorna M. Buckley to Jonathan Vargas Garcia and Joelys Anette Rosario Velazquez, 992 Berkshire Ave., $205,000.

Celestino Diaz and Evelyn Diaz to Jazmin I Martinez, 122 Drexel St., $205,000.

David A. Springer to Arielle Christian, 85-87 West Alvord St., $230,000.

Debra L. Blanchard and William M. Blanchard to Bretta Construction LLC, Superior Avenue, $38,500.

Edwin Ortiz-Gonzalez and Cynthia Ortiz to Dennis David Terron, 18-20 Batavia St., $218,000.

Ellen T. Moore to Christopher Jean Berthiaume, 33 Michigan St., $175,000.

Francine Savoie to Odayls Agosto-Flores and Emmanuel Gomez-Rivera, 19 Carlton St., $168,000.

Fumi Realty Inc. to Francia Karina De Jesus De Nunez, 174 Allen St., $75,000.

Hedge Hog Industries Corp. to Eileen Santiago, 104 Alden St., $167,000.

James L. Avezzie and Susan L. Avezzie to Susan C. Samble and Janice Ann Cole, 393 Nassau Drive, Unit 393, $169,000.

Jarineth Velez Torres to Edwin Manuel Molina Nunez and Claribel Nunez, 93-95 Edgewood St., $234,000.

Jason Bacis to Nicholas Daniel Delnegro, 68 Cheyenne Road, $230,000.

John F. Gingras and Nancy J. Gingras to Alycar Investments LLC, 15 Eldert St., $80,000.

John Martin to Daniel J. Langevin and Mary E. Langevin, 210 Peeksville Ave., $260,000.

Jonathan Lurie to Ching-Chi Lee, 459-461 Armory St., $174,900.

Jose A. Rivera to Michelle Stuart, 27 Sherbrooke St., $133,000.

Joseph A. Pietrocola to Amanda Pagan, 139 Abbott St., $212,000.

Kathleen A. Shaw and Kathleen A. Demetrion to Amanda L. Upchurch, 153 Ellsworth Ave., $187,000.

Keith Blake to Chazalyn Santa-Colon, 34-36 Langdon St., $235,000.

Lionel Cruz and Ana M. Ortiz to Santana Real Estate Inc., 379 Central St., $140,000.

Lydia E. Torres to Alfonso Roman, 211 Ambrose St., $200,000.

Lydia Vega and Luis Rodriguez to Marcio Freitas and Lydaris Vega-Freitas, 762 Grayson Drive, $190,400.

Mary Jo Wytas to Peter E. Sares, 8A Florence St., $12,000.

Michael J. Culhane to Abundio J. Cortes Palacio, 147 Sunridge Drive, $225,000.

MVP Partners Real Estate LLC to Edgardo Garcia, 50 Beauregard St., $173,999.

Orange Park Management LLC to Felix De La Cruz, 70 Sherman St., $233,600.

Rafaela Vega, Christopher Martinez, Mary Rose Martinez and Raquel Torres to Tu Cam Pham, 218-220 White St., $7,500.

Rebecca G. Smith, Dorothy L. Smith and Dorothy L. Thompson to Kyle Callender and Elyanna Bassell, 19 Hood St., $102,000.

Round Two LLC to Carlos Kuilan, 28 Clarendon St., $223,000.

Shalonda M. Edwards to Dallas Clark, 48 Driftwood Road, $226,000.

Steven Lemoine to Kenny A. Martinez and Kristin L. Jimenez, 50 Montclair St., $188,000.

Thomas E. Koetsch to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Zadkiel Realty Trust, trustee of, 57 Fremont St., $100,000.

Tl Bretta Realty LLC to Sivakumar Jagadeesan and Singaravelu Jagadeesan, 121 Laconia St., $325,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Christiana Trust, trustee, and Trust V. Residentia L Credit Opportunities, trustee of, to Robert L. Gladden Jr., 80 Howes St., $179,900.


Lisa Judkins, conservative, and Ruth E. Miller to Jordan T. Keefe and Lisa E. Keefe, 15 Hidden Acres, $60,000.


Raymond A. Reseigne and Beverly C. Reseigne to Raymond A. Reseigne, Beverly C. Reseigne and Colby Raymond Gardner, 114 Babcock Tavern Road, $100.

Frances J. Soffen and Sandra L. Soffen to Miguel Angel Miranda Carmona, 83 Pleasant St., $182,800.

Charlene Casavant, personal representative, and Bernard A. Pageau, estate, to J & S LLC, 70 North St., $55,000.

Renee M. Sinclair to Alex Lanier, 414 Palmer Road, $117,000.

West Springfield

David J. Vickers Jr. and Kathryn A. Vickers to Thomas Permar and Carol Permar, 89 Pheasants Crossing, $485,000.

Maitri J. Patel, Venu Patel, Vrunda Patel, Milan J. Patel-Desai and Milan J. Patel to William George Marchand Jr., 231 River St., $165,000.

Marc T. Bergeron and Suzanne Bergeron to Koch Real Estate Corp., York Street, $100,000.

Martin C. Lyons and Kim A. Lyons to William J. Lyons III and Cassandra M. Lyons, 89 Edgewood Road, $460,000.

Michele A. Dandy to Kyle Marquez, 82 Garden St., $206,000.

U S Bank Trust, trustee, and LSF9 Master Participation Trust, trustee of, to Joseph Kot, 55 Fox St., $127,500.

William T. Bostick and Whitney B. Williamson to Dante Robert Demaio and Gariella Lynn Deblase, 30 Ravenwood Lane, $417,000.


Aleksandr Popov to Dmitriy Ryabichenko and Natalya Ryabichenko, 100 Meadow St., $250,000.

Carl J. Crawford Jr., representative, Carl J. Crawford, estate, and Carl J. Crawford Sr., estate, to Henry Rau Talbot Jr., 107 Tannery Road, $226,000.

Christopher J. Hayden and Dawn M. Loyd to Plan Hampden Homebuyers LLC 401(k), trustee of, and Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, 260 Saunder St., $64,000.

Doris A. Kurowski, estate, and Debra A. Horton, representative, to Andrew K. Hall and Darcy R. Hall, 160 Susan Drive, $291,000.

Dorothy I. Wzorek to Tammy A. Zabik, 1010 East Mountain Road, $100.

Emmanuel N. Cheo and Kayla R. Cheneba to Tyler James French, 46 Orange St., $239,900.

Joanne A. Manley, Jo Anne A. Manley and Jo Anne Manley to Isobel A. McMahon and Caroline E. Raisler, 31 Summit Drive, $340,000.

LP4 LLC, to John M. Phillips, 11 Myrtle Ave., $200,000.

Michael J. Tomasko, Gerald R. Tomasko and Patricia A. Field to L7 Holdings LLC, Timberswamp Road, $100,000.


John J. Symanski and Paul L. Symanski to Herd Leah Rose Mastrogiovanni, 202 River Road, $280,000.


Cecilia A. Sousa to Stephen J. Sousa, John R. Sousa, Ann Marie Sousa Browne, Christine Sousa and Cecilia A. Sousa, life estate, 312 Stony Hill Road, $100.

Nicholas M. Brown and Susan Catherine Brown to Richard Hebert and Elizabeth Hebert, 11 Delmor Circle, $237,500.

Olga D. Vonflatern, Ronald C. Vonflatern Jr., Neil Vonflatern, Debra Purday, Sharon Allen and Susan Granahan to William W. McElroy II, 843 Main St., $262,500.


David Hurwith and David Price Hurwith to Gabriel Dylan Unger, 112 Thayer Hill Road, $763,000.