Daniel J. Black to Sergey Legkodukh, 63 Corey Colonial, $182,000.

Denise M. Scales to Andrew J. Greeno, 420 Main St., Unit 75, $137,000.

Donald J. Donahue to Travis A. Lansing, 76 Stewart Lane, $279,900.

Irene Walsh to Angela R. Tassinari, 59 Tracy Drive, $260,000.

Kathleen Dubuc-King, representative, and Joseph L. Dubuc, estate, to Elizabeth A. Maher, 106 Plantation Drive, $155,000.

Kathryn M. Patterson to Michael Hutchison and Kristen M. Hutchison, 48 Wrenwood Lane, $225,000.

Marc F. Birchenough, Kelly Ann Birchenough, Eric Brumley and Eric C. Brumley to Marc F. Birchenough and Kelly Ann Birchenough, 10-12 Randall St., $15,000.

Richard C. Gingras, representative, Kevin H. Gingras, representative, and Hannelore Gingras, estate, to Richard C. Gingras, 19 Rosie Lane, $120,000.

Tyler Hart to John J. Walsh and Sheila A. Walsh, 60 Plantation Drive, $170,000.


Daniel N. Hebert and Leah K. Hebert to Daniel N. Hebert, trustee, Leah K. Hebert, trustee, and Leah K. Hebert 2021 Trust, 321 Old Farm Road, $100.

Apple Brook West LLC, to Annette B. Geldzahler, 8 Vista Terrace, $125,000.

Christine Ryan to Justin Ching, 19 Harlow Drive, $282,000.

Carla M. Becker, trustee, and Windcatcher Revocable Trust to Brian McLaughlin and Melora McLaughlin, Flat Hills Road, $130,000.

Agnes C. Ting, trustee, and Ting Family Nominee Trust to 845 North Pleasant Street LLC, 845 North Pleasant St., $380,000.


Marie Stella 2012 Revocable Trust, Charles Justin Byrnes and Edward Aran Byrnes, trustees, to Jessica Christiansen and Elena Oxman, 719 Barnes Road, $740,000.


M & G Land Development LLC, to Stephen R. Utley, Shea Avenue, $75,000.

Karen M. Walker and Steven P. Walker to Maher A. Hasan and Lidia Mrad, 167 Barton Ave., $400,000.

Julie A. Nicoliello, personal representative, and Joan P. Sullivan, estate, to Musa Cayan, 31 Ledgewood Circle, $270,000.

Sligo Realty Co. LLC, to Blythewood Property Management LLC, and Anthony R. Witman, 251 North Washington St., 257 North Washington St., and 259 North Washington St., $1,125,000.

David M. Martel and Marcia M. Martel to John E. Tyler III, trustee, Susan L. Tyler, trustee, and 96 Stebbins Street Realty Trust, 96 Stebbins St., $580,000.

Holly L. Ruderman, Holly L. Burton and David Ruderman to Drusilla De Veer and Pamela Lynam, 20 Springfield Road, $258,000.

Spencer W. Shumway, Molly C. Kenneson and Molly Shumway to Jane Taylor, 51 Metacomet St., $370,000.

Douglas M. Delisle and Keri A. Delisle to Anthony Patalano, 95 Railroad St., $324,500.

Bank of America NA, and Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc., attorney-in-fact, to Spencer Shumway, Spencer W. Shumway, Molly Shumway and Molly C. Shumway, 130 Sheffield Drive, $421,300.


Richard P. Tetreault Estate, and Christopher Pratt, personal representative, to Hunter Charles Cote, 109 Depot St., $106,000.


Dominick A. Garreffa to Brett Hanson and Jana Hanson, Janes Hill Cross Road, $89,900.

Lincoln George Adams to Lee W. Adams and Susan E. Adams, 20 Palmer Road, $150,000.

Maria Woods and Maria R. Woods to Jared Michael Gordon, St. George Road, $29,000.

Paul P. Porra and Carol A. Porra to K & M Inc., Apple Road, $55,000.


Mark L. Printon Estate, Larch M. Purinton and Laurel P. Kearns, trustees and personal representatives, to Colin E. Scott and Laura E. Scott, Avery Road, $60,000.


Chester Town to Fawne St. Pierre and Chad St. Pierre, Round Hill Road, $15,001.

Chester Town to Joseph P. Hepworth and Carol R. Hepworth, Birch Circle, $15,100.

Chester Town to Paul N. Suplinskas and Mary Cordes Suplinskas, 352 E River Road, $30,485.


Alan L. Betournay and Gina M. Betournay to Ilya Latoshkin, 13-15 Garrity St., $275,000.

Ana E. Centeno to Ana E. Centeno and Brenda L. Roman-Garcia, 55 Empire St., Unit 52, $100.

Jesus Guzman to Christopher C. Kervian and Josue M. Rolongarcia, 21 Adams St., $280,000.

Karen Ferreira and Karen Amy Wolcheck to Ashley E. Reidy, 308 East St., $235,000.

Kenneth R. Hamel and Carrie A. Hamel to Sherine Ann Marie Hastings, 1741 Memorial Drive, $220,000.

LeClerc Brothers Inc., to Tanya Elaine Roman and Amanda Odalys Conde, 27 Worthington St., $300,000.

Lisa Tavernier to Scott A. Fortin, 541 Chicopee St., $196,000.

Lois J. Stratton and Daniel L. Stratton to Tess E. Kania and Genesis Z Estrada, 26 Louise Ave, $250,000.

Mark L. Lemelin and Joanne J. Lemelin to Dennis L. Brantley Jr., 80-82 Orchard St., $265,000.

Nancy Theresa Pajak and Sandra Anita Santos to Mariam I. Allam, 6 Barre Circle, $225,000.

Onexis Iturrino and Orlando Iturrino to Kevin Richard Vance Jr., and Krystal Lee Swiderski, 36 Mary St., $215,000.

Patricia B. Hay to Natalya Kravchenko, 502 Irene St., $297,000.

Scott A. Lessing and Lisa A. Lessing to Ruben Rodriguez Rivera, 32 Hudson Ave., $279,000.

Zeddymar Portorreal to Santana Real Estate Inc., and Danny Adorno, 67 Springfield St., $26,000.


Peter E. Magistri to Richard M. Zafft and Sharrie A. Zafft, Bashan Hill Road, $49,000.


Malcolm Thompson and Bonita Joyce Weeks to Natalie Marie Blais and John Lucas Bussard, River Road, $200,000.

East Longmeadow

Cardinal Home Investors LLC, to Christian R. Morneau and Sravya Malepati, 297 Kibbe Road, $310,000.

Edward Rutkowski to SRV Properties LLC, 27 Shaw St., $133,000.

Theresa A. Cox to Nicholas O. Jorge, 112 Dearborn St., $287,000.


John R. Lynch to Hannah R. Carrasco and Joshua R. Carrasco, 13 Holyoke St., $385,000.

Michelle LaConte, trustee, Heather Patenaude, trustee, and Dapr Nominee Trust to Daniel K. Edwards and Suzanne P. Edwards, 22 Clark Lane, $425,000.

Michelle LaConte, trustee, Heather Patenaude, trustee, and Dapr Nominee Trust to Daniel K. Edwards and Suzanne P. Edwards, 24 Clark Lane, $35,000.


Matthew LeVierge and Sarah Malone to Robert F. LeVierge and Theresa L. LeVierge, 8 School St., $100.

Michael E. Cupak to Maria G. McCarthy, 116 School St., $100,000.


Robin Jenell Condon, “aka” Robin Jennell Condon, to Karla J. Hutchinson and Michael D. Hutchinson, 54 Wells St., $100,000.

Jamie M. Picard and Joshua Picard to Catherine M. Ball, Christopher, “aka” Christopher J. Ball and Kathryn Ball, 139 Elm St., $211,000.

Chad Nelson and Viorika Nelson to Laura C. Dowling and Matthew C. Dowling, 69 Burnham Road, $271,000.


Richard C. Scott to Ronald F. Blajda and Laura Rup Blajda, 2 Mount Warner Road, $10,000.

Marjory H. Spencer to Barstows Longview Farm Inc., Hockanum Road Off, $40,000.

James P. Tudryn to Walter J. Czajkowski and Mary T. McNamara, 38 Shattuck Road, $245,000.

Harry L. Barstow and Teresa L. Barstow to Daniel Allen Cavanaugh and Emily A. Gomes, 136 Middle St., and 94 Middle St., $545,000.


Janice Munsell, Alice Harper, V. Paul Harper and Pamela A. Jacques to Wendy L. Colbath and Robert M. Colbath, 15 Old Coach Road, $205,000.


Erich J. Holan to Christopher H. Keniley, 29 Bellor Road, $72,000.


Alycar Investments LLC, to Alondra Sanchez, 193-195 Oak St., $265,000.

Christina M. Rigali to Dawn Howard, 502 Hillside Ave., $205,000.

Elisabeth M. Hamin to Deborah Skelly, 36 Maple Crest Circle, Unit K, $127,900.

Joshua C. Rickman, Lauren E. Rickman and Lauren E. Urbanski to Ruth S. Rauluk and Mark A. Rauluk, 12 George Frost Drive, $393,000.

Mark Cutting to Jacob Freeman and Christina M. Rigali, 14 Briarwood Drive, $480,000.

Patriot Living LLC, to Issa Mateo, 1106 Main St., $220,000.

Rajin Ramraykha and Sonia Ramraykha to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Pszczyna Realty Trust, trustee of, 339 Hampden St., $79,755.

SHL Realty LLC, to Greenvale Properties LLC, 427-429 Beech St., $125,000.


David J. Kovacs, personal representative, and Sandor Kovacs, estate, to Anne Murray-Chiriboga and David Chiriboga, 13 Old Chester Road, $422,600.


Christopher Stamas and Penelope S. Stamas to Netty Z. Perez Pineiro, 290 Wolf Swamp Road, $316,500.

Courtney E. Wenleder and Edward James Liversidge to Megan M. Weatherborn, 48 Green Meadow Drive, $525,000.

Heidi J. Milbier, Joan E. Milbier and Michael J. Milbier to William F. Chamberlain Jr., 55 Tabor Crossing, $232,900.

Jodie S. Burstein to Zakia Natour, 94 Wilkin Drive, $410,000.

John H. Bellows to Jose A. Cuevas Rentas, 1423 Longmeadow St., $320,000.

Michael R. Massie and Allison M. Massie to Sean D. Keane, 128 Laurel St., $355,000.

Serge N. Evanguelidi and Toni M. Evanguelidi to Mark Flanagan and Lisa Bromberg, 32 Osceola Lane, $460,000.

Stratton Renovation LLC, to Johsua C. Rickman and Lauren E. Rickman, 102 Lincoln Park, $430,000.


Alfred J. Albano Jr., and Pedro D. Fernandes to Pedro D. Fernandes, 196 Rood St., $350,000.

Chrystal J. Vieira to Amy L. Goding, 195 Cady St., $235,000.

Debra E. Hawkins to Nicholas Roux, 4 Alice St., $206,000.

Edward Aniolowski, John Aniolowski and Rosemary Leduc to Devon J. Thomas and Emily E. Enscoe, 52 Michael St., $240,000.

John L. Murphy and Paula A. Murphy to Brian D. Benard and Karen M. Benard, 2 Leland Drive, $562,500.

Joseph M. Cabral to Manuel Santos, Anhor Street, $2,500.

Maria Arlete Mole to Danielle M. Hayes, 21 McLean Parkway, $280,000.

Rachel Correia, Rachel L. Correia and Celso Correia to Anthony Jorge, 45 Duke St., $214,000.

Stephanie Lawrence, Andrew Lawrence and Stephanie Provo to Cameran A. Eugenio and Tiffani E. Small, 215 Holyoke St., $213,400.


Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Melina Rosario-Crespo, 7 Pine St., $150,000.

Clara Dvorchak, Alice K. Elderkin, Barbara A. Boudreau and Joan E. Pierce to Roy Elderkin, 224 Hovey Road, $75,000.

Henrod Holding LLC, to Mahmood Realty LLC, 297 Main St., $65,000.

Karl Wolpert and Deborah M. Wolpert to Fred D. Sousa, Moulton Hill Road, $55,000.

Sharon E. Johnson to James G. Williams and Elizabeth A. Williams, 11C King St., $15,000.


Lynne K. Edwards and John A. Edwards to Janet Warren and Robert Wagner, 35 Holyoke St., $333,000.

Roman A. Czarniecki, personal representative, Irene Janina Czarniecki, estate, and Irene J. Czarniecki, estate, to Nu-Way Homes Inc., 291 Riverside Drive, $651,000.

Northampton City to James J. Flannery Jr., 16 Glendale Road, $84,300.

Erin E. Carey, Maura L. McCarthy, Michael J. Carey and Charles T. Conner to David A. Premo and Claire A. Premo, 12-16 Hatfield St., $655,000.

Sunwood Development Corp., to Susan R. Donaldson, trustee, and Susan Donaldson Trust, 117 Olander Drive, $593,663.


Peggy L. Peirce to Jamie Powell, 475 East River St., $146,000.

Brent R. Salvetti to Stephen J. Oliver, Benham Street, $20,000.


James J. Petrisis and Linda A. Petrisis to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Anouk Realty Trust, trustee of, 10 Country Lane, $24,000.

Kevin McGerigle and Jacquelyn Johnson to Michael A. LaValley, Linda J. LaValley, Paul W. Yaeger and Heather M. Yaeger, 19 Holbrook St., $252,900.


Burton W. Franzman, Burt Franzman and Joan Epstein to Lyle Jared Franzman and Micah D. Franzman, 135 Shutesbury Road, $100.

South Hadley

Kilerine Properties LLC, to Azam Khan and Mamoona Azam, 31 Hadley St., $390,000.

Benjamin W. Tucker, Lauren Tucker and Lauren Malanowski to Jonathan Black and Emily Rae, 206 Brainerd St., $525,000.

William D. Cotter, trustee, and Patricia Ann Cotter Revocable Trust to Allison Butterfield, 32 Shadowbrook Estates, $200,000.

Christine G. Regis to Thomas Fregeau and Maureen Fregeau, 36 Mountain Ave., and 36 Mountain View Ave., $180,000.


George E. Gosselin, personal representative, George E. Gosselin Jr., personal representative, and Jeffrey Alan Gosselin, estate, to Alex Komlev and Vera Komlev, 66 East St., $130,000.

Yocelyn F. Delgado to Zachary Jared Berman and Meera Suri Berman, 114 Valley Road, $405,000.


Jaan Development Corp., to G & F Custom Built Homes Inc., 2 Noble Steed Crossing, $98,000.


305 Breckwood Boulevard LLC, to John Barron and Travid M. Orszulak, 305 Breckwood Boulevard, $210,000.

Andrew A. Lopriore to Eduard Popovichenko, 735-737 St. James Ave., $260,000.

Bert V. Wright to Alexa Acosta, 129-131 Wilbraham Ave., $270,000.

Bryan A. Musa to Gilberto Vargas Dalmau, 25 Pine Acre Drive, $225,000.

Byron Walker and Byron L. Walker to Abigail Sanchez, 773-775 Armory St., $227,000.

Calhoun Street LLC, to Antonio Moreno, 55 Calhoun St., $100.

Calhoun Street LLC, to Antonio Moreno, 64 Marble St., $100.

Carol-Ann Boardway Chapin and Kathleen M. Boardway to Bruce Tetrault and Cheryl Couture, 1616 South Branch Parkway, $255,000.

Casey Belieu to Hillisa G Byer, 143 Endecott St., $220,000.

Delroy Gayle to Keyla Diaz, 16 Pickett Place, $190,000.

Deluca Development Corp., to Amat Victoria Curam LLC, 61 Forest St., $130,000.

Dnepro Properties LLC, to Tamar Urena, 22-24 Somerset St., $279,800.

Emtay Inc., to Elvira Lucia Soares, 69-71 Ranney St., $300,000.

Extremely Clean (2) LLC, to Eugene J. Alexander and Valerie Vasquez-Alexander, 44 Tourigny St., $267,000.

Green Light Homes LLC, to Sheri Lussier and David Lussier, 33 Castle St, $240,000.

Herbert Bair to Kenrie Hayles and Loraine Jennifer Johnson, 40-42 Acorn St., $185,000.

Holly Ann Pandolfi, representative, and June Marie Cox, estate, to Michael Whitfield, 72 Mary Coburn Road, $180,000.

Jamie Snell and Zachary M. Snell to Ana Nieves, 515 Bay St., $180,000.

JJS Capital Investment LLC, to Junior Santos Feliciano, 47-49 Dickinson St., $300,000.

John J. Walsh and Sheila A. Walsh to Kathryn S. Durand, 380 Plumtree Road, $257,000.

John T. Cavicchia to Green Light Homes LLC, 33 Castle St., $145,000.

Juan Angel Santana to Michelle E. Rodriguez Marrero and Noel Mercado Quintana, 36 Kent Road, $220,000.

Kara L. Harris and Jason Harris to Glendon Wallace Jr., 184 Senator St., $240,000.

Kristan Xanders and Kristan Laguercia to Winston Jimenez, 125-127 Suffolk St., $57,967.

Luis A. Colon and Grizel Colon to Andre Bandiaky and Kathiushka Divalanie Bandiaky, 1205 Bradley Road, $270,000.

Luis Ortiz Jr., and Melissa Ortiz to Carlos G. Rosario, 156 Florence St., $100,000.

Malissa Jean-Charles and Malissa A. Cunningham to Jennifer Cabrera and Alberto J. Negron Rodriguez, 38-40 Biltmore St., $315,000.

Nicole Milanes and Bernabe Milanes to Luz Guerrero, 41 Queensbury Drive, $210,000.

Patrick Manning and Shannon Manning to Ramon Tapia Fabian and Raquel Reyes Ferrer De Tapia, 83-85 Hamburg St., $165,000.

Paula M. Circosta to Nancy Matos, 647 Parker St., $214,900.

Plata O. Plomo Inc., to Blythewood Property Management LLC, 50 Macomber Ave., $121,000.

Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity Inc., to Tupatupa Toto and Faida Tausi, 175 Bloomfield St., $200,000.

Ramon Tapia to Ramon Tapia Fabian and Raquel Reyes Ferrer De Tapia, 73 Bessemer St., $100.

Revampit LLC, to Stephanie Lynn Godek and Kirsy Segarra, 52 Portulaca Drive, $243,300.

Richard C. Deslauriers and Heather L. Mikolas to Alexandra Rubin, 126 Jamestown Drive, Unit B, $125,000.

Round Two LLC, to Rinaldi Pease Holdings LLC, 31-33 Worcester Ave., $255,000.

Ryan T. Haley and Nicole Haley to Kathleen Demetrion, 1599 Plumtree Road, $282,000.

Scott J. Mascaro and Kathleen Mascaro to Jared Berkeley, 25 Lawnwood St., $204,000.

Stanley W. Liszka Jr., estate, and Stanley W. Liszka III, representative, to Edwin N. Acevedo and Amneris Acevedo, 109 Second St., $189,900.

Suzy M. Cieboter, Erik Marcoux and Lisa M. Dangelo to Suzy M. Cieboter and David J. Cieboter, 15 Josephine St., $134,000.

Sybel Gonzalez to Alexis Rivas-Mateo, 31-33 Amber St., $255,000.

Theresa D. Martin to Anthony Malfino, 55 Parkerview St., $200,000.

Thomas P. Keenan and Susan Keenan to Anthony B. Broadnax, 1154 Worthington St., $380,000.

U S Bank, trustee, and Structured Asset Securities Corp. Series 2006-GEL4, trustee of, to Plata O. Plomo Inc., 50 Macomber Ave., $99,000.

U S Bank, trustee, and Aegis Asset Backed Securities Trust Series 2005-5, trustee of, to All About Real Estate LLC, 106 Greene St., $40,000.

Vincent P. Langone and Carol E. Langone to Alexander Ortiz, 41 Upton St., $220,000.

Waleska Semprit to Gerardo Cruz Quesada and Raquel Queseda Torres, 138 Pasco Road, $235,000.

Winston Jimenez to JJJ17 LLC, 125-127 Suffolk St., $93,000.

X Main Street Corp., to 1 Root Inc., 716 Sumner Ave., $150,000.


Jillian B. Manning and Joseph A. Manning to Alyssa E. Crockett and Karen K. Schwalm, 230 Plumtree Road, $374,900.


Debra Libera and Debra Sprout to Bradley Switt, 25 Monson Road, $23,000.

Robert L. Hegyi and Lynn S. Hegyi to Tyler Stretch and Alyson L. Stretch, 19 McBride Road, $401,500.

Ronald W. Gresty Jr., and Rhiannon J. Gresty to Petrie Rubio Enterprises LLC, 15 Walker Road, $55,000.


Mark R. Gaudette, Paula A. Perrier, Paula A. Aldrich and Patricia A. Pittsley to Susan J. Cunningham, 21 Willow St., and Lamoureux Avenue, $180,000.

U.S.A. Housing & Urban Development to Brad Matthew Dimiero, 17 Pine St., $85,000.

Andrew Tombor and Martha W. Tombor to John J. Stueve, 94 South St., $296,500.

Robert E. Madigan, personal representative, and Sean M. Madigan, estate, to Carlos F. Martins and Maria M. Martins, 142 West St., and 143 West St., $675,000.

West Springfield

Anne Marie Robinson, representative, Jean P. Robinson, estate, and Joan P. Robinson, estate, to Rosa M. Echevarria and Kevin J. Rodriguez, 19 Worthen St., $201,500.

Cardinal Homes Inc., to Stoneridge Realty LLC, 4 Pine St., $414,277.

Frances A. Brandt to Jessica L. Andrews, 80 Brush Hill Ave., Unit 48, $87,000.

Greg G. Taylor, representative, and William P. Chesworth, estate, to Ashley Martin, 80 Brush Hill Ave., Unit 44, $97,000.

Jeffrey K. Gallup and Sarah S. Naylor to Richard S. Staples, 879 Piper Road, $210,000.

KSV Realty LLC, to Nino Valentino, 129 Lancaster Ave., $196,000.

Marc Bergeron and Suzanne Bergeron to Luis Gonzalez, 41 York St., $195,000.

Michael G. Anable Sr., to Denise Scales, 407 Kings Highway, $252,000.

Michael Martin to Cig4 LLC, 84-86 York St., $140,000.


Wendell Town Selectboard to Friends of Wendell Meetinghouse Inc., 1 Morse Village Road, $100.


110 Lockhouse LLC, to Amanda L. Balicki, 110 Lockhouse Road, Unit H, $295,750.

Andrey Gnidenko and Tatyana Gnidenko to Kyle Randall, 1928 East Mountain Road, $355,000.

Christopher Nascembeni to Ryan Bonesio and Jill Bonesio, 40 Park St., $321,000.

Daniel P. Donohue and Melanie L. Donohue to Joel T. Malo, 55 Stuart Place, $260,000.

Dmitriy Kozodoy and Julia Kozodoy to Timothy Cardaropoli and Christopher Cardaropoli, 22 Moseley Ave., $266,000.

Glenn Korostynski and Robin Sheldon to Heather Myers, 37 Foch Ave., $215,000.

James M. Kotowski and Donna S. Kotowski to Joseph Manfredi and Kristina Manfredi, 170 City View Road, $530,000.

Joseph M. Manfredi and Kristina M. Manfredi to Laura M. Taylor and Ryan W. Taylor, 19 Waterford Drive, $540,000.

Joseph R. Avery and John P. Avery to John P. Avery and Carrie J. Avery, 125 Berkshire Drive, $186,120.

Kenneth D. Smigel and Laura A. Smigel to Christopher Smigel, 43 Oak Terrace, $289,000.

Kenneth J. Tabor, Paula L. Tabor and Reta C. Bergstrom to Jenny Chen Maus, 17 Toledo Ave., $250,000.

Margaret M. Nadeau to Christopher G. Dastous, 3 Myrtle Ave., $245,000.

Ryan W. Taylor and Laura Taylor to Daniel P. Donohue and Melanie L. Donohue, 457 Loomis St., $410,000.

Shakil Ahmed to Fanny Naranjo and Julia Naranjo, 35 Mill St., $175,000.


2301 Boston Road LLC, to Theresa A. Cox, 39 Ivy Circle, $229,000.