The Importance of Regular Plumbing Inspections | Pippin Brothers

Having a plumber go through a thorough inspection is incredibly important before buying the commercial property to make sure that there would be no further problems with the plumbing system in the future, and to be aware of the possible problems that it already has. Plumbing services, like the commercial plumbing services by Tom’s Plumber, are there to help you out with your inspection. Why is it important to have a thorough plumbers’ inspection before buying a commercial property?

Why are building inspections important?

  1. To carry out quick repairs and avoid costly damages

It could enable the buyer to identify the trouble spots and they could carry out repairs before they could become damages that would cost them much more money. Gas leaks, missing attic insulation, raised shingles are some of the many problems that may occur, and if these problems are not fixed early, they could lead to much bigger ones.

  1. Identification of best maintenance practices

Home and building inspections are needed so that you would be able to know how to properly maintain the building that you are interested in before you purchase it. It enables the buyer to know and identify the best practices to maintain it. 

  1. So that they coil ascertain the true value of a home

Sometimes, people sell a property far less than its asking price, and one of the only ways that you as a person who is interested in buying it can know this is through a home inspection. Energy requirements is one of the several factors that may or may not make a building or a home of lesser value than its sale price. 

  1. In order to effectively budget for repairs

There have been a few times where a buyer is confronted with cheap and discounted buildings when they are negotiating the purchase of the property. But sometimes, when a proper building inspection is not done, the cost of the repair for the building could eclipse the cost of building a new one.

  1. Identification of structural issues in a building

There are some buildings that are deemed not habitable, having so many structural defects that may or may not collapse anytime. This is why, as a person who is buying a commercial building, should always conduct a building inspection so that they could determine if the building that you are planning to buy is habitable before you purchase it.

What do commercial inspectors look for?

  1. The exterior of the building
  2. The building’s five major systems
  3. Documentation of the building
  4. The interior of the building

What are the benefits of a property inspection?

  1. Validate insurance policies

If you fail to do constant inspections within the timeframe, you are at huge risk of losing the coverage or getting the policy that you are trying to get insured for invalidates. This is one of the main reasons why building owners should arrange for the property inspections to comply with the requirements for the insurance that you are getting.

  1. Documentation of the property condition

If you have an annual inspection for the property, it would give you a massive opportunity to document lease violations at your property and/or the unreported damages. If you hire a professional to do this, they will check for tenant damages and assess the overall conditions of the property.

  1. Check and improve owner liability

Regular inspection would help make sure that the investment that you put in this building is safe and is in good condition. You would easily establish the appliances, like the smoke detectors and CO2 detectors, are working. If you are the property owner, then the regular inspection will help you fulfil your responsibility and help you maintain the environment for all occupants of the building.

  1. Avoid deferred maintenance

There is a good chance that there are a few places and areas that have been overlooked despite the fact that your property management company may or may not have informed you of the specific areas that are needed for repairs and maintenance. This is to make sure that everything is in tip top shape.

What does a plumbing inspection consist of?

A plumbing inception usually consists of checking anywhere water runs through your house, including the sinks, toilets, lines, tubs, and pipes. They will check pipes both inside and outside your house, and hydrants for leaks and check for the proper support in ensuring anti-freeze protection.

Commercial Building Inspections Checklist

  • Heating and plumbing systems
  • Surface of the roof
  • Fire protection
  • Site characteristics
  • Repair recommendations
  • Cost analysis
  • Complete document review
  • Interior elements
  • Exterior elements
  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Mechanical system
  • Structural frame condition