What is the best date you’ve ever gone on in Whistler?

My dates have been quite limited these past couple of years, not only due to covid but also having a baby which happened right at the beginning of the pandemic. This made it all that more satisfying and memorable when restrictions somewhat eased back in November and my sister was in town (she could watch our little one) while we had our first date night since the baby was born. We enjoyed a dinner at Joe Fortes (wine and seafood are 2 of our favorites), followed by a Christmas light “Hallmark” feel stroll towards the upper village, to top it off with a cocktail and live music at the Fairmont, and still managed to make it home by 8:45 to cuddle up and watch our favorite show.


You’re in line at the grocery store, what last-minute item do you grab to purchase

I am currently absolutely obsessed with a brand of chips called “Rootables” made in Whistler. They have so many delicious flavours; truffle, curry, maple bacon… mmmm.


How would you spend your ideal day in Whistler?

There are so many ideal days in Whistler depending on the time of year but anything that involves my little family and new adventures. We love finding new camping spots, going on bike rides through the gorgeous trails, BBQs and paddleboarding at the lake.


What’s your go-to conversation topic on the chair lift?

Where are you from and what brings you to Whistler? I love that Whistler is filled with locals and visitors from all over the world and all walks of life. I’m always intrigued to hear how they found their way to Whistler.


When friends or family come to visit, what’s the number one place you have to take them too?

I would have to say that our spot is probably Lost Lake.. it’s right next door to us so we walk/bike along the trails and bring our paddleboard, BBQ, kayak for some lake fun. My sister on the other hand would hilariously most likely say the “Re-Use-It Centre”. She always manages to find the best deals there!


What drew you to Real Estate?

I believe a lot of it had to do with my extensive travel during childhood from Sweden to Abu Dhabi to Canada. My parents somehow always made the transition feel so seamless and no matter where we were it felt like home. I want my clients to feel that same warmth, that they can trust me and that I am always working towards their goals.


What is your most important quality as a Realtor that you’d like to convey to your client?

As a realtor, I always want to make sure that my client’s needs and expectations are being met. It is important to me that we have an open conversation from day one so that I can clearly understand what is important to you.


In one sentence, why should people live here?

It’s a magical place to be filled with adventure, heavenly mountainous views and a vibrant supportive community.