A report in the Wall Street Journal recently declared that, led by an uptick in high-end residential inventory, the historic national real estate boom is seeing a slight regression.

Amid the current craze, what is the status of the Seacoast real estate frenzy? John Rice, statistician for the Seacoast Board of Realtors, read the article and then analyzed his own sales and pored over local data. He said the Seacoast real estate market at present should be likened to a kitchen stovetop.

“If you have a burner on a stove that was on high, maybe somebody turned it down to medium high,” he said of the current market. “It’s still hot.”

John Rice, a statistician for the Seacoast Board of Realtors, looks over real estate data in his Portsmouth home on Tuesday afternoon.

Local and national numbers show that, even as median monthly home sale prices continue to skyrocket and set records on the Seacoast and across the United States, more single-family home listings are beginning to pop up on the market. 

Seacoast inventory is certainly showing trends of replenishing, equating to a slight cooldown in urgency for buyers to act, Rice said.

“It only stands to reason that as inventory increases that the intensity level to buy what was out there cools a little bit,” he said.