August 13, 2022


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My Neighbor’s Doorway Digital camera Faces My Condominium. Is That Lawful?

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Q: I reside in a six-tale rental building in Washington Heights, with 5 flats for each flooring. My neighbor across the corridor set up a Ring digital camera that captures the overall ground. It faces my condominium specifically, furnishing a clear look at within anytime I open the door. Aside from the fact that it’s unpleasant being aware of that all my comings and goings are staying recorded, I speculate if this is legal. What can I do about it?

A: Your neighbor does not have the proper to position anything in the hallway, which includes a doorway digicam, with out the landlord’s consent. It’s unlikely that your landlord has specified the neighbor authorization to do this because landlords typically never want tenants detrimental the partitions or recording what’s heading on in the hallways.

“I’ve never heard of a landlord consenting to a digicam,” said David E. Frazer, a attorney who represents tenants. “It generates problems and it perhaps damages partitions and ceilings.”

Inform your landlord about the cameras, expressing your issue for the making and the partitions. With any luck, that will resolve the dilemma. If, even so, the landlord decides not to get included, your remaining options are minimal, since the presence of a digital camera in a popular hallway is not illegal.

As a tenant, you do not have the presumption of privacy in common locations of properties, like hallways, elevators and lobbies. That deficiency of privateness extends to the region inside your condominium that is noticeable when you open the door. So whilst your neighbor might not be permitted to set up a digital camera and level it instantly at your doorway, your landlord can. “The courts have held that the landlord has a suitable to put a digicam in the hallway and even disguise it,” Mr. Frazer said.

If the landlord does not buy your neighbor to take away the camera, your only recourse would be to converse with your neighbor instantly. Converse to the neighbor, if you can, and inquire if they would, at the incredibly least, reposition the digicam away from your door.

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