Apartments in Campello

El Campello seems to be fighting against the economic turn around and the slump in the property market, although signs of hardship are present. Many apartments blocks in Campello seem to have come to a stand still, the banks are no longer loaning out money for potential mortgages., not even for people who want to cash in their liquid equity to make home improvements.

It certainly is a good time to refurbish apartments in Campello too, as labour costs become a lot more competitive due to the lack of work in the building sector. But as I said here in Campello, building work continues and new projects are approved. I would say that prices for apartments in Campello are looking very attractive and there are some really great property investments up for grabs for apartments in El Campello.

The second hand property market has taken a bit of blow recently though and several well known estate agents in El Campello have closed down and the rest are struggling as most locals tend to look for a private sale. All you need is a competent financial adviser to take care of all the paper work and you can make huge savings in Estate Agents fees.

The majority of apartment blocks in Campello are 6 floors high, but just a few left without a lift. Campello apartments normally come with 2 or 3 bedrooms, some of the older ones with 4 bedrooms and some other more modern apartments with 1 bedroom.

The best thing about living in an apartment in Campello is that you don’t need a car. Everything is so handy and the tram can take you to Alicante or Benidorm. If you couldn’t live without a car though, there is now plenty of parking in Campello, since a large underground public car park was recently opened.

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