ASHLAND — The following is a complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor’s office for May 26 through June 23. 

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


Vacant Lots 247, 247-A, part 248, Ashland; BP Matrix, LLC to Ashland County Commissioners; $80,000.

106 Samaritan Ave., Ashland; Paige Ciminello to LuMae One, LLC; $167,000.

602 Ohio Street, Ashland; Sarah Sue Crist to Linian Properties, LLC; $45,000. 

705 Keen Ave., Ashland; Top Flight Real Estate, LLC to Leah Zeisler; $125,000. 

1436 Orange Road, Ashland; Lori L. Vickers to Jeremy Huff; $155,000. 

921 Jacobson Ave., Ashland; V. Dwain Hochstetler to Theresa L. Karn; $210,000.

912 Laurel Ave., Ashland; The Russell W. Harrison Living Trust UTD to Aaron C. Anderson; $171,000.

652 Cleveland Ave., Ashland; Cameron J. Fowler to Jon A. Royse, II and Tammy Royse; $125,000.

503 Virginia Ave., Ashland; Ronald E., Faye Ann and Timothy E. Baum to Penton Properties, LLC; $58,000. 

1217 Myers Ave., Ashland; Eleanor L. Franks to Arrow Properties, Ltd; $45,000.

908 South Heltman Ave., Ashland; Joseph T. and Karly A. Grimwood to Jean O. Buchanan; $160,000.

1483 Troy Road, Ashland; Calvin L. and Lynn A. Keefer to BAM06 Rentals LLC; $67,500.

Lot 4436 Shady Lane, Ashland; Rodney W. and Julie A. Rogers to Ishwar M. Upadhaya and Parul Patel; $61,000.

1140 Surrey Circle, Ashland; Judith L. Webb to Gary D. and Carmen B. Downey; $399,900.

1060 Broad St., Ashland; Joseph J. and Kelly D. Kubasek to Dustin Kubasek and John Carter; $225,000.

535 Main St., Ashland; Terry L. Fingulin to Anthony Taylor Harkness; $86,000.

2701 Silver Fox Trail, Ashland; Henry J. Zalokar to Henry J. Zalokar and Rochelle R. Brewer; $83,525.

931 Center St., Ashland; Wayne Brian and Sue Rodelius Dickson to Claire Guerin and Jacob David Oberholtzer; $211,000.

2006 Stoneridge Court, Ashland; Joan Marie DiPierro to Logeswari Neelakandan and Vigneshwaran Murugan; $260,000.

1174 Village Lane, Ashland; Danny E. and Darla J. Vansickle to William T. and Kimberly S. Douglas; $150,000.

0 Amberwood Parkway, Ashland; Ashland Care Center Inc. to Jagjit Sing; $86,101.

121 Vernon Ave., Ashland; Skylar and Ashley Marie Haines to Nicholas Dotson; $137,000.

369 Cleveland Ave., Ashland; Robert Franklin Piatt and Brittney Dawn Thompson to City of Ashland, Ohio; $30,000.

1234 Applewood Court, Ashland; Hollie Renee Golden to Dale L. and Rhonda L. Householder; $295,000.

966 Overlook Drive, Ashland; Phyllis A. Hoffman to Chase R. Witmer; $104,000.

311 Carroll St., Ashland; Courtney Miszczak to Billy L. and Rachel L. Moore; $40,000. 

508 West Main St., Ashland; Estate of Shirley S. Heifner to Jonathan and Meghan Brown; $60,000. 

519 Cherry Ave., Ashland; Michael S. Walker to Brian M. and Jennifer K. Wade; $105,000.

103 and 103 1/2 Maple St., Ashland; J. Roger Primm Estate to HB Custom Homes, LLC; $151,000.

220 E. 10th St., Ashland; Jay M. and Jennifer J. Sturgis to U.S. Bank Trust National Association; $50,400. 

1612 Harding Ave., Ashland; Bethany Montgomery and Michelle Bursley; $126,000.

189 Ashland Ave., Ashland; Debra L. Hubler to Ashley M. Haines; $127,000.

819 Hilltop Drive, Ashland; Dale and Rhonda Householder to Kaitlyn McCulley; $130,000.

66 Morgan Ave., Ashland; Dean and Valeta Good to Aaron Ross and Kristin Crosby; $200,000.

1143 Myers Ave., Ashland; John and Elizabeth Ann Paisley to Erin L. Cronick; $100,200.

1000 Sandusky St., Ashland; Lawrence J. and Michelle L. Wheeler to Jacob and Hannah Westfall; $175,000.

Clear Creek Township 

Vacant land on Township Road 776, Ashland; Thomas M. and Judy A. Ringler to Dinsmore Farms, LLC; $93,511.80.

Vacant land on Township Road 1243, Ashland; Shelley K. Bernhard to Dinsmore Farms, LLC; $238,664.50.

0 U.S. Route 250, Greenwhich; John T. Hale, Jr. to Jacob Winn; $44,900.

608 Township Road 1151, Ashland; Joanne K. Kroft to Cameron J. Fowler; $230,000.

Green Township 

551 Vincent Drive, Loudonville; Debbie L. Olney and Samuel L. Olney to Stacy Dittrich and Richard Dittrich; $200,000.

Parcel on County Road 775, Perrysville; Landon C. Overholtzer to Sheldon J. Oberholtzer; $150,500. 

187 E. Third St., Perrysville; Linden Avenue, LLC to SCP 2005-C21-055 LLC; $1,534,991.

785 Township Road 2475, Loudonville; Steven J. and Jean L. Arnold to Nathan Arnold; $130,000.

2337 State Route 511, Perrysville; David Wm. Keller to Robert David Hoover; $300,000.

315 North Spring St., Loudonville; Estate of Todd R. Wilson to Kauffman Properties LLC; $24,000.

659 County Road 2404, Loudonville; Timothy L., Luke and Lisa M. Sage to Timothy Wayne Chester and Kelli Ann Hinkle; $395,000.

972 Township Road 2375, Perrysville; Ann R. Engelberth to Scott E. and Vickie L. Strong; $350,000.

Vacant land on State Route 39, Loudonville; Robert Cutlip III and Willis Spreng to Willis W. and Annette M. Spreng; $50,055.84.

Hanover Township

745 Township Road 3364, Loudonville; Chartwell Properties to Michael and Gail Smith; $9,100. 

3120 County Road 3175, Loudonville; Brian K. and Tonya L. Dunlap to Moody Holding Company, LLC; $135,000. 

216 South Jefferson St., Loudonville; James F. Turner to Amanda M. Mowery; $120,000.


147 College St. Rt. 6, Ashland; Robert L. and Molly A. Phillips to David R. and Shasta L. Cable; $350,000.

Jackson Township 

Vacant land on Larch Place, Wooster; John E. Youngblood to Chris and Susan Hershberger; $2,100. 

Lots 150, 151 and 152 Laurel, Ashland; Richard and Pamela Wagner to Kylie Vozar; $9,000.

1487 Carum Place, West Salem; Richard C. and Norma L. Darr to John Lykins; $159,900.

4224 Majorna Drive, West Salem; Forest Klinect to Leonard G. and Deborah L. Kuyney; $1,500.

4138 Cedar Lane, West Salem; Diane M. Stewart, Steven E. and Michael J. Selby to Michael and Stacy Simmons; $2,500. 

1394 Saffron Drive, West Salem; Steven T. Sheppard to Georgine and James J. Ostrowski Jr; $1,250. 

313 South Main St., Polk; Joseph F. Fisher to Steve L. and Donna J. Englet; $70,550.

6036 Sequoia Place, West Salem; Rudolf Laszio to John L. Anderson; $1,500.


32 South High St., Jeromesville; Family Time Properties, LLC to Cherry Skye Holdings, LLC; $92,500.

7 Boyd Drive, Jeromesville; April D. Hamilton to Gary and Sharon Maxwell; $210,000. 

20 W. Main St., Jeromeville; Paskenell Properties LLC to Skor Properties LLC; $45,000.


2536, 2575 and 2496 County Road 175, Loudonville; Gilbert J. Weber to Weber Land and Cattle, LLC; $258,000.

Lake Township

2536 County Road 175, Loudonville; NewIDYL Properties, LLC to Weber Land and Cattle, LLC; $0.

2496 County Road 175, Loudonville; NewIDYL Properties, LLC to Gilbert J. Weber; $0. 

128 County Road 2400 and 132 County Road 240, Loudonville; Thomas Dilgard to Weber Land and Cattle, LLC; $1,360,000.

Mifflin Township

1881 State Route 603, Ashland; Douglas Clark to Erin L. Wilson and Dell Orsua; $365,000.

Vacant land on Township Road 1215, Ashland; Valley Farms of Ashland LLC to William C. Burkett; $164,703.

1722 County Road 1095, Ashland; Jesse and Kristin D. Gober to Joseph T. and Karly A. Grimwood; $339,000. 

Milton Township

1566 S. Baney Road, Ashland; Daniel R. Mager to Charles M. Mager; $60,000.

1176 Township Road 1153, Ashland; Patrick K. and Michelle L. McLaughlin to Samuel L. and Jenna K. Roberts; $278,500.

1276 State Route 603, Ashland; Valerie J. Kiser to Travis A. Cross; $59,530.

1273 U.S. Route 42, Ashland; Steven M. Aber to Ralph Kirkpatrick, II and Sara Kirkpatrick; $400,000.

1326 U.S. State Route 42, Ashland; Kevin M. and Tammi L. Kipp to Mitchell McKinney; $240,000.

Mohican Township 

32 East Main Street, Jeromesville; Gregory E. Emmons, joined by Nichole Marie Emmons to Montgomery Street Homes LLC; $132,000.

Montgomery Township 

1651 County Road 1095, Ashland; Rodney G. and Agatha A. Alexander to Midwest Estates LLC; $175,000.

1174 U.S. Route 250, Ashland; Margaret Delphine Kinney to City of Ashland, Ohio; $104,380. 

56 acres on County Road 995, Ashland; Sonoma Properties, LLC to Chandler Leasing, Inc; $440,200.

1481 County Road 995, Ashland; Chandler Leasing, Inc to Shaw T. Rader; $405,000.

1084 County Road 1600, Ashland; Patricia R. Hylton to Joshua D. Clifford and Toni L. Smith; $203,000.

1174 Township Road 543, Ashland; Adrian and Louise A. Bauer to Ben R. and Cheryl A. Thompson; $265,000.

Perry Township 

436 U.S. Route 250 E., Ashland; Daniel M. Stone and Jill E. Stone to Sharon L. Stone; $2,000.

444 U.S. Route 250 E., Ashland; Sharon L. Stone to Daniel M. and Jill E. Stone; $7,850.

486 Township Road 1275, Ashland; Ryan C. Schroer and Amanda E. Schroer to Kevin R. Wellert and Stacy M. Wellert; $350,000.

Sullivan Township

534 County Road 40, Sullivan; Laura L. Brown to Alexander Ho-Kong Mak; $203,151.

Vacant land on Township Road 462, Sullivan; William C. and Gail A. Burkhead to Paul A. and Brenna E. Trager; $42,600. 

Troy Township

389 Township Road 791, Sullivan; James D. and Eunice N. Hall to Joe M. and Tiffany D. Brown; $96,610.

927 U.S. Route 224, Nova; Joseph Caldwell and Steven Bowen to Tasha McIntosh; $195,000.

Vacant land on Township Road 150, Ashland; Charlene E. Treadway to Justin R. and Jennifer Simonson.

Vermillion Township

2132 County Road 775, Perrysville; Jerry R. and Mary B. Maye to Jason and Jennifer Smeltzer; $81,000.

1012 County Road 2075, Polk; David L. Blair to Brandon Wolf; $42,500.

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