Editor’s note: Some of the transactions do not include a transfer price because no money was exchanged for the property. All deeds are recorded in the Berks County recorder of deeds office and are a matter of public information. There is a delay between when the deeds are filed and their publication. Transactions are based on a file created by the recorder of deeds. For questions, call 610-478-3380 or send email to recorder@countyofberks.com.

Albany Township

Mason P. Schneck to Kempton I. LLC and Kempton 737 LLC, 2359 Rte 737 and Red Road, $292,000.

Alsace Township

Zachary A. Potter to Zachary A. Potter and Brittany L. Potter, 33 Wanner Road.

Exide Technologies LLC and Exide Technologies Inc. and General Battery Corporation to Exide Environmental Response Trust, Bull Road and Bull Road, $1.

Rosemary J. Caffrey to Courtney C. Smith and Catherine E. Smith, 108 Jessica Mdws Drive, $386,248.

Marcia G. Auge to Daniel C. Foulke, 94 Wanner Road, $180,000.

Amity Township

Amanda Lynn Ricca and Thomas Ricca to Bethany Ann Major and Michael Scott Major, 411 Laurelwood Drive, $301,000.

Alex Thomas to Patsy Y. Williams, 211 Laurelwood Drive, $240,000.

Mark E. Souvigny and Katrina M. Souvigny to Lydia E. Agosto, 322 W. Morlatton Road, $300,000.

Boikai Brown to Boikai Brown and Maima Sarnor-Brown, 309 Anvil Drive.

Katelyn M. Tupitza and Katelyn M. Gelwicks and Matthew D. Tupitza to Jennifer J. Sizer, 68 Monocacy Creek Road, $230,000.

Michael S. Yoder and Kathleen M. Yoder to Zaid Alrawi, 210 Balsam Drive, $330,000.

Anthony J. Mazzola to Matthew D. Tupitza and Katelyn M. Tupitza and Lisa A. Dudas, 103 Timberline Drive, $365,000.

Scott F. Blumenstock and Jacqueline H. Blumenstock to James Gadebusch, 302 Serenity Drive, $356,555.

Yu Mei Guo to Timothy Brian Daniels and Karen Lynn Daniels, 805 Antietam Drive, $370,000.


Eric R. Reifsneider Jr. to Shane A. Maxton, 207 N. 7th St., $158,000.

Rgm Development Corporation to Joan E. Streck, 101 Dogwood St., $157,400.

Bern Township

Pauline M. Bond to Durwood B. Balthaser and Pamela J. Balthaser, 513 Prison Road, $180,000.

Onya B. Jones and Paul Tanis and Onya B. Tanis to Onya B. Tanis and Marc Tanis, 512 Lockheed Ave.

Bethel Township

Beatrice M. Brown Estate to Ricky L. Bashore, 9770 Old Rte 22, $1.

Roman D. Bontrager and Rebecca G. Bontrager and Rebecca J. Bontrager to Jared Yetzer and Arleesha Yetzer, 20 Deck Drive, $334,900.


John P. Malley Estate and John Malley Estate and Jack Malley Estate to Trevor Masem and Tia Capuano, 709 E. 6th St., $320,000.


Lsf10 Master Participation Trust to Edward L. Hydock, 329 E. 3rd St., $143,500.

Brecknock Township

Kevin L. Bradford and Bonita F. Bradford to Yan Qing Chen, 1666 Wyomissing Road, $350,000.

Caernarvon Township

Gregory D. Shumate and Melissa G. Shumate to Kerry L. Casey, 4 Highcroft Drive, $285,000.

Kevin J. Farrell and Debra Z. Farrell to Vincent Lasorsa, 101 Briarcrest Drive, $263,000.

John W. McMonagle III and Jane M. McMonagle to Ian H. Page and Aubrey E. Fink, 22 Horseshoe Drive, $425,000.

Justin G. Orient and Erica W. Orient to Timothy Michael Wiand and Jessica Marie Wiand, 85 Caernarvon Drive, $405,000.


Matthew A. Shirey and Brittney N. Shirey to Holly J. Varner and Benjamin S. Varner, 1942 Main St., $250,000.

Centre Township

Christine L. Hoffa to Newell A. Arnold Jr. and Shirley A. Arnold, 1894 Centerport Road, $244,900.

Joseph Weihe to Harold J. Michels, 819 Imperial Drive, $232,000.

Patricia E. Delong and Ronald E. Delong to Berks County Nonprofit Development Corporation, 921 Crestview Ave., $155,000.

Michael J. Akers and Lindsey Akers to Marc Scheuring, 308 Pennwyn Place, $228,000.

Jennie L. Hadfield to Victor Gonzalez Encastin and Victor Gonzalez Encastin, 415 Grove Ave., $190,000.

Salvador Sepulveda Jr. and Perri L. Sepulveda to Kevin P. Clark Ii and Noel M. Cecere, 7 Wild Flower Court, $540,000.

Eric A. Engleman to Jessica Inoa, 215 Pennwyn Place, $140,000.

Scott McMillan and Allison Filer and Allison McMillan to Scott McMillan and Allison McMillan, 13 Laurelwoods Drive, $1.

Mazzotta Family Rev Trust to Mychal D. Bridgemon and Syreece N. Banks, 58 Wood Cr, $189,900.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Anthony Rocco Sarge, 15 Brassie Cr, $295,000.

Stephen A. Colamarino and Sarah A. Colamarino to Anela Q. Padua, 1444 Old Lancaster Pike, $179,900.

Anthony Lupo Estate to Trevor Niemczyk and Alecia Niemczyk, 348 Church Road, $196,000.

Route 10 Realty LLC to Route 10 Realty LLC, .

Maria K. Bella and Cindy J. Moczydlowski to Lori Bizzaro and Ryan Bizzaro, 19 Tanglewood Drive, $190,000.

Thomas A. Rutkowski and Michael D. Rutkowski to Marc A. Lesistky, 33 Stonehill Drive, $680,000.

Donald G. Hahn and Darlene M. Sugarwala and Barbara Swartz to Jared M. Weaver and Melissa A. Weaver, 2470 Welsh Road, $253,000.

Douglass Township

Edna B. Leonard and Brian S. Leonard and Dawn L. Leonard and Dawn Hughes to Dawn Hughes, Creek Road and Poole Hill Road and 113 Creek Road, $4,094.

Douglass Township

William A. Brown to Ocean Current Properties LLC, 64 Edge Hill Road, $145,000.

Barbara G. Hamm and Barbara Hamm to Zachary Dierolf, 90 Woodside Lane, $1.

Michael C. Burgoon and Sharon D. Lee to Troy Allen Giacherio, 2063 Farmington Ave. and Englesville Road, $550,000.

Earl Township

Gregory R. Esterly and Loretta B. Link to Ryan C. Meyers and Vicki M. Meyers, Boyertown Pike, $120,000.

Exeter Township

Empire Group of Reading Pa Inc. to Andrew Scott Rogers, 156 Hartline Drive, $338,900.

Hsbc Bank Usa National Association and Deutsche Alt-A Securities Mortgage Loan Series 2007-Bar1 Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Series 2007-Bar1 to Noorvik LLC, 2003 Orchard View Road, $152,000.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to United Community Development & Education Inc., 1115 Fox Run, $30,000.

David F. Robertshaw to Clark Byron Francis Jr. and Lorraine C. Francis, 5050 Oley Turnpike Road, $297,000.

Bridgette E. Kozuch to Beth Styer, 71-7 Holly Drive, $90,000.

Drew Gregory Reich and Tarrah E. Reich and Tarrah E. Manbeck to Joseph Samolewicz, 244 Constitution Ave., $271,000.

Ronald H. Heidenreich and Joanne Heidenreich to Timofey Mashkov and Yuliya Mashkov, Dauphin Place.

Lidia Reap to Stacey L. Kutz, 2015 Quail Hollow Drive, $180,000.

Casey M. Scheirer and Laura M. Scheirer and Laura M. Stewart to Todd Grinnage, 21- 6 Cranberry Ridge, $140,000.

Jose A. Dasilva to Emily M. George, 3202 Orchard View Road, $178,000.

Michael S. Bealer to Jarid A. Yanos and Jessica Eager, 8 Bowes Lane, $309,900.

Mark Noecker to Norman J. Castor Jr. and Beth A. Widel, 4389 Sutton Cr, $239,900.


Jeremy R. Emerich Estate to Zachary R. Emerich and Collin M. Emerich, 133 E. Cedar St., $1.

Zachary R. Emerich and Collin M. Emerich to Shana L. Konek, 133 E. Cedar St., $143,600.

Baej LLC to John C. Watkins, 45 W. Main St., $245,000.

John C. Watkins to John C. Watkins, 45 W. Main St. and 43 W. Main St., $1.

Todd G. Sheehan to David R. McNabb, 414 N. Richmond St., $195,000.

Greenwich Township

Jacquelyn M. Cooper Estate to Charles Arthur Cooper And Jacquelyn M. Cooper Irrevocable Trust, 471 Dunkels Church Road and 471 Dunkels Church Road, $1.


Blue Jay Way Incorporated to Barbara Wallace, 500 S. 5th St., $139,900.

Gary Trabosh and Kim Trabosh to Stellar Homes LLC, 203 Washington St., $30,000.

Exide Technologies LLC and Exide Technologies Inc. and General Battery Corporation to Exide Environmental Response Trust, 280 Grand St., $1.

Paul Bruchez and Samantha Bruchez to Paul Bruchez, 513 Ridge Ave., $1.

Hereford Township

Amanda L. Alimenti and Amanda L. Kemeter and Krystal L. Alimenti to Jason R. Maurer and Erin V. Bowman, 3200 Seisholtzville Road, $330,000.

Hereford Township

Keith J. Masemore and Margaret Ann Masemore to Benjamin A. Masemore and Cassandra L. Masemore, 45 Forever Green Lane, $489,543.


Mark K. Isett and Linda S. Isett to Mark Alan Frederick, 544 High Blvd., $179,300.

Christina L. Bruckart and William R. Bruckart to Jose D. Batista Gil and Jose D. Batista Gil, 1401 Kenhorst Blvd., $195,000.

Eugene C. Raser Jr. and Patricia B. Raser and Patricia B. Gutherman to Jennifer L. Baxter, 1201 Commonwealth Blvd., $200,000.

Muhlenberg Township


Anthony R. Sarge to Wellington R. Rosario Arias and Wellington R. Rosario Arias, 1408 Elizabeth Ave., $170,000.

Adam Frey and April Frey to Marc D. Simmons, 3145 Montrose Ave., $130,000.

Longswamp Township

2628 State Street Trust and 2628 State St Trust to Carpenter Bee Properties Llp, 2628 State St., $80,000.

John Ville and Emma Ville to Erick Hernandez and Hana Siddiqi and Manuel Hernandez, 1103 S. Barbara Drive, $498,000.

Lower Alsace Township

Ds Group LLC to Michael W. Baker Jr., 612 N. 25th St., $155,000.

Lower Alsace Township

Nereida Ceballos to Delia A. Tenney, 404 Carsonia Ave., $130,000.

James Elwood Haggerty to Frank Esposito and Virginia Esposito, 1542 Friedensburg Road, $95,000.

Saundra L. Zlocki and Saundra L. Weikel to William Schaeffer and Leslie Black, 21 Marshall Ave., $141,000.

Adolf Mair Estate to Judith A. Mair, 1455 Friedensburg Road.

Adolf Mair Estate to Judith A. Mair, 1371 Carsonia Ave.

Angelica Moreno to Juana Noemi Hidalgo, 207 Parkview Ave., $50,000.

Lower Heidelberg Township

Fiorino Grande to Salvatore J. Sottosanti and Grace Sottosanti, Connecticut Ave., $1,000.

Matthew W. Rappleye and Diana L. Rappleye to Sharon L. Swierczynski, 20 Colorado Ave., $410,000.

Maidencreek Township

Jonathan P. Evison and Kathleen T. Evison to Nicole C. Miller and Matthew M. Miller, 365 Henry Drive, $264,900.

Elmer O. Ringler to Keith A. Ringler and Roseann H. Ringler, Lee Spring Road, $40,000.

Karyn L. Noll and Karyn L. Motika to Jason A. Thomas, 424 Golden Drive, $256,000.

Paul J. Grady and Nancy A. Grady and Nancy A. Duncan to Paul J. Grady and Nancy A. Grady, 406 Colonial Court, $1.

Procore Properties International LLC to Marisela Fuster and Yunior Scarlin Lopez, 678 Walnut Tree Drive, $171,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Berks County Inc. to Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Berks Inc., 115 Grove Road.

Heidelberg Township

Dawn L. Zettlemoyer to Glenn I. Fessler and Joan I. Fessler, William Penn Blvd. and William Penn Blvd., $1.

Maxatawny Township

Daryl H. Levan Estate to Barbara J. Snyder and Debra E. Turner and Barry L. Levan and Michael D. Levan, 417 Sharadin Road, $1.

Nils Johansson III and Diana Johansson to Danielle Flowers and Michael S. Flowers, 537 Hottenstein Road, $170,000.


Christian A. Foster to Kathleen Heck and Alyssa Heck, 101 Walnut St., $248,500.

Ying Su Ngov and Thomas Tek Ngov to Aspire2 LLC, 612 Maplewood Ave., $89,080.

Mount Penn

Christopher M. Crafton and Melissa A. H Caterini to Berks County Nonprofit Development Corporation, 1951 Woodvale Ave., $30,000.

Jarid Anthony Yanos to John Rollo, 2412 Fairview Ave., $209,900.

Diane M. Johnson to Jose V. Ramirez Contreras and Jose V. Ramirez Contreras, 21 S. 23rd St., $165,001.

William J. Sands III and Gerald J. Pelker and Ann Sands Lastra and Ann Sands Lastra and Mauricio Alejandro Lastra to Taylor M. Raymond and Caleb N. Simmons, 122 N. 25th St., $166,000.

Grace M. Frankhouser Estate to Michael J. Frankhouser, 1962 Woodvale Ave., $1.

Susan D. Cassel and Susan Cassel to Steven Casey, 2132 Fairview Ave., $150,000.

Muhlenberg Township

Mark Katzin and Kristy Ott to Sierra Vista Properties LLC, 4526 Stoudts Fr Br Road, $129,000.

Leon E. Adam and Lenora D. Adam and Warren R. Adam and Beverly A. Adam to Rafael Velasco and Maria Cortez, 536 Linden Ave., $175,000.

Gary D. Reeser and Brenda L. Reeser to Beniamin Moots and Tabita Moots, 1001 River Crest Drive, $325,000.

Andy L. Frederick to Elington P. Felix, 25 Quinter Lane, $180,400.

Brett L. Gaul and Heather E. Gaul to Edward R. Reichelt Jr. and Lisa M. Reichelt, 825 Rhodora Ave., $210,000.

Kimberly M. Graham and Kimberly M. Furjanic to Kerline Estime, 514 Shalter Ave., $169,900.

Robert B. Bailey to John T. Solensky and Bonnie J. Solensky, Crystal Rock Road, $50,000.

Jeremy A. Burns and Ruthe E. Burns to Ahri Agyapong and Samuel Agyapong, 1027 Lily Lane, $220,000.

Emerson M. Chesser to Isatu Bangura, 11 Girard Ave., $134,000.

Mary Ellen Hurlbut Farrow and Mary Ellen Hurlbut Farrow to Victor A. Monroy Omana and Victor A. Monroy Omana, 4138 8th Ave., $146,000.

Clare A. Gattone and Gregory Gattone to Gregory Gattone, 4003 5th Ave.

Linmary Malabez and Linmary Rivera to Maritza Agathangelous, 5203 Sunset Road, $155,000.

Ernesto Ruiz and Gloria Serrano to Gloria E. Serrano, 28 A Madison Ave., $10.

Oley Township

Peter D. Barbey and Pamela Barbey to Van Alan Valenta and Claudia Sue Valenta, 19 Blacksmith Road, $1,064,000.

Bw Residential LLC to Van Alan Valenta and Claudia Sue Valenta, 6 Raker Drive, $86,000.

Millstone Holdings LLC to Courtney J. Little and Megan Schuler and Brandon Schuler, 3268 Friedensburg Road, $283,500.

Penn Township

Austin Rogers and Megan Rogers to Ronald R. Shoemaker and Shirley A. Shoemaker, 9 Albans Court, $244,900.

Ken R. Gehris and Sharon K. Gehris to Megan Elizabeth Jardine and Francis Peter Talarico, Plum Creek Road, $70,000.

Perry Township

David J. Krumanocker and Candy L. Krumanocker to Whitmoyer Real Estate LLC, 1075 Pottsville Pike and 1085 Pottsville Pike, $380,000.

Cynthia J. Weitzel to William J. Schaeffer Jr. and Kristina H. Schaeffer, 36 Hunter Liggett Drive, $355,000.

Pike Township

Roy P. Scherrer and Laurie A. Scherrer to Jeremy A. Burns and Ruthe Burns, 6 Marburger Road, $435,000.


Gary W. Eck and Brenda L. Eck Estate to Gary W. Eck and Zachary J. Botwright, 239 Jameson Place.

Alida Ceballos to Jose Luis Gonzalez Castro and Jose Luis Gonzalez Castro, 728 Madison Ave., $10,000.

Cla Re Inc. and Clare Inc. to Sergio A. Tavarez and Nalini A. Tavarez, 1369 Mineral Spring Road, $195,000.

Yolanda Uribe to Eduardo Moreno-Naranjo, 1236 Oley St., $50,000.

Bartholomew A. Vandi to US Bank Trust National Association and Lodge Series IV Trust, 1538 Cotton St., $25,000.

Jorge O. Hidalgo to Angela Castillo, 1218 Muhlenberg St., $35,000.

Mondrus Real Estate Investments LLC to Eduardo Martinez Navarrete and Eduardo Martinez Navarrete, 330 S. 13th St., $37,000.

John R. Woram and Jill W. Woram to Cristian Salvador-Ovalles and Edward Martinez-Calcano, 1235 Oley St. and 1204 Fidelity St., $75,000.

Gabriel Torres to Maritza Gonzalez, 114 S. 11th St., $1.

Yunior Delacruz Cabrera and Yunior Delacruz Cabrera to Yavier Rivera Santiago and Yavier Rivera Santiago, 1023 South St., $83,000.

Bernadette O. Dabrishus and Bernadette O. Standerwick to Bernadette O. Dabrishus, 918 Madison Ave., $1.

345 Penn St Reading LLC to Eagle 2020 LLC, 345 Penn St. and 315 Washington St., $2,275,000.

Dale L. Martin and Darla R. Martin to Carlos J. Chevalier-Puello, 27 Kenhorst Blvd., $123,500.

Francisco Antonio Cano to Jjd Management LLC, 1021 Greenwich St., $30,000.

Julio Navas to Magaly Altagracia Collado and Magaly Altagracia Collado, 345 Linden St., $69,900.

Luis Antonio Roche Colon and Luis Antonio Roche Colon to Luis Manuel Vasquez Cordero and Luis Manuel Vasquez Cordero, 531 A Maple St., $10,000.

Alejandro Ramirez-Cortes to Jorge Madrid Madrid and Juana Martinez-Ramirez, 603 S. 18 1/2 St., $22,000.

Berks Equity Holdings LLC to Angela Peralta, 207 Douglass St., $90,000.

Gray Properties And Management Co to Martin Antonio Rosario, 349 Spring Garden St., $10,000.

Marie L. Chavannes Estate to Marvin Comond, 441 Elm St., $1.

Cheryl Thornburg to A. T Freeman LLC, 1342 Liggett Ave., $60,000.

Ruth Naomi Epler Estate to Rondre Weaver, 320 S. 17 1/2 St., $60,500.

Mark A. Hassler and Lisa M. Hassler to Toribio Brothers LLC, 1124 Church St., $32,000.

Kathleen Hawkins and Christopher Jon Hawkins to Charmaine T. Gadson, 1817 Cotton St., $74,000.

Eric B. Burt and Heather M. Burt to Mariela Ruiz-Espinoza, 212 Arlington St. and 210 Arlington St., $125,000.

Raul Maldonado to Rosalina Dominguez-Lopez and Mario Sanchez-Rios, 1119 Perry St., $85,000.

Rafael M. Torres Jr. to Musa Draga and Ilfete Draga, 166 W. Greenwich St., $60,000.

Michael Pullano to Nova Rosario and Lisbel D. Cabrera, 931 Pike St., $75,000.

Richard C. Gromis to German A. Rodriguez, 713 Crescent Ave., $115,000.

Thomas C. Lucas and Karen Lee Lucas to Daphne Dampman and Blake Ryan Hurst, 1210 Old Wyomissing Road, $190,000.

Luz Quinones to Cruzberto Jaramillo Lopez and Cruzberto Jaramillo Lopez, 1460 N. 10th St., $35,000.

Mary K. Waters to Paul Waters, 818 Thorn St., $10.

Jack C. Seidel to Christeen Williams, 1802 Steuben Road, $278,000.

Domingo E. Toledo and Eva M. Toledo to Lucila Jimenez Zavala and Lucila Jimenez Zavala, 1121 Oley St., $25,000.

Emilio Mariano to Pabavany Real Estate Holding Group Inc., 200 S. 3rd St., $1.

Anahi Jenny Tapia and Pablo Guzman to Anahi Tapia Guzman and Juana Guzman Hernandez , 930 N. 5th St., $1.

Wally Scott and Tara Lynn Scott and Kyley Lynn Scott and Ashley Lynn Scott to Wally Scott, 104 N. 9th St. and 100 N. 9th St. and 841 Washington St., $1.

Jose Victor Ramirez and Noemi Ramirez to Henry Martinez, 730 Locust St., $55,000.

Janett Maria Tavarez and Jose Elias Tavarez and Janet Maria Reyes to Maria Eusebio, 307 S. 8th St., $84,500.

Latisha M. Bernard-Schuenemann to Karen B. Castillo Santos and Karen B. Castillo Santos, 1419 Birch St., $115,000.

Ricardo Santos to Carmen Jimenez-Bosque, 514 S. 15th St., $100,000.

Juan M. Garcia to Isaac Kulp and Madison Kaley, 525 Park Ave., $130,000.

David F. Leeland and Dawn F. Leeland and Dawn F. Russell to Queen of All Saints Chapel Inc., 1711 Hampden Blvd., $1,050,000.

Matthew Burkholder and Anita Burkholder to Robert J. Lewalski, 1718 Eckert Ave. and 1715 Mineral Spring Road, $310,000.

Margaret V. Davy to Kenia Frias De Los Santos and Kenia Frias De Los Santos, 728 N. 3rd St., $155,000.

Robert E. Manley Estate and Robert Elwood Manley Sr. Estate to Sharon Emerich, 255 N. Front St.

Robert E. Manley Estate and Robert Elwood Manley Sr. Estate to Sharon Emerich, 257 N. Front St.

Beatrice M. Walters to Edward Antonio Serrata Caba and Edward Antonio Serrata Caba and Adriana Castillo Almonte and Adriana Castillo Almonte, 1448 Luzerne St., $122,000.

Robert Jose De La Cruz and Robert Jose Delacruz to Natividad Garcia Peralta and Natividad Garcia Peralta, 1324 N. 10th St., $98,000.

Yunior Delacruz Cabrera and Yunior Delacruz Cabrera to Yavier Rivera Santiago and Yavier Rivera Santiago, 626 Maple St., $1.

Brenda D. Hartman to Maxima Jimenez and Yanna Burgos Jimenez and Yanna Burgos Jimenez, 1138 Douglass St., $85,000.

Denise P. Navarro to Danny Augusto Reyes Gonzalez and Danny Augusto Reyes Gonzalez and Danny A. Reyes Gonzalez and Danny A. Reyes Gonzalez, 533 S. 6th St., $1.

Paul A. Smith and Norma J. Chin to Marian S. Dunkley, 1257 Spruce St., $74,200.

Carmen Cooper and Carmen Ruiz to American Homeowner Preservation Trust Series 2015a and U. S Bank Trust, 239 Pear St., $20,000.

Mirian Arias to Julio E. Delgado Brito and Hilda M. Velesaca Chuisaca and Julio E. Delgado Brito and Hilda M. Velesaca Chuisaca, 434 Birch St., $58,800.

Jared Lefkowith and David Peppers to Helivett Shayra Ramirez Casado and Helivett Shayra Ramirez Casado, 1111 Green St., $62,000.

Robeson Township

Diane S. Percetti to Jeremiah E. Lanza and Alyssa B. Lanza, 1813 Chestnut Hill Road, $242,000.

David G. Seel Ii and David J. Seel Ii and Rebecca C. Seel to David G. Seel Ii and Rebecca C. Seel, 796 Briar Drive.

Andrew D. Belville to Andrew D. Belville and Mary T. Belville, 540 Estate Road, $1.

David C. Halulko to John D. Potts and Mary D. Potts, 105 Kane Road, $335,000.

Colleen R. Wunderlich and Allen L. Wunderlich to John J. Lee Jr. and Kenneth J. Lee, 2826 Golf Course Road, $253,500.

Christine J. Clemmens to Kenneth R. Martin and Lonell J. Martin, 3367 Plow Road, $270,000.

Randy K. Solomon and Patrisha R. Solomon to Michael Andrew Wickett and Vanessa T. Wickett, 102 Overlook Road, $410,000.

Guy A. Ziegler and Debra S. Demarco to Jason L. Stoltzfus, Morgantown Road, $299,000.


Scott T. Ambrose to Jon E. Garcia and Brittany M. Row, 205 S. Robeson St., $146,000.

Jonathan Fernandez Estate and Jonathan Fernandez Aponte Estate and Jonathan Fernandez Aponte Estate to Vilmarie Costa Sanchez and Vilmarie Costa Sanchez, 159 Pennbrook Ave., $1.

Rockland Township

Timothy A. Day and Donna E. Day to Kasey Dawson and Kyle W. Sanders, 33 Pricetown Road, $315,000.

Ruscombmanor Township

Hilda I. F Mertz to Michael K. Mertz and Diane L. Jowers and Jeffrey D. Mertz, 118 Willow Road, $1.


Deanna C. Brugger and Dylan M. Brugger to Jamie Rose and Kelly Wakeman, 704 State St., $200,500.

Sherry K. Leibensperger to Richard Carver and Alicia Carver, 25 W. Broad St., $158,000.

Sandra Smith to Jennifer E. Kiwak and Tyler J. Kiwak, 234 Chestnut St., $1.

Jason W. Palmer to John Phillip Hall, 111 2nd St., $134,900.

David M. McDermott to Trent O. Bayne, 104 N. Miller St., $146,000.

Dennis R. Perrotto to Black Dog Holdings Company LLC, 100 W. Lancaster Ave., $130,000.


Stephen R. Uhl and Krystal L. Uhl and Krystal L. Gangaway to Krystal L. Uhl and Stephen R. Uhl, 217 E. 9th St., $1.

Sinking Spring

Beverly J. Texter to Tracee L. Davidson, 1016 Clematis St., $1.

South Heidelberg Township

Benjamin Stephens III to Yinette A. Roa, 44 Glenwood Court, $212,500.

Nicole C. Moore and Nicole C. Noll to Mark Edward Manning and Julie Ann Manning, 405 Texter Mt Road, $327,000.

Spring Township

Michael D. Kurtz to Jacob Sarge, 2904 State Hill Rd F8, $130,000.

Syed Hussain to Victor Soto and Lizania Soto, 146 Lucinda Lane, $350,000.

Stdout to Susan M. Montgomery, 308 Oak Hill Lane.

Minnie A. Perate to Forever Pacific LLC, 2002 Hale Court, $162,000.

Otto J. Gertler and Shirley J. Gertler to Otto J. Gertler and Shirley J. Gertler and Kathryn E. Gertler, 2140 Old Lancaster Pike, $1.

Andrew Kopicz and Cathy M. Kopicz to Sandra A. Donnell and Kyle J. Howell, 1938 Cleveland Ave., $159,900.

Studdard Jones LLC to Jeffrey Muir and Sara Muir, 2308 Jefferson Ave., $87,500.

Ann Clancey to Joseph M. Linderman and Gretchen M. Linderman, 126 Kathleen Lane, $414,900.

Duane L. Hoffman and Terri L. Hoffman and Brock L. Hoffman to Darral Reinert and Trisha Reinert, 2268 Reading Blvd., $117,000.

Joseph Linderman and Gretchen Linderman to Jennifer A. Maiorana and James Maiorana, 1403 Durwood Drive, $289,900.

Geraldine Brenner to Quilvio D. Capellan Ramos and Quilvio D. Capellan Ramos, 2002 Cypress Lane, $298,000.

Karen J. Bryan Estate to Jennifer L. Brown , 2139 Cleveland Ave., $1.

Amanda L. Budwash and Amanda L. Erdman to Amanda L. Budwash, 21 E. Court Blvd., $1.

Olga Zhunio and Wilson Guzman to Olga Zhunio, 2209 Fairview St.

Tilden Township

David F. Heckman and Joan M. Heckman to David F. Heckman, 25 Ash Road.


Melissa Diane Fuller and Melissa Thurick to Janelle Bott, 121 E. Smith St., $158,000.

Union Township

Daniel McArdle to Natasha Stevenson, 7 Furlong Road, $342,000.

Tyler Moser to Justin Millard Fallon and Manami Fallon, 1848 W. Schuylkill Road, $297,500.

Charles R. Dampman to Patricia Dampman, 11 Unionville Road, $1.

David C. Maslin to David C. Maslin and Adrienne S. Maslin and David & Adrienne Maslin Living Trust, Salaneck Road, $1.

Upper Bern Township

Maria Teresa Torano to Jetruly LLC, 2556 Shartlesville Road, $250,000.

Linford R. Snyder to Janos Lorin Tomaszewski and Sherri A. Tomaszewski, 3188 Mountain Road, $280,000.

Aaron J. Heckman to Matthew S. Cluck and Heidi J. Warmkessel, 101 Forge Dam Road, $95,000.

John J. Seitzinger and Helen M. Seitzinger to Cole Seitzinger and Jason Seitzinger, Wolf Creek Road.

Bernard J. Heckman to Victor L. Derenzo and Renee L. Derenzo, 114 Forge Dam Road, $20,000.

Washington Township

Scott R. Johnson and Michelle M. Johnson to Randy S. Stauffer and Beth L. Stauffer, 2121 Weisstown Road, $591,100.


Ls&f LLC to Grande Land L. P, Cherry St., $240,000.

West Reading

Robert J. Skimski Jr. and Mary A. Skimski to Michael A. Burch Jr., 306 Chestnut St., $143,000.

Kevin D. Geist and Selena M. Geist to Caroline McRobbie, 411 S. 5th Ave., $156,233.

David E. Amato to Christopher R. Werter and Hong Zheng, 319 Kline St., $115,000.

Allyse L. Van Zee and Allyse L. Van Zee to Drew William Lis and Antoinette Emilie Ritrovato, 304 Sycamore Road, $125,000.


Andrea Giannotti to Christopher A. Blessing and Gabrielle Blessing, 27 N. 3rd St., $150,000.

Mark Newswanger to Kevin Dunkelberger, 431 E. High St., $200,500.


Bessie Imbesi to Karen S. Weidenhammer, 9 Vista Road, $230,000.

Anne E. Desjardins to Kyle P. Moyer, 1711 Palmer Ave. and Penn Ave., $216,900.

Robert M. Hollenbaugh Estate to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 48 Upland Road, $1.

Lawrence A. Walsky and Priscilla K. Walsky to Justin A. Doyle, 1724 Reading Blvd., $590,000.

Marie L. Chavannes Estate to Marvin Comond, 813 Spring St., $1.

Robert Y. Huber Estate and Robert G. Huber and Judith A. Hirneisen to Federal National Mortgage Association and Compu-Link Corporation and Celink, 905 N. 9th St., $153,000.

Multiple municipalities

Erik Arnold to Jordon M. Oswald, 320 N. Sunrise Lane, $165,500.

Every Age LLC to Scott M. Rothenberger, 3200 Seisholtzville Road, $95,000.

James R. Smith Jr. and Sylvia L. Smith to Sherly Brice and Eliorth Brice, Montgomery Ave. and 407 Montgomery Ave., $275,000.

Klassen Construction Inc. and Jack L. Keener to Cierra J. Etchberger, 420 Smokering Drive, $196,400.