Story #1 of 100 over the next 100 days

A real estate agent gets ready to take his customers (not clients yet) out to look at houses. He asks them simple standard questions: “Price range? Size? Area? Etc.”

Prospective buyers answer the simple questions and include, “we would really like a swimming pool”.

Agent says “great”, quickly takes the simple information provided, doesn’t ask any more questions and proceeds with his search.

Over the next two weeks the agent shows the prospective buyers 17 homes with a swimming pool. (Every home in the area matching the simple criteria given previously)

The buyers were not interested in any of the homes they looked at.

Two weeks pass and the agent hasn’t heard from his prospects. He does a quick follow up call. The prospective buyers let him know that they wrote up a home that they had stumble upon the previous weekend that was perfect!

The agent asked which property it was and was baffled when he found out it didn’t have a swimming pool. “I don’t understand, I thought you needed a swimming pool?” the agent asked. The prospective buyers responded, “We were never going to actually use the swimming pool. We love to entertain and thought that meant we needed a pool. However, this property has a built in custom outdoor kitchen with all the bells and whistles, an extra large brick fire pit, a redwood gazebo, first class landscaping and remarkable exterior lighting. It’s perfect for entertaining!”

If the agent would have taken the time ask more in depth questions, listened carefully and ask more clarifying questions, he wouldn’t have been in this situation.

Stop being so damn eager to cash your next commission check!

Listen. Take the time. Listen. Get to know your clients. Listen. Show them that you care. Listen. Educate them. Listen. Gain their Trust.

Buyers Aren’t Liars. Agents Are Lazy, Uneducated & Careless!

Craig Zuber

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