Carbon Brews Taproom interior with black walls and pink and purple geometric lighting

The interior of Carbon Brews’ new taproom in Central, Hong Kong, bears a curious likeness to the beermaker’s trademark packaging. “It’s got the same black shell, the same shapes and accent colours — it’s like one of the cans brought to life,” says Jeffrey Shum, founder and creative director of local design studio Brevity, which Carbon Brews tapped to translate its two-dimensional geometric graphics into a three-dimensional destination.

Carbon Brews taproom interior

Fronted by frosted glass, an iridescent 3M film creates a colour-changing wall behind the bar. Zigzagging shelving up top adds to the space’s strong geometric theme.

Situated in the city’s Lan Kwai Fong area, which is known for its upscale clubs and glittering nightlife, the taproom is…

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