Diversifying Your IRA With Raw Land & Other Real Estate Investments, Savvy Americans Are Using IRA

Developing wealth with traditional Roth and SEP individual retirement accounts (IRAs), as with all types of investment portfolios, requires diversification and knowledge. With Wall Street activity that is inconsistent to say the least – stocks, bonds, money market funds, savings certificates and mutual funds are all suffering. As a result, more and more financially, savvy Americans are taking advantage of a little known IRS clause that allows you to build wealth in your IRA accounts by purchasing certain types of real estate – all tax deferred. This is a long standing tax advantage versus some of the new programs of today.

Retirees across America are investing their retirement funds in real estate. While there are sure signs of recovery taking place, it’s still a definitive Buyer’s market. RE has always been an investment that will bounce back when down turned and retirees know that. Influenced by the effects of low interest rates, IRA owners are those who wish to position themselves to optimally benefit from the imminent market recovery. And they’re buying up everything from raw land, to single family homes to commercial buildings of all types.

Western North Carolina real estate is some of the most sought after in America.

Overlook Brasstown and Overlook Martins Creek are exactly the type of developments that retirement aged real estate investors are looking for today. Located in the beautiful mountainous regions of Western North Carolina, these communities are exceedingly safe and perfect for IRA investments. Western North Carolina real estate is showing signs of recovery far in excess of most of the rest of the country. Intelligent retirees are allocating funds from their IRA accounts to obtain this highly desirable real estate. And with a bit of patience, the returns that they are experiencing are quite significant indeed.

The United States IRS stipulates regulations for real estate investments with IRA funds in section 408 of the Internal Revenue Code. You need to familiarize yourself with the penalties for noncompliance. You should definitely consider the following tips:

How to invest in real estate using your IRA funds:

Choose your top pick from available investment property options. Remember that an investment property is one that you will not be living in – at least not right away.

Select an IRA custodian that permits investments in real estate. While an ever-increasing number of IRA custodians are embracing this technique of investment, most likely, your local lending institution will not accommodate real estate investment IRAs. To find real estate investment-friendly IRA custodians, perform a Google search on “real estate IRAs”.

You must have enough cash left in your IRA to cover all expenses that are related to maintaining the property. That includes taxes, maintenance costs and management fees.

Generated income will flow into your IRA while all expenses for property maintenance will flow out of it.

After retirement age, anytime you choose, you can direct your IRA custodian to turn your investment property over to you as a distribution. Of course, this distribution will be based upon the then-current market value for the property.

Additionally, you are allowed to pool your IRA funds together with those from other investors. Forming such partnerships is a logical and effective way for investors to acquire more substantial properties. Likewise, husband and wife teams may combine their IRA funds.

Soft market conditions present real estate investors with a buyer’s market to benefit from. And using the funds from your IRA accounts to diversify your holdings just makes solid sense. In fact, that’s why upscale communities like Overlook Brasstown and Overlook Martins Creek in Western North Carolina are experiencing such a significant surge in sales. Overlook Properties Developer, Blake Twedt, has further sweetened the investment pot by providing an industry unique Price Guarantee for all Brasstown and Martins Creek properties. Mr. Twedt states, “We are definitely going the extra mile to protect the sustainability of our retirees’ IRA investments. With current market projections and our locked-in pricing guarantee, an overlook buyers cannot lose.”

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