Behind The Scene: Property Scam In MAA Exposed

Almost nothing will come out as very long as there is no friction concerning two groups. All these times no 1 focussed on MAA functions as every thing has been running smoothly. But now with the political heat inside the business, certain ripoffs are observing the mild.

Some are contacting it a fraud whilst quite a few are naming it sheer irresponsibility and negligence.

Listed here is the story.

When Nagababu Konidela was the President of MAA, he bought a flat for the affiliation. That was not in the primary place but beside a drainage and the house was in dispute. The amount of money used on this was Rs 45 lakhs. Above that the MAA, at that time, put in Rs 50 lakh for inside performs. Nobody used that flat and eventually it finished up in pests.

When Shivaji Raja took more than as the MAA President eventually, he tried using to sell out that flat as that was a lifeless financial commitment. Owing to the pressures from some people today in the MAA, he marketed out at Rs 34 lakhs to a individual who used to print diaries to MAA each and every 12 months against an invoice of Rs 8 lakhs.

The bottom line is MAA lost Rs 60 lakh on this flat (including RS 45 lakh to obtain+ Rs 50 lakh for makeover- Rs 34 lakh recovery on resale) sale and resale. An additional stunning point is the registration fees for the resale were also borne by the MAA.

Yet another concealed rip-off is the particular person who has been printing diaries was held aside and a new assistance provider was employed recently at Rs 4 lakh per annum. That way MAA saved Rs 4 lakh per month. So, why was Rs 4 lakh expended more every single calendar year on MAA diaries in the former several years?

No a single appreciates how many a lot more disgraceful items that blur the picture of MAA would appear out in the subsequent two months prior to the elections.

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