For years, real estate has been attracting investors who wish to reap the various benefits of this particular career. For good reasons, real estate has always been considered a sound investment. Before 2007, much historical housing data made it seem like prices could continue to climb indefinitely. And with a few exceptions, the average sale prices of homes back then in the United States had significantly increased from 1963 to 2007, and after the COVID-19 pandemic, these prices reached a new high by 2022. 

Moreover, many companies agree that being a real estate investor is a lucrative career – when done correctly. Consider Upstormed, which has been serving as one of the best investment and management parent corporations. 

Since musician and songwriter Jonathan Anthony Burkett founded it. Jonathan Anthony Burkett is an entrepreneur that is growing in the business world and is also known to be an Author and songwriter. As a music artist he goes by the name Jonathan Burkett. The corporation has focused on investing its business operations in other companies, stocks, media, consumer/retail, real estate, etc. 

Over the years, Upstormed has built a large following and has several subsidiaries – some of which include Upstormed Clothing and Upstormed Records. This American global music conglomerate publishes music and books. Moreover, it has expanded its influence by investing in real estate and companies with robust business plans with devices, healthcare services, pharmaceuticals, software for desktops, and so on. 

Since Upstormed has been a part of the real estate industry for a long time, it has decided to share important information for beginners and veterans about some of the best ways to invest in real estate. 

REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) 

REITs allow you to invest in real estate without needing physical real estate. Most commonly occur in companies that own commercial real estate like retail spaces, hotels, apartments, office buildings, etc. REITs also pay high dividends, making them a joint retirement investment. 

On another note, REITs can be intricate and varied, so some can be publicly traded while others are not physically displayed. Additionally, they are not sold quickly, and it can be challenging to find their value. Hence, it has been advised that beginner real estate investors show from then. 

Utilizing Online Real Estate Investing Platforms 

Several platforms like Prosper or Lending Club connect real estate investors planning to finance projects through equity or debt. 

Investors across the globe hope to obtain quarterly or monthly distributions as a trade for taking on an immense amount of risk and paying the fee to various platforms. As such, these specific real estate investments are known to be illiquid and speculative. 

Rental Properties Investment 

In this type of investment, investors tend to enter the market using a strategy called ‘house hacking,’ a term coined by the Bigger Pockets – an online resource for all real estate investors. 

In other words, you have been occupying your property by either renting rooms or renting units in a multi-unit building. And you have the opportunity to rent an entire investment property that is combined with lower expenses in contrast to the amount you can charge in rent.  

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