BRN Mustang LLC, and PCT Realty Ventures LLC, to HP Hood LLC, 265 Main St., $3,550,000.

Chad D. Blackak and Sandra C. Blackak to Anthony J. Vosburgh and Allison Faith Vosburgh, 76 Monroe St., $283,000.

Donald W. Blakesley, Thomas M. Blakesley, Colleen A. Marcus, Mary Ellen Blakesley and Katherine G. Blakesley to Michael Marcus and Eric LaChapelle, 24 Vassar Road, $120,000.

Ilir Selimi and Saranda Selimi to John P. Warren and Stephanie A. Warren, 127 Suffield St., $288,000.

Jennifer L. Gable to Tina Eggleston, 82 Florida Drive, $258,000.

Thomas J. Howard IV, and Tricia L. O’Grady-Howard to Thomas J. Howard IV, Thomas J. Howard V, and Kaeli E. Howard, 121 Reed St., $100.

Vinvin Limited Partnership to Springfield Street Group LLC, 1194 Springfield St., $330,000.


Sujata V. Rege Konowitz, personal representative, and Lalita Vishram Rege, estate, to Nathaniel F. Kane, trustee, and Margaret-Anne Kane Testamentary Trust, 26 Greenleaves Drive, $252,000.

Devin R. Tomlinson, Tyler J. Tomlinson and Ramona A. Tomlinson to Tanglewood Growth LLC, 3 Emerson Court, $285,000.

Cynthia A. Frado and James W. Walker to Olufolajimi Oke and Tolulope A. Oke, 31 Morgan Circle, $425,000.

Agnes C. Ting, trustee, and Ting Family Nominee Trust to Fearing Sunset LLC, 164 Sunset Ave., $485,000.

Shlomo Barnoon to Fearing Sunset LLC, 174 Sunset Ave., $589,000.

Jones Properties LP, and Gwendolyn Jones Boisseau, general partner, to Cyrus J. O’Brien and Emma Nolan-Thomas, 20 Glendale Road, $335,000.

William Jaffee and Taylor Fey to Sebastian Merrill and Dane Slutzky, 15 Hickory Lane, $487,000.

Robert C. Pelis and Judith Ann Pelis to Elizabeth K. Pelis, 100-102 Meadow St., $100.

Valerie J. Vignaux, trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of Mavis C. Campbell to Munju Marcia Song and Hasung Song, 5 Emerson Court, $235,000.

Colleen Osten to Annette B. Geldzahler, 11 Vista Terrace, $589,900.

John R. Copen to Marcel Sena, 170 East Hadley Road, $158,000.


Nancy Bourque and Raymond Louis to Amy Klippenstein and Paul M. Lacinski, 174 John Ford Road, $365,000.


Gregory Burgess to Ralph Rogers, 29 Sherwood Drive, $301,000.

Susan Lynn Surner to Kelly D. Silva, 681 Gulf Road, $408,000.

Rama Development LLC, to David Lund and Sonia Lund, 12 Depot St., $308,000.


Luke Smith to Arlene Nichols and Michael P. Nichols, 530 Bald Mountain Road, $334,900.

Margaret P. Haigis to Amy R. Gruszkowski and Walter J. Gruszkowski, 284 Purple Meadow Road, $250,000.


Becky Lynn Peckham and Becky Lynn Acord to Patrick R. Farrell and Katherine A. Farrell, 50 Woronoco Road, $325,000.

Keith M. Bull and Julie A. Bull to Eric Z. Dastous and Crystal L. Dastous, 37 Gore Road, $250,000.

Stephen Poteat, Opalgeanne Poteat and Opal G. Poteat to Mark K. Campbell and Caron M. Lenard, Huntington Road, $100,000.


Christian Debaise to Michelle R. Kneeland, Dunhamtown Brimfield Road, $91,500.

James Robert Johnson, representative, James R. Johnson, representative, and Linda Gale Johnson, estate, to Guan Sen Liang, 139 East Hill Road, $315,000.


Colin E. Scott to Polly Anderson and Michael L. McCusker, Upper Street, $1,500.

Colin E. Scott to Jenna L. Smith and Joshua D. Smith, Old Upper St., $3,500.


Andrea R. Whitney, estate, and Donald M. Klime, representative, to Mark K. Leahy and Teresa A. Leahy, Round Hill Road, $20,000.


Holly Chamberlin to Michael N. Burgess and Cassandra A. Burgess, 228 Ireland St., $430,000.


Albert A. Leduc to Nikita Salagornik, Joy Street, $65,000.

Alycar Investments LLC, to Carmen Rivera and Devin Marin, Chapin Street, $218,000.

Claude J. Pouliot, Claire S. Pouliot and Claire S. Labonte to Sheryl M. Cruz, 111 Grattan St., $277,000.

Dennis B. Francis, representative, Jeffrey A. Francis, representative, and Dennis K. Francis, estate, to Erika Brown and Jawad Brown, 53 Parenteau Court, $349,000.

Dominique Properties LLC, to Rose M. Calero, 564-566 Springfield St., $310,000.

Jose V. Franco Jr., and Joanna R. Franco to Delinda Dykes, 26-28 Mellen St., $280,000.

Joseph M. Sidor to M3 Innovations Inc., 43 Cortland St., $95,000.

Kevin M. Boissonnault to Emerson J. Clauss IV, 63 Fairview Ave., $127,000.

Leane A. Boutin to 726 Chicopee Street LLC, 726-730 Chicopee St., $359,000.

Louis P. Krzeminski to Marilyn Arroyo, 41 Grandview St., $193,000.

Luis M. Torres to Cirilo Delgado Jr., 619 McKinstry Ave., $237,000.

Michael A. Gendron to Ivonne Rojas Perez and Miguel Pelullera, 24 Otis St., $240,000.

Joint Apprenticeship Plumbers & Pipefitters Union Local 104, Michael D. Langone, trustee, and Michael Langone, trustee, to Krex Transport Inc., 168 Chicopee St., $400,000.

Oliver V. Brassard and Sandra L. Brassard to Cig4 LLC, 14 Abbey St., $165,000.

Richard A. Boisjolie and Bernadette Boisjolie to Frank N. LaFlamme and Suzanne M. LaFlamme, 53 Cyran St., $177,334.

Richard B. Elmer, Robin M. Clark, Ross A. Elmer and Renee A. Coppolo to Renee Coppolo, 41 Dayton St., $100.

Roman Radionov, Roman V. Radionov, Vicktoriya Radionova and Victoria Radionov to Ruth Sepulveda, 13 Baptist Ave., $223,000.

Yoel E. Cuevas to Adriyan L. Pagan and Margie A. Quinones-Ortiz, 1198 Montgomery St., $280,000.


Jonathan N. Ginzberg and Lisa A. Harvey to Pippi Kessler and Julia Jules Skloot, 11 Swift River Road, $488,000.


Deanne B. Loonin Living Trust, Deanne B. Loonin, trustee and individually, and Elizabeth A. Renuart Living Trust, Elizabeth A. Renuart, trustee and individually, to Daniel E. Kingsley and Katherine A. Kingsley, 321 Conway Road, $549,000.

George Frederick Kane Estate and Margaret-Anne Kane Testamentary Trust, Nathaniel F. Kane, trustee and personal representative, to Mark Sullivan and Mary Jane Sullivan, 404 Long Plain Road, $325,000.

East Longmeadow

Industrial Drive Associates LLC, to Roots East Longmeadow LLC, 126 Industrial Drive, $3,000,000.

Edward J. Linehan Jr., and Erin K. Linehan to Alice K. Linehan, Edward J. Linehan Jr., and Erin K. Linehan, 42 Pease Road, $100.

Jason Michael Noga McDonald and Melissa Ann Burns to Jeremy Anekstein and Diane Anekstein, 68 North Circle Drive, $365,000.

Kelly M. McGowan, Kelly M. Hefling and Thomas M. McGowan Jr., to Sandra Sousa, 2 Laurence Lane, $154,300.

Ronald H. Nowak and Karen A. Nowak to Keith R. Bilton and Aleceia B. Lecours, 26 Meadowbrook Road, $235,000.

William David Ferrero and Vanessa Marie Ferrero to Ngoc T Vo, 27 Lombard Ave., $235,000.


Adam J. Dupere and Teresa E. Dupere to Tolley M. Jones, 41 South St., $180,000.

Victoria M. Schofield, Victoria M. George and Alfred D. George to Ardeshir Pezeshk, 55 Mt. Tom Ave., and 55 Mount Tom Ave., $336,250.

John P. Desrosiers, trustee, Carol A. Desrosiers, trustee, and John P. Desrosiers & Carol A. Desrosiers Revocable Trust to Timothy Mahoney and Mahoney, 41 Peloquin Drive, $256,000.

D & H Property Management Inc., to Robert C. Parker, 22 Pleasant St., $196,300.

Scott M. Tundermann and KT G. Tundermann to Marquis Nunley, 145 Pleasant St., and Pleasant Green West, $337,000.


Beth Stadnicki Verhyan, Jonathan Stadnicki Veryhyan, Beth Stadnicki Verhyen and Jonathan Stadnicki Verhyen to Tracy E. Dowd, 253 Main Road, $258,000.


Khaled A. Instrum and Jessica D. Zepke to Khaled A. Instrum, 130 West St., $100.

Mary Lou Griffin to Nancy Ann Engelbrecht, Susan Mary Lucchesi and Harold Patrick Griffin, 3 Wood Ave., $100.

Thomas Herbert, Samantha J. Hawley and Samantha Hawley to Robert S. Seibert and Laurie Carmody, Batchelor Street, $10,000.


John T. Audet and Tracy A. Audet to Austin Audet, Hartland Hollow Road, $100.


Charles L. Kelton and Judith A. Kelton to Katrina L. Morin, 103 James St., Unit 3B, 103 James St. Condominium, $140,000.

Newton Irrevocable Trust and Cynthia A. Newson, trustee, to Daryl T. Bliss, 73 Lincoln St., $165,000.

Daniel E. Kingsley and Katherine A. Kingsley to Benjamin Goody and Megan Millard, 250 Plain Road, $325,000.

Sandra J. Staub to Jeanne E. Minetti Trust, Jeanne E. Minetti, trustee, 104 Deerfield St., Unit 104, Green River Commons Condominium.

Emily R. Breines to Lisa A. McKeag and Nicholas A. Perry, 108-110 Franklin St., $230,000.

Danika M. Dorsey, Dawn O. Dorsey and Joshua T. Dorsey to Christine Karen Hale, 11-15 High St., $750,000.

Mark E. Czuj to Olga Andrey Falceanu and Yuriy Ivan Falceanu, 430 Colrain Road, $380,000.

Debra A. Boyd, John Boyd, Jeffrey Pl Dobias, Kathleen T. Dobias, Robert J. Dobias, Sharon L. Dobias, Linda M. Midland, James Vaillancourt and Lauri E. Vaillancourt to Dorsey M. Dobias and Molly A. Dobias, 330 Green River Road, $300,000.

Barbara E. Deguise to Ramona Tomlinson, 14 Myers Farm Road, Unit 14, Myers Farm Condominium, $228,550

Vera Urgina to Ivan Urgin and Tatiana Urgin, 50 East Cleveland St., $235,000.


Jean Ann Vickowski, Donald A. Vickowski and Jean Ann Vickowski, attorney-in-fact, to Kathleen M. Iles, 4 Frost Lane, $368,000.

Robert C. Pelis and Judith A. Pelis to Elizabeth K. Pelis, 54 Chmura Road and Mountain Road, $100.


Roy D. Walker and Kimberly P. Walker to William E. Robertson and Cari Kay Robertson, 61 Mashapaug Road, $655,000.

Steven G. Rainville to Roberta Bennett, 143 East Brimfield Road, $215,000.


Amy E. Drohan and William T. Drohan Jr., to Carlos M. Mogelinski, 42 Granville St., $219,500.

U S A Housing & Urban Development to Alycar Investments LLC, 60-62 Gates St., $129,362.

George Arthur and Olawunmi I. Ola to Dorota M. Garncarz, 14 Scott Hollow Drive, $305,000.

James J. Szalkucki to Dafonte Maple Street LLC, Maple Street, $60,000.

Kathryn F. Hamel to Nikita L. Perez, 100 Brookline Ave., $196,000.

Kelly L. Hart and Wendy B. Keller to Deborah L. Phoenix, 717 Northampton St., Unit 12, $395,000.

KeyBank to Sofia Carrascal, 32 Saint Kolbe Drive, Apt B, $75,600.

Marie A. Leblanc, representative, and Ann M. Leblanc, estate, to Robert D. Leblanc, 87 Ridgewood Ave., $190,000.

Marietta Shattelroe and Deidre Hall to Margaret A. Kelly, Arbor Way Unit, 12D, $76,500.

Nicholas O. Rodriguez and Carolina Pineda-Perez to Adam C. Gutierrez and Rocio Gutierrez, 74 Rugby St., $267,000.

Pierre A. Lucas, Pamela J. Lucas, Elizabeth Lucas, Katherine Lucas, Nicole Paolucci, Nicole Lucas and Eric Lucas to Frank L. Vaissiere and Sabrina C. Vaissiere, 2 Loomis Ave., $283,000.

Richard M. Shattuck Jr., Jason Todd Shattuck, Carrie Ann Shattuck and Carrie Rooney to Robert L. Elliott, 12 Coronet Road, $274,900.

Sarah M. Center-Gray to Brandice Rafus-Brenning and Eboni Rafus-Brenning, 61 Fairfield Ave., $378,000.


Betty J. Veres Thurston Estate, Kristina E. Habersaat, personal representative, to Lauren K. Hannigan and Timothy P. Hannigan, 96 Montague Road, $325,000.

Joseph S. R. Volpe to Carolyn F. Jordan and Don F. Jordan Jr., Long Plain Road, $38,000.

Susan M. Cinner to Mat T. Baskin and Mark M. Yachnin, 116 Old Mountain Road, $459,900.


John D. Nichols Jr., and Nancy McKenna Nichols to Rahit Taneja and Deeksha Munjal, 77 East Greenwich Road, $675,000.

Marcia E. Manzi and Marcia E. Gula to Jeffrey M. Leonard, 1705 Longmeadow St., $190,000.

Margaret G. Hoban, Bruce A. Hoban and Margaret G. Huber to Nikolas C. Sierra, 136 Lincoln Road, $255,000.

Peter V. Iellamo to Paul Iellamo and Karen Iellamo, 253 Burbank Road, $334,000.

Rockwell Theodore Rookey, Ronald John Rookey, Rodney Adrian Rookey and Evangeline Rookey Christian to Crista L. Rookey, 33 Elm Ave., $103,250.


Augusto G Crespo, John Crespo, Antonio Crespo and Maria Lamas to Liliana Azevedo, 16 Pine St., $220,000.

Bryan Mahoney to Kim Ann Wills and John C. Wills, 24 John St., $236,000.

Claudio Cardaropoli and Linda M. Cardaropoli to Johnathan F. Bachta and Ariana P. Becker, 88 Motyka St., $229,000.

Joshua S. Leone to Steffany Lucas, 37 White St., $245,000.

Suzanne M. Cote to Robert J. Ziemba Jr., 12 Andrew St., $174,500.


Craig E. Aparo and Valerie A. Aparo to Olney-Jones Family Trust, Richard L. Olney Jones, trustee, and Trevor L. Olney-Jones, trustee, 83 North Road, $460,000.


Daniel Baillargeon and Megan A. Baillargeon to Zi Ming Zhao, 25 Thayer Road, $450,000.

Janet P. Foy to Lauren Sidur, 18 Palmer Road, Unit 15, $184,000.

Joanna G. Serreiro to Christine Shuron and Brian Shuron, 12 Cote Road, $317,500.

John M. Carney and Lynn A. Carney to Veronicas Lakehouse LLC, 43 Paradise Lake Road, $434,500.

Layne D. Wandelear, administrator, Leslie F. Wandelear, estate, Paige Shaw and Robin Lee Altbergs to Debra S. Cleveland, trustee, Catherine K. Anderson, trustee, and Skeean Family Revocable Trust, trustee of, Fenton Road, $15,000.

Mary Ann Sturm and Mary Ann Majewski to Tee Jay Nine LLC, 214 Wilbraham Road, $130,000.


Raymond K. Gerrish Estate, Robyn G. Lamoureaux, personal representative, to Seth Hopkins and Stephanie Hopkins, 12 Grand Ave., $235,000.

Nicole Linscott to Christopher A. Glabach, 1 Randall Wood Drive, $277,000.

Barbara A. Mullins Trust, Brian Mullins, trustee, to Gina M. Carlisle and Adam T. Davies, 92 High St., $188,000.

Margaret E. Geraghty Trust, Maureen Wilhite, trustee, to Brandon S. Cloutier and Nicole L. Cloutier, 66 Montague St., $205,900.

Sheryl Sadler-Twyon to Emily Deutchman, 19 Union St., $265,000.

Lillian Bertha Fiske Estate, “aka” Lillian B. Fiske Estate, Gregory E. Fiske, personal representative, to Anne Marie Kittredge, 30 School St., $262,000.

Greenfield Pilgrim 4 LLC, to 200 Avenue A. LLC, 200 Avenue A., $550,000.

New Salem

Franklin J. Froton Jr., to Samantha Grant, 14 Eagleville Lane, $348,000.

Donna M. Eaton and Lawrence P. Eaton to Eric R. Whitman and Megan L. Whitman, 196 Cooleyville Road, $360,900.


Joseph D. Ashton to Amanda B. Ashton, 12 Drewsen Drive, $190,000.

Amy Jo Sullivan to John Vanasse and Jenny Vanasse, 297 Bridge Road, $300,000.

Scott A. King, personal representative, Shelley Steuer, personal representative, Barbara B. King, estate, Scott A. King, trustee, Shelley Steuer, trustee, and Barbara B. King Revocable Trust to Isaac C. Fleisher and Naomi R. Fleisher, Blackberry Lane, $1,000.

Stephen B. Hathaway to Stephen B. Hathaway and Sana Gardescu, 32 Northern Ave., $100.

Henry L. Kabat and Robert L. Kabat to Guy F. McCracken, Janelle L. McCracken and Patrick McCracken, 884 Ryan Road, $259,900.


Edward R. Johnson and William R. May to Jason Bassett and Shannon Bassett, 31 Strowbridge Road, $193,000.

Kathleen J. Augustine and Rober L. Augustine to Margaret M. Twist, 667 Old Wendell Road, $40,000.

Mary L. Leyden, “aka” Mary V. Leyden, and Peter M. Leyden to Kenneth N. Rogers, “aka” Kenneth Nicholas Rogers, 148 Main St., $175,000.


Patricia Mendiola to AGT Homes LLC, Summit Street, $8,000.

McCalla Raymer Leibert Pierce LLC, attorney, Nationstar Mortgage LLC, attorney, and Wells Fargo Bank NA, trustee, by attorney, to Speedwagon Investors LLC, 28 Wheeler Ave., $65,625.

Eric R. Whitman and Megan Whitman to Caitlyn Elizabeth Squires-LaCoste, 20 Memorial Drive, $201,900.


Anthony S. Coviello to Justin M. Belliveau, 1091 Overlook Drive, $239,000.


Ruth M. Smith to Nicholas R. Damours and Rose-Marie A. Damours, 123 Highland Ave., $229,000.

Trevor D. Andrews, Trevor D. Dorgan-Andews, Karley A. Andrews and Karley A. Lemire to Ryan Patrick Talbot and Melinda Beth Talbot, 1166 Huntington Road, $220,000.

William J. Bazyk to William F. Barry Jr., and Timothy A. Barry, 1104 Huntington Road, $55,000.


Larry T. Downing and Lisa Downing to Benjamin Abraham Marder and Ursa R. Marder, 20 Main St., $334,000.

John L. Presutti to Lisa A. Fusco and Kevin A. Lennon, Little Mohawk Road, $22,500.

South Hadley

Mountain Brook LLC, to J.N. Duquette & Son Construction Inc., 40 Lyon Green, $120,000.

Manuel Reyes to Angel Perez and Mariangelis Guzman, 149 Old Lyman Road, $265,000.

Jeffrey A. Donais and Margaret E. Donais to Kristie Michelle Hammer and Hannah Wareham, 56 Ridge Road, $240,000.

Sergey Savonin to Natalya Kravchenko, 19-21 Ludlow Road, $390,000.

Robert A. Bainbridge to Katherine G. Lauffer, 87 Charon Terrace, $245,000.

Tshering Sheikh, personal representative, Mohammed A. Sheikh, estate, and Mohammad A. Sheikh, estate, to Hamira LLC, 460 Amherst Road, $160,000.


Jeffrey W. Glaze and Linda E. Bennett to Holly T. Gaboriault and Paul J. Gaboriault, 306 College Highway, $462,500.


Hamelin Framing Inc., to Kristin Ann Jachym, Sawgrass Lane, $489,900.

Ruby Realty LLC, to Luke Paull, 56 Sunnyside Road, $260,000.

Stephen S. Werman to Jason Sirois, 45 Birchwood Road, $266,000.

Tina Eggleston to Doreen Mary Dargon, 198 Hillside Road, $395,000.


258 Oakland LLC, to Kiran Awan, 258-262 Oakland St., $120,000.

Alexis Burgos and Sylvia Rodriguez to Alexis D. Burgos, 82 Lloyd Ave., $215,000.

Amat Victoria Curam LLC, to Elijah Naylor, 14-16 Massasoit Place, $440,000.

American Lung Association to Gospel Power Church Inc., 393 Maple St., $247,000.

Brendon B. Welz and Alesia Welz to Katherine Overton, 117 Winton St., $225,000.

Bretta Construction LLC, to Yoel Cuevas, 45 Delaware Ave., $369,900.

Brian M. Hourlhan to Godofredo Brito, 23-25 Noel St., $165,000.

Carlos A. Otero to Alan Comberbatch and Carol Comberbatch, 47 Tyler St., $5,000.

Charlie Brice to Evans Kumordzie, 167-169 Pendleton Ave., $310,000.

Cig2 LLC, to Paige Belcastro, 50 Sunridge Drive, $200,000.

David Vedovelli to Evelyn N. Pena and Jose A. Pena, 1145 Boston Road, $185,000.

Fosy Claude and Flore Claude to Chantel Wynn, 63-65 Melville St., $180,000.

Gloria A. Ray to Andrea M. Boresen and Rita Begley, 175 Nassau Drive, $167,000.

Grahams Construction Inc., to Roody Joseph and Michelle Paul, 11 Elaine Circle $379,900.

Javier Morell and Javier Gomez to Denali Properties LLC, 1061 Carew St., $125,000.

JJJ17 LLC, receiver, Springfield City Code Enforcement Housing, Guardian Trust Enterprises LLC, and Guardian Trust Enterprise LLC, to Wanda C. Diaz, 135 Santa Barbara St., $184,500.

Kevin G. Silva and Maria M. Silva to Debra Watson, 17 Dartmouth St., $222,000.

Lorie Ellen Witherell and Lorie E. Lepage to Herminia Quiles, 18 Strong St., $180,000.

Luz Acevedo to Juan G. Perez, 11 Cheyenne Road, $240,000.

Maryann B.Hale to Solmaria Pagan, trustee, and Teal Realty Trust, trustee of, 9 Connecticut Ave., $175,250.

MDDO LLC, to Michael Stewart, 92 Beaumont St., $292,000.

Michael J. Taylor and Gregory M. Taylor to Kathryn Marie Stelzer, Nassau Drive, Unit 246, $123,000.

Moira A. Plummer to Wesley N. Pyles, 59 Ralph St., $100,000.

MPower Capital LLC, to Travis Daley, trustee, and 71 Pomona Street Intervivos Revocable Trust Agreement, trustee of, 71 Pomona St., $235,000.

Patrick D. Davis to Equity Trust Co., custodian, and Robert Lareau IRA, 171 Leopold St., $80,000.

Robert Everett and Janet R. Everett to Jessica I. Colon, 4 Jerilis Drive, $215,000.

Stuart B. Sibley and Colleen M. Whitman to Junior Solano, 76-78 Dwight Road, $235,000.

Stuart L. Shapiro and Janiece A. Shapiro to Eric B. Shapiro, 25 Hazen St., $249,000.

Thomas L. Bretta, representative, and Louis T. Bretta, estate, to James Barron IV, and Shakia Francesca Johnson, 57 Brianna Lane, $335,000.

Thomas M. Korzec and Pamela F. Korzec to Benjamin Earl Uprichard, Benjamin E. Uprichard, Donna Marie Uprichard and Donna M. Uprichard, 90 Gillette Ave., $157,000.

Timothy F. Flavin to Eric Griffith, 632-634 Armory St., $230,000.

Wells Fargo Bank, trustee, and Master Asset Backed Securities and Trust 2003-OPT1, trustee of, to Nescac LLC, 854 Alden St, $85,627.

William D. Shaw, estate, and Michael J. Shaw, representative, to Wahid Uddin and Irfan Ud Din, 1542-1548 Carew St., $259,900.

William J. Fabbri, Michael D. Fabbri and Thomas S. Fabbri to Zulma I. Fermaintt, 167 Mildred Ave., $193,000.


Aaron Reifowitz and Debra Leblanc, power-of-attorney, to Jennifer Lynn Barnes, 29 Walnut St., $202,600.

Christopher G. Mehne, executor, Donna M. Sinkoski, executor, Donna A. Sinkoski, executor, and John S. Quink, estate, to Christopher G. Mahne, trustee, Donna M. Sinkoski, trustee, and John S. Quink Family Trust, Elsewhere and Greenwich Road, $100.

Christopher G. Mehne, trustee, Donna M. Sinkoski, trustee, and John S. Quink Family Trust to Mark J. Sinkoski and Donna A. Sinkoski, Greenwich Road, $100.

Christopher M. Rasys, Katherine R. Dunbar and Katherine R. Rasys to Jacob J. Perron and Emily N. Perron, 261 Greenwich Road, $250,000.

Debbra Forkey to Lauren Noone, 198 Osborne Road, $175,000.

Shirley Mae Ratcliffe and Christine Bigda, attorney-in-fact, to Debra Lamb, 5 Second Ave., $209,900.

Bradford R. Salzmann to Michelle Talbot and Jean Talbot, Greenwich Road, $50,000.

Coffey Hill Properties LLC, to Ronald E. Ellithorpe, 44 Coffey Hill Road, $30,000.

Edwin M. Krol and Evelyn E. Krol to Christopher Robare, 63 South St., $160,000.


Helen R. W. Hills, “aka” Helen R. Wiprud, to Justine Buckley, Glenn Dickson and Milva McDonald, 737 Wendell Road, $275,000.

West Springfield

Angel R. Villar and Ruth Villar to Lakshmi Shreenivas Mudumba and Meenakshi Venkat Mudumba, 353 Rogers Ave., $520,000.

Brian Doyle, Meghan Kuether and Kathleen Gustafson to Antonio V. Bastos and Carly F. Pilon, 94 Laurel Road, $280,000.

Brittany Marie Weiss and Brittany Weiss to Amanda Somers, 80 Brush Hill Ave., Unit 35, $99,900.

Catherine A. Sandillo and Robert E. Pagani to Catherine A. Sandillo, trustee, and Robert A. Methe Irrevocable Trust, trustee of, 115 Tatham Hill Road, $240,000.

James P. Vigliano and Linda C. Vigliano to Lauren Boucher and Dayton Ducharme, 83 Harney St., $312,500.


110 Lockhouse LLC, to Jayde Dawson Gordon and Victoria A. Stewart, 110 Lockhouse Road, Unit A, $289,900.

Alma R. Glaiel and Alma Rhyne Glaiel to Sean Schnopp and Alyssa Schnopp, 85 Wyben Road, $350,000.

Constance Herman, representative, and Howard R. Thayer, estate, to Austin Herman, 237 Birch Bluffs Drive, $175,000.

G & F Custom Built Homes Inc., to Christopher V. Bovino and Laura M. Bovino, 18 Nicholas Lane, $429,000.

James M. Kotowski and Donna S. Kotowski to Andrew J. Liptak and Stephanie A. Liptak, City View Road, $196,000.

John D. West to Muradbek Usmonov, 11 Kellogg St., $139,000.

JV Realty LLC, to Backlot Industries LLC, 11 Morris St., $100,000.

Lisa A. Patenaude to Adam Lindeland and Ashley Williams, 244 Shaker Road, $350,000.

Mae E. Chillson to Justin Clement and Devyne Clement, 16 Zephyr Drive, $280,000.

Margaret M. Windzio to New England Estates LLC, 2 King Place, $325,000.

Michael J. Snyder and Lora Martone to David Gaw and Lori Gaw, 30 Llewellyn Drive, $190,000.

William C. Weltlich and Darlene A. Ingram to Jason M. N. McDonald and Melissa A. Burns, 66 Flynn Meadow Road, $519,000.


2018MA-01 LLC, to Ingolfur Bergsteinsson, 664 Stony Hill Road, $414,900.

Angela M. Cipriani and Karl L. Winkler to Thomas Dean Jr., 524 Ridge Road, $186,000.

Tracy E. Mutti and Thomas Bednarz to Ruby Realty LLC, 24 Dumaine St., $60,000.

Wilbraham Town to Plaza LLC, 440 Dipping Hole Road, $146,000.

Wilbraham Town to Rhino Realty LLC, 2451 Boston Road, $80,000.