Agawam Town to Patriot Living LLC, 3 Spring St., $180,000.

Claire T. Hannah, representative, and Richard H. Hannah, estate, to Claire T. Hannah and Douglas D. Daniels, 997 North Westfield St., $100.

Claire T. Hannah and Douglas D. Daniels to Lori Wetzel, 997 North Westfield St., $211,000.

Kathleen M. Krass to Alyssa Fini and Damen Fini, 92 Plantation Drive, $160,000.

Marcus Trinchini to Alesya Karpolyuk, 155 Shoemaker Lane, $277,000.

Paul D. Musselwhite to Meghan J. Regan, 418 Meadow St., A6, $120,000.

Shaye A. Roberts, Shaye A. Stone and Benjamin Roberts to Giani S. DePalma, 70 Reed St., $269,500.

Tirone Development Corp., to Edwin E. Cintron and Maria Cintron, 49 Letendre Ave., $399,000.


Gabriella Magnani, personal representative, Barry Edward Magnani, estate, and Barry E. Magnani, estate, to David S. Unger and Caroline B. Devane, 32 Pine Grove, $257,500.

Jun Yan and Dongke Yu to Stephen A. Spodick and Nicholas Spodick, 17 Webster Court, $179,900.

David E. Moorman and Elena Vazey to Louis Ryu and Juok Shim, 20 Amity Place, $349,000.

Wilfrido DelSalto, Magdalena DelSalto, Harry A. Seymour and Jennifer S. Seymour to Dan Wang and Ying Wang, 19 Farview Way, $453,000.


Kimberly Hislop to Jeffrey R. St. Germaine, 85 North Main St., $270,000.

Daniel M. Stebbins, estate, and Susan J. Stebbins, personal representative, to Kirk B. Stephens, Boardman Street, $65,000.

LaFleur & Son Inc., to Eric R. Devine and Jennifer L. Dulak, 43 Meadow Pond Road, $518,450.

Hickory Hills Realty LLC, to J.N. Duquette & Son Construction Inc., Magnolia Lane, $110,000.

Paul L. Beaulieu and Mary L. Beaulieu to Girard Homes Inc., North Main Street, $80,000.


Michael E. Gerry and Pamela C. Gerry to Joyce C. Hollyday, 75 North St., $265,000.


Gaetan Lariviere to Marc Vanderleeden and Joyce Vanderleeden, 55 Lynes Road, $47,000.

Ruby Realty LLC, to DTA LLC, 32 Maple Ave., $70,000.


Agostinho M. Coutinho and Eunice S. Coutinho to Hailyn Rodriguez, 303 Hampden St., $220,000.

Catherine C. Kaas to Janice B. Korona, 76 Kelley Road, Unit W8, $148,000.

Grandview Development Associates LLC, to Michael Mailhott and Lynette Mailhott, Sycamore Lane, $110,000.

Jeremy Rudzik and Bethany York Rudzik to Yadiris Nater, 599 Granby Road, $269,500.

John J. Krasinkiewicz, Bill M. Krasinkiewicz, Frederick Golba, Rhea Plouffe and Michael Krasinkiewicz to Kenneth Guyott, 39 Joy St., $158,000.

Kathleen Anne Stewart and Kathleen Anne Gagnon to Victor M. Rosado and Amalia DeJesus, 89 Northwood St., $220,500.

Laurent R. Chartier and Lucille Y. Chartier to Lucis Builders Inc., Rolf Avenue, $60,000.

Lynne M. Vasquez to Jose L. Puma Cajamarca, 110 Silvin Road, $191,000.

Megan Lizotte and Harry C. Wichert to Christine Florence Dingler, 127 Colonial Circle, Unit D, $142,500.

Miriam Pagano to Leyda M. Quinones and Hiram Busquets, 110 Clarendon Ave., $175,000.

Mountain View Investors LP, Martin E. Fedor, Mary Ann F. Fedor and David E. Fedor to Gabriel Asare and Grace Antwi-Boasiako, 9-11 Gardner Road, $230,000.

Ronald R. Donais Jr., and Jessica L. Donais to Caitlin Oelrich, 185 Chapel St., $231,000.

Saw Construction LLC, to Tracey Holden and Nicole Desrosiers, 65 Frederick St., $335,000.

Susan M. Cadieux Smith to Hashim Al Sammarraie and Hashim Al Sammarraie, 88 Worthington St., $229,900.

Wilbraham Builders Inc., to Bruce Arnold Sr., trustee, and RBLA Realty Trust, trustee of, 182 Chicopee St., $150,000.


Judith A. Maloney to Scott T. Reade and Shannon M. Reade, 15 Foundry Village Road, $250,000.


Richard A. Walton Sr., and Suzanne M. Walton to Julie M. Paquette, 33 Pleasant St., $348,000.

East Longmeadow

Alice K. Linehan to Edward J. Linehan Jr., and Erin K. Linehan, 42 Pease Road, $100.

D R Chestnut LLC, and D R Chestnut to Carol McFarlin Kalmbach, 3 Broadleaf Circle, $448,900.

Dianne Ostrander to Daniel J. Wilson, 10 Kelsey St., $216,099.

Elaine F. Santaniello to Sampath Sundararajan and Vathsala Vijayaraghavan, 137 Allen St., $405,000.

Michael Giuggio, Michael Guiggio, Laura Giuggio and Laura A. Giuggio to Ronald R. Donais Jr., and Jessica L. Donais, 55 Moore St., $275,000.

Ruby Realty LLC, to IJN Equities LLC, 79 Prospect St., $140,000.

Ruby Realty LLC, to Marth-E LLC, 421 Prospect St., $201,200.


Lindsey Rothschild and Andrea Marks to Lindsey Rothschild, 73 Mount Tom Ave., and 73 Mt. Tom Ave., $100.

Susan J. Guertin and Steven J. Molitoris to Park Hill Orchard Holdings LLP, 87 Park Hill Road, $300,000.

Susan J. Keser, trustee, Susan J. Malinowski, trustee, and Cecelia Malinowski Family Trust to Joshua M. Gajda, 188 East St., $310,000.


Patricia G. Callahan and Patricia G. Love to Nancy Godbout, 670 Amherst Road, $559,000.

Steven K. Eckman to Steven K. Eckman and Samantha R.S. Eckman, 112R Cold Hill, $100.


Thomas Kaczorowski, Jessica Kaczorowski, Thomas M. Kaczorowski and Jessica M. Kaczorowski to Dylan Berge, 1566 Main Road, $245,000.


Verne W. Bissell Trust, Verne W. Bissell, trustee, to Parody Builders & Sons LLC, 14 Davenport Way, $65,000.

Terry Ann Gadomski and Sandra L. Wagner to John D. Taylor and Maria Mercedes Taylor, 36 Oak Hill Road, $369,900.


Ronald A. Shepard, representative, and Marjorie C. Shepard, estate, to Tara M. Czaplicki and Molly E. Drummey, 46 Brookside Drive, $242,500.

Russell N. Bergeron and Linda M. Bergeron to Leeann M. Bergeron, 72 Stony Hill Road, $285,000.


Raymond P. Korny to Kurt A. Noe and Susan L. Noe, 70 Allen Hill Road, $775,000.


Avraham A. Harris to Mary J. Seid, 23-25 Washington Ave., $244,000.

Daniel A. Warner and Valerie L. Warner to Sokunthea Som, 340 Pleasant St., $202,500.

Eric M. Tkacz, representative, and Martin M. Tkacz, estate, to Regina F. Sanders, 469 Westfield Road, $210,000.

James F. Murphy and Ellen M. Dunn to Rahiza Gallardo Vazquez, 392 Cherry St., $229,900.

Juan Cruz to Hannah Laflin, 45a Saint Kolbe Drive, $113,500.

Justin Beyer to Francheska Rosario, 288-290 Pleasant St., $270,000.

Makajo Realty LLC, to Enamel Properties LLC, 109 Lyman St., $500,000.


Constance T. Ryan, representative, and Anthony J. Marchetta, estate, to Constance T. Ryan, trustee, Heather Marchetta, trustee, and Anthony Joseph Marchetta & Christine Lousie Marchetta Living, trustee of, 64 Hawthorn St., $100.

Hedge Hog Industries to James Sanchez and Yamille M. Sanchez-Silva, 133 Longmeadow St., $469,000.


Edwin Cintron, Maria Cintron and Maria Michelakis to Michael S. McCray and Courtney Wolowicz, 12 Wenonah Drive, $219,000.

Peter M. Ostrowski Inc to Carolyn M. Ruszala and Brett P. Valego, Jerad Drive, $100,000.


Deborah Winchester and Robert P. DeFosse Jr., to Lester White and Patricia White, 33 Upper Palmer Road, $297,500.

John K. Waterman to William Dupuis and Allyson L. Dupuis, Town Farm Road, $69,900.


Marilyn C. Watroba to Ana N. Groza and Ilie A. Groza, 13-15 West Main St., $216,000.


Peter Demetropoulos Jr., Linda Demetropoulos, Irene R. Archambault, personal representative, and Roger Demetropoulos, estate, to Ralph H. Litwin, Stephanie K. Litwin, Christopher Michael Figge and Melody Charlotte Figge, 837 Florence Road, $667,500.

Dutch L. Cosmian, Dutch I. Cosmian and Caitlin M. Cosmian to Seth Wilpan and Joanna Rush Wilpan, 971 Ryan Road, $309,000.

Kelley P. Connors to The Center at 35 State Street LLC, 8080 Damon Road, $122,000.

Philip E. Dowling and Bruce F. Tolda to Lankleine Realty LLC, 881 N. King St., and 881 North King St., $445,000.

Julia Brown and Howard A. Eiland to Julia Brown and Howard A. Eiland, 55 Winterberry Lane, $100.

John M. McLaughlin and Julia C. McLaughlin to Mary Ann Peters and Timothy M. McMahon, 61 South St., $218,000.

Emerson Way LLC, to Wright Builders Inc., 65 Emerson Way, $145,000.

White Wing LLC, to Alan J. Greenhalgh and Laura Gurton, 39 Lyman Road, $725,000.


Allan Roscoe Baldwin Estate, Joan E. Smith, personal representative, to Myra Pernaa Chapman and Alfred Leo Gadway III, 48 Lincoln Ave., $225,000.

Kevin J. McHugh and Megan McHugh to Christina L. Spooner and Karl T. Spooner, 344 West River St., $288,000.


Dimitri A. Bryant to Brittany A. Cormier and Jeremy L. Harvey, 1180 Calkins Road, $265,000.

Duncan P. Mackiewicz, representative, and Susan F. Mackiewicz, estate, to Roger W. Barnes, 992 Ware St., $60,000.

Eric D. Abreu and Tonya L. Abreu to Kaitlyn M. Cormier and Joseph T. Cormier, 34 Glenn St., $225,000.

Joanna Fandel and Richard D. Fandel to Fumi Realty Inc., 2358 Main St., $95,000.

Scott Croteau and Missy Croteau to Victoria C. Snyder, 104 Breckenridge St., $267,500.


Daniel Emerson to Theresa Emerson, 853 Wendell Road, $295,000.

South Hadley

Mary M. Huntington to Wolfpack Realty Corp., 114 Alvord Place, $170,000.

Beverley S. Rusiecki to Lawrence A. Rusiecki, 19 Leahey Ave., $100.

Irene Fitzgibbons, Diane Beeler, Eileen Emery, Judith Whitman, Teresaa McMahon and Raymond Fitzgibbons to Ryan Loughrey and Alexandra Dale Loughrey, 31 Chestnut Hill Road, $330,000.

Edward J. Lavallee III, to John W. Freeman, trustee, Linda C. Freeman, trustee, and 26 Joffre Avenue Real Estate Trust, 26 Joffre Ave., $439,900.

Ronald H. Brasher, personal representative, and Jeanne M. Peloquin, estate, to Edward A. Leonard and Valorie L. Leonard, 17 Highland Ave., $229,900.


Dorothy A. Lobik and James L. Lobik to Jaydub LLC, 7 Tree Top Lane, $280,000.

Drew William Seibert and James Ogletree to Richard P. Beaulieu and Maria A. Beaulieu, 22 Grove St., $484,500.

John S. Arnold and Christine M. Arnold to Christopher Michael Thomas, 152 Feeding Hills Road, $246,000.

Kenneth J. Olson and Cindy A. Olson to Louis A. Berrelli Jr., 24 Nicholson Hill Road, $77,000.


11RRE LLC, to Joshua Rios and Yaileen Garcia, 51 Pheland Ave., $200,000.

Alexa Acosta and Christopher Bruno to Katherine Valente, 131 Gardens Drive, $195,000.

Alice G. Poirier and Alice G. Poirer to Sonya M. Fernandes, 15 Washington St., $170,000.

Ann Grace to Lena Phommatham, 81-83 Palmer Ave., $230,000.

Appreneata Navarro, Appreneata Watt, Elidan Navarro, Java R. Watt and Eldian Navarro to Eduardo Reyes Rivera, 45 Montrose St., $200,000.

Betsy A. Robinson to Angel G. Rivas, 182 Pasco Road, $135,000.

C. Brendan McDonald, Charles Brendan McDonald and Kelly A. McDonald to Charles Brendan McDonald and Kelly A. McDonald, 104 Appleton St., $100.

Carlo DiLizia and Gina Bellucci-DiLizia to 98 Amherst Street LLC, 834 Carew St., $100.

Carlo DiLizia to 152 Westminster Street LLC, 152 Westminster St., $100.

Carlo DiLizia to 19 Lafayette Street LLC, 19-21 Lafayette St., $100.

Carlo DiLizia to 834 Carew Street LLC, 834 Carew St., $100.

Cecile Willcox to Feizollah Rastegar and Mahvash Zakeripour, 1157 Dickinson St., $180,000.

Christian Wiernasz to Yaimar Lopez De Jesus, 78 Homestead Ave., $225,000.

Couture Partners and Couture Partners LLC, to Alex O. Abutu, 672 Chestnut St., $370,000.

Daniel McNeill and Caitlin McNeill to Angel L. Velazquez, 15 Albee St., $240,000.

David A. Morais to Lourdes Buckhannon, 391-393 Parker St., $250,000.

David W. Lewis and Juan R. Fragosa to Vanessa Colon, 52-54 Everett St., $220,000.

Eric C. Eldred and Kathryn P. Eldred to Adriana Soy Lane, 205 Norfolk St., $205,000.

Fumi Realty Inc., to Alvinelis Cardona Velazquez, Waldorf Street, $200,000.

Grahams Construction Inc., to Claribel Parra, 71 Elaine Circle, $336,800.

Hampden Homebuyers LLC, receiver, Springfield City Code Enforcement, Linda A. Landry, US Bank, CFT Asset Management LLC, and Perrys Auto Parts & Equipment Co. Inc., to Posiadlosc LLC, 29-31 Bloomfield St., $225,882.

Home Equity Assets Realty LLC, receiver, Springfield City Code Enforcement Housing and Dora Bell Williams, estate, to Home Equity Assets Realty LLC, 1459 Bay St., $35,000.

Home Equity Assets Realty LLC, receiver, Springfield City Code Enforcement Housing and Winston Harvey to Home Equity Assets Realty LLC, 243-245 Wilbraham Road, $170,000.

East Springfield Industrial Buildings Corp., and East Springfield Industrial Buildings Corporated, to Greenfield Development LLC, 225 Carando Drive, $2,564,000.

Jeffrey B. Carpenter to Elisana R. Deleon Arias, 87 Weaver Road, $175,000.

Jerica Acevedo to Xaver A. Sierra, 96 Crestmont St., $215,000.

Icarian Real Estate Advisors LLC, to Paul Murphy, 175 Mill St., $475,000.

Lewen Cotte to Peter Cavette, 15 Gresham St., $257,500.

Lifang Luo-Cayode, Ming Tsang and Lisa Cassidy to Andrew Tsang, 98 Florence St., $220,000.

Lucas Lora to Tashyana Lowe-Chin, 1051 Allen St., $210,000.

Mary E. Langevin and Daniel J. Langevin to Castle Headquarters Inc., and Gleb Leiderman, 22-24 Mansfield St., $10,000.

Matadormus LLC, to Genaro Rodriguez and Maria Nunez, 162-164 Oak Grove Ave., $258,000.

Moltenbrey Builders LLC, to Matthew C. Schneider and Hawley M. Schneider, 166 Canterbury Road, $395,000.

Patricia S. Reilly to Maria D. Ruiz Gonzalez and John W. Figueroa Ruiz, 20 Langdon St., $165,000.

Roger A. Tetreault Jr., and Patricia Tetreault to Michelle Acevedo Maymi and Robert Javier Santiago Melendez, 68 Bernard St., $210,000.

Rosa M. Crespo to William A. Vasquez and Tabitha Roman, 187-189 White St., $224,000.

Rose Owen and Richard Owen to Regina R. McGregor and Ruel R. McGregor, 70-72 Windemere St., $190,000.

Russell Cable to Sarmad Jawad Kadhim Al Hakeem, 115 Temby St., $280,000.

Sandra L. Kenyon to Carlos H. Lemus and Ana M. Lemus, 236 Rosewell St., $185,000.

Springhouse Properties LLC, to Kaitlyn Kibler, 19 Harbour Road, $205,000.

Stafford Street Group LLC, to 401 Liberty Street LLC, 136 Nursery St., $800,000.

Steven N. Rivard and Michelle E. Rivard to Kandice N. Daniels, 184 Harkness Ave., $185,650.

Thong T. Vo to Catherine Cruz, Moises Rivera Gonzalez and Moises Rivera, 194 Denver St., $210,500.

TL Bretta Realty LLC, to Elisenda Santiago-Lopez, 116 Birchland Ave., $277,000.

Yvette Cartagena and Gustavo Cartagena to Dylan Thomas O’Malley, 1233 Page Boulevard, $208,000.


Jeannette Leveillee, representative, John C. Leveillee, estate, Paul J. Leveillee, Claire L. Leveillee and Claire L. Demerski to Aziz Aitmessaoud, trustee, and Shore Drive Realty Trust, trustee of, 19 Shore Drive, $150,000.


Carole E. King to Carole E. King, trustee, and Seventy One Beaver Lake Road Realty Trust, 71 Beaver Lake Road, $100.

Net Acquisitions LLC, to Alexandria Trust LLC, 1-139 West St., West Main Street, Route 9 and Route 32, $2,125,000.

Annette C. Desjardins to Gary Desjardins, Mark Desjardins, Glen Desjardins, Anne Young and Jill Svagdis, 195 Sygiel Road, $100.

Tamara A. Audette and Todd M. Ryan to Daniel D. Osborn and Sarah J. Osborn, 164 Upper Church St., $290,000.

Helen G. Bowen to Stephen Fellers, 333 Palmer Road, Ware-Palmer Road and Dugan Road, $161,000.

West Springfield

Alex O. Obutu to Charles M. Maranga, 58 School St., $190,000.

Carlos A. Alba and Daris Mercedes Henriquez to Jose R. Guerra Soto and Jenny A. Franco, 27-29 Allen St., $265,000.

Country Club Partners LLC, to Christopher G. Sakellis, St. Andrews Way, Unit 10, $339,900.

Dawn M. Gahran and Dawn M. Casey to Johanna E. Sweet and Michael P. Sweet, 352 Prospect Ave., $165,000.

110 Monastery Associates Limited Partnership and 110 Monastery Associates LLC, to PC Monastery LLC, 110 Monastery Ave., $11,950,000.


Bridget A. Barber and Charles R. Barber to Donna E. West, 25 Holyoke Road, $130,000.

Elizabeth A. Bernaquer to Nicholas Turnberg, 11-13 Gold St., $155,000.

Linda J. Doiron to Gene P. Bressette, 237 Granville Road, $218,000.

Tok Chang and Flora Tung to Gabriel Monjaras and Martha Monjaras, 112 City View Road, $260,000.

Westfield Gas & Electric Light to DMA Associates LLC, Turnpike Industrial Road, $400,000.


Steven E. Samolewicz, personal representative, and James A. Conz, estate, to Sarah T. Rosehill, 271 Northwest Road, $302,000.


Alice Elizabeth Gunn Estate, “aka” Alice E. Gunn Estate, and Alice Tanner Gunn Estate, Stanford C. Gunn, executor, to John Baronas, State Road, $1,050


Eugenia Teresa Pikul, Eugenia Blask and Eugenia T. Blaszcazk to Laura Haapanen and Cristina Liquori, 576 Ridge Road, $200,000.

Mary L. Assad, Joseph M. Assad, Bonnie M. Roy and Holly J. Demers to Hazel Zebian, 207 Main St., $253,000.

Sergio Dias to Philip John Ozzone Sr., and Cathy Ozzone, 80 Three Rivers Road, $279,900.

Shane Thomas Waltsak and Renee Marie DiFiore to Peter J. Badini and Brita L. Carhart, 6 Wilbraview Drive, $360,000.

Stockhouse 122 Realty LLC, to JJM Astor SPV LLC, 18-20 Cottage Ave., $980,000.


Cathy H. Reid to Tariq F. Abu-Jaber, 58 Nash Hill Road, $665,000.