Joann K. Chiaro to Sergey Dikan, 43 River Road, $135,000.

Laura L. Farrington and Eric Peter Johnson to Agawam Town, Carr Avenue, $10,000.

Laura L. Farrington and Eric Peter Johnson to Agawam Town, Carr Avenue, $5,000.

Laura L. Farrington and Eric Peter Johnson to Agawam Town, Carr Avenue, $5,000.

Sergey Savonin, Anzhela Savonin and Anzhela Turievna to Anthony W. Stellato, 22 Moore St., Unit 2, $249,900.

Stacey L. Kennedy-Dumont and Stacey L. Kennedy to Claude J. Dumont and Stacey L. Kennedy-Dumont, 46 Central St., $100.

Vincenzo Rettura to Sergey Mayerov, 420 Main St., Unit 24, $95,000.


Julia R. Hartman to Nathalie Kissel, 26 Greenleaves Drive, $191,000.

Apple Brook West LLC, to Ralph J. McQuade Jr., trustee, Ralph J. McQuade Jr 2011 Trust, Janis D. McQuade, trustee, and Janis D. McQuade 2011 trust, 19 Vista Terrace, $578,400.

Keith O. Kaneta, trustee, Kaiulani K. Williams, trustee, and Keith O. Kaneta Revocable Trust to Amherst Town, 72,76 and 80 Belchertown Road, $735,000.

Anthony D. Dinsmore, trustee, Jennifer D. Chylack, trustee, and Dinsmore-Spence Trust to W.D. Cowls Inc., 110 Henry St., $185,000.

Steven R. Prothers and Linda L. Prothers to W.D. Cowls Inc., 463 Sunderland Road and Route 116, $37,500.

Zhuangsheng Lin to Zarina Brakmo Lubbert, 9 Bedford Court, $182,500.

Nancy Gesualdi, personal representative, Nancy Gusauldi, personal representative, John J. Gesualdi, estate, John Gesauldi, estate, and John Gesualdi, estate, to Amherst Community Land Trust Inc., 23 Tracy Circle, $265,000.

Srishti Kashyap to Shrinath Patel, 28 Bedford Court, $231,000.


Summer Hill Estates Development LLC, to Thomas P. Scully and Linda A. Scully, 111 Daniel Shays Highway, $325,000.

Jason J. LaFleur and Elissa A. LaFleur to Zachariah Johnson and Falon J. Johnson, 57 South Washington St., $475,000.

Craig M. Blazejowski, Laura L. Blazejowski and Laura L. Blaze to Craig M. Blazejowski, 117 South Washington St., $100.

Atanas Spassov to Modern Homes LLC, 67 North Washington St., $55,000.

J.N. Duquette & Son Construction Inc., to Robert McGibeny, 52 Magnolia Lane, $454,900.


Emerald City Rentals LLC, to Mia Hanlon, 28 Blair Road, $215,000.


Alexandra E. McNitt and Christine Holbrook to Peter Castellucci and Sara Castellucci, Dunhamtown Road, $71,000.


Gaffigan Irrevocable Real Estate Trust, Thomas P. Gaffigan, trustee, to Augustino David Gamelli III, and Katelyn Gaffigan Gamelli, 7 South St., $269,000.

Kelly A. Hanley to Sharon Diego, 49 State St., $317,000.


Patricia M. Lawson and Wesley R. Lawson to Elizabeth Brownell, Steven Grandpre and John Ostwald, Cherrie Pierson Road, $15,000.


Christopher L. Towne, Laura L. Towne and Laura L. Tinney to David S. Muenzer and Rebecca Lieb, 104 North Chester Road, $382,000.


Alyson E. Reid to Cig4 LLC, 621 Chicopee St., $142,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Cig4 LLC, 10 Everett St., $140,000.

Connor S. Sormanti to Michele Ann Lemieux and Kyle Robert Burnham, 1063 Burnett Road, $290,000.

Grandview Development Associates LLC, to Andrew J. Fox, 65 Sycamore Lane, $110,000.

Extremely Clean 2 LLC, to Nicol D. Diaz Rodriguez and Osvaldo Rosado Garcia, 17 Leslie St., $228,000.

Marc N. Turgeon and Ronald P. Turgeon to Tony Tereso, 245-247 Grattan St., $335,000.

Mark E. Slayton to Michael Croteau, 71 Britton St., $167,000.

MJT Properties LLC, to RBT Enterprise LLC, 19-21 Emerson St., $415,000.

N. Riley Construction Inc., to Yesenia Roman Martinez and Nashely M. Torres Roman, 49 Jean Circle, $400,000.

Natalia Trznadel and Steven C. Trznadel to JBD Empire LLC, 37 Eldridge St., $147,000.

Richard S. Fedak and Thomas J. Fedak to Carlos M. Hernandez, 11 Fisher St., $215,000.

Robert L. McGrath to Cheryl M. Schulze and Robert L. McGrath, life estate, 585 Sheridan St., Unit 34, $92,000.

Shannon L. Drake and Gregory A. Drake to Jack Solock and Paula Solock, 151 Silvin Road, $160,000.

Shawinigan Drive LLC, to Communications District Western Massachusetts Emergency, 64 Shawinigan Drive, $1,162,050.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Christiana Trust, trustee, and Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust, trustee of, to Jennifer E. Beleski, 93 Woodbridge Road, $165,000.


REO Acceptance Corp. II, LLC, to Thomas F. Mitchell, 854 River Road, $6,000.

East Longmeadow

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to MNB Builders LLC, 34 Brynmawr Drive, $200,000.

Giancarlo Mei to Hadley B. Pellegrino and Tayvon T. Hodge, 5 Corning St., $284,000.

Hud and U S A Housing & Urban Development to James Neal Conlon and Whitney Dale Shortt, 27 Kingman Ave., $170,000.

Robert J. Schroeter to Timothy J. Becker and Meaghan A. Becker, 39 Lombard Ave., $299,900.


Aimee M. Petrosky, Erica L. Hatoum and Erica L. Petrosky to Aimee M. Petrosky and Erica L. Petrosky, 443 East St., $100.

Richard J. Laselle, Scott J. Laselle, Laura A. Laselle, Laura A. Kowalski, Richard John Laselle, personal representative, John T. Laselle, estate, and John Templeton Laselle, estate, to Jarrod A. Wesson and Andrea J. Lawrence-Wesson, 9 Admiral St., $159,790.

David A. Hardy Contractor LLC, to Garrett J. Wojcicki and Adriana Wojcicki, 62 Pomeroy St., $630,000.


Robert J. Peterson, personal representative, Judith P. Havard, personal representative, John Axel Peterson Jr., estate, and John A. Peterson Jr., estate, to James Ferraro and Nikolina Ferraro, Porter Street, $30,000.


Andrew Lively to Levi Kelley, 335 Chapman St., $185,000.

Walentyna P. Axton, by attorney, Walentyna Pomasko Axton, by attorney, and George L. Goodridge, conservator, to George L. Goodridge III, attorney, and Andrew R. Hutchison, 32 Power Square, $131,500.

USA Housing Urban Development to FUMI Realty Inc., 71 Washington St., $74,250.

Melissa L. Levasseur and Paul Joseph Levasseur Jr., to Jason Sadler and Kelly Sadler, 25 Frederick Road, $210,000.

Christopher J. Edes to Benjamin Conrick, “aka” Benjamin T. Conrick, 80 Beech St., $200,000.

Hanneli Greenwald and Ricky Greenwald to Adam Konner, 92 Peabody Lane/92-94 Peabody Lane, $675,000.

Priscilla Daniels, “aka” Priscilla E. Daniels, to Lodovico Erminio Fabris, 15 Devens St., $100,000.

Greenfield Public Library Foundation LTD, to John F. Shultis and Marcia Shultis, Pickett Lane, $75,000.


Frank Henry Bonk, trustee, Barbara W. Bonk, trustee, and Frank Henry Bonk & Barbara W. Bonk Joint Revocable Trust to Mark Hebert, Plain Road Off, $100,000.


Sarah A. Alleman Estate, “aka” Sarah A. Dreher Estate, and Veronica Navarrete, personal representative and individually, to Michael Todd Yoder and Regina Lynn Yoder, 17 Hunt Road, $50,000.


John L. Grover and Rita J. Grover to Jennifer M. Smith and Michael D. Smith, Mohawk Estates, $2,500.

Kathy L. Monroe and Shawn E. Monroe to Daniel R. Chesney and Susan Chesney, 20 Swamp Road, $21,500.


Jacqueline I. Anger to David J. Buccelli and Amy J. Buccelli, 85 Maybrook Road, $92,500.


Albert Czupkiewicz and Deborah Czupkiewicz to Victoria M. Bonazoli, 15 Clark St., $263,000.

Anna K. Rigali to Jonathan Z. Glogower and Mary M. Jones, 224 Walnut St., $170,000.

Christopher M. Buell and Karen J. Buell to Nicholas O. Rodriguez and Carolina Pineda Perez, 272 Whitney Ave., $415,000.

Gladysh Capital LLC, to Daniel Carrell, Dwight Street, $330,000.

Westmass Apartments LLC, to Anne Marie Lisella and John Ortiz, 71 Berkshire St., $231,000.

Windsor Realty LLC, to 556 S. Bridge St. LLC, 41-43 Mosher St., $1,250,000.


Steven W. Powers and Kathleen A. Powers to Tariq Douglas, 39 Basket St., $160,000.


Emelyn Bashour, attorney, and Frederick J. Bashour, by attorney, to Eric J. Mulvihill, 49 Cave Hill Road, $406,405.

Douglas P. Glazier Estate, Geraldine A. Glazier, personal representative, and Ronald P. Glazier and Terry P. Glazier, individually, to Elizabeth Duffy and Alycia Duffy Olanyk, Cave Hill Road, $55,000.


Jaime F. Cabezas and Lynn M. Cabezas to Robert E. Kelley Jr. and Jessica A. Kelley, 37 South Ave., $319,000.

James B. Punderson to Katie Lynch, 73 Falmouth Road, $376,000.

Jeffrey A. Beaulac and Sandra Beaulac to Kate E. Schoenberger, 163 Hillcrest Ave., $271,000.

Rajeev Kumar, Rajeev Kumar Meharwal and Rachana Singh to Jaime Cabezas and Lynn Cabezas, 1183 Converse St., $555,000.


Alex G. Kudla and Ewelina Kudla to Danny Elias and Becky Elias, Sunset Ridge, $130,000.

Gerard J. Deslauriers, Jeannine Duquette, Robert T. Deslauriers, Therese Patterson, Armand P. Deslauriers and Marie Santos to Jonathan M. Cheria and Fernando P. Cheria, 448 Fuller St., $372,000.

Raev LLC, to Suzanne Middleton, 14 Bucknell St., $292,500.

Scott W. Ritchie, Sara R. Cronk, Alison J. Krause, Brandon S. Krause and Sara Lynn Cronk to Theresa G. Lamothe and Carol S. McGurn, 308 Miller St., Unit 20, $275,000.


Helen I. Oakes and Russell R. Oakes to Nathan Harold Cote, 146 Main Road, $120,000.


Ronald R. Lenois Estate, Ronald R. Lenois Jr., personal representative, to Casey Hoffman Sr., and Crystal-Ann Hoffman, 22 Coolidge Ave., $160,000.

Robert J. Bray to Jennifer S. Bray and Jonathan R. Bray, 33 Union St., $315,250.

Michael McGrath and Michael P. Mendyk Jr., to Denise Delores Salmon-Shand, 107 Federal St., $245,000.


Malanda Miklic and Michelle Cherie Ripple to Maria Christina Franke, 35 New South St., $282,500.

Wright Builders Inc., to Sarah Myrth Diggdon, trustee, and Sarah Myrth Diggdon Trust, 29 Ford Crossing and 29 Ford Xing, $714,512.

Lawrence C. Kimble and Barbara K. Kowalski to Robert W. Eppsteiner and Erin E. Eppsteiner, 399 Bridge Road, $300,000.


Krzysztof Perzan to Rachel Smith, 39 West Main St./39 W. Main St., $40,000.

George H. Newcomb to Motor City Automotive Group MA LLC, 95 New Athol Road, $1,090,000.

Gary McIntosh to 73 Willard Road LLC, 47 Horton Road, $4,000.

Bhavikaben Patel and Jignesh R. Patel to James D. Hancock, 38 Robin Road, $214,900.


Real Estate Investments Northeast LLC, to Sserwadda Z. Anneritah, 10-12 Maple Terrace, #10, $213,000.

Elizabeth Croteau to Mark A. Rehbein and Deborah J. Rehbein, 1025 Central St. Unit F, $72,500.

Linda Thibeault to Jennifer L. Bolduc and Willie P. Bolduc, 4 Norbell St., $200,000.

Nathaniel Messier to Kathleen A. Scarglia, 11 Conant St., $243,480.

Rehab Home Buyers LLC, to Anthony L. Fields and Jennifer M. Fields, 49 Springfield St., $239,000.

Virginia R. Wright, representative, and Maurice E. Dufresne, estate, to Real Estate Investments Northeast LLC, 10 Sibley St., $75,000.


Claude F. DuPont III, and Ellen M. DuPont to Jeffery I. Merriott, 121 North St., and Grant Road, $85,000.


Jay M. Smith and Desiree Smith to Caio Veloso Silva and Beatriz Farias Santo S. Veloso, 41 Westwood Drive, $292,000.


Patten Hill Farm Trust, David W. Patrick and Mara Silver, trustees, to Massachusetts Audubon Society Inc., Patten Road, $353,000.


Patricia A. Carson, by conservator, “aka” Patricia Carson, by conservator, and George L. Goodridge, conservator, to WM O. Levine and Polly Wagner, 585 Wendell Road, $85,000.

Andrew L. Cook and Lisa M. Cook to Skyway Properties LLC, 527 West Pelham Road, $274,500.

South Hadley

Richard F. Cox and Susan M. Cox to Carolyn Couture, 17 Red Bridge Lane, $537,500.

Jill Swartwout, Jill Vinocour and Joshua Vinocour to William J. Selkirk and Kelly P. Selkirk, 164 Woodbridge St., $305,000.

Nicholas Alan Bannin and Yekaterina Bannin to Alexander Ayala Palacin and Lina Saravia Gutierrez, 44 Berwyn St., $325,000.

Huang Kaali LLC, to James T. Ouimet and Gail M. Ouimet, 12 Grant St., and Pleasant Street, $225,040.

Elizabeth A. Standen and David A. Standen to Tamika Gagnon, 81 Richview Ave., $248,000.


Carla R. McAvoy, trustee, and Douglas & Ruth Madsen Nominee Trust to Gerald G. Moreau and Nora Moreau, 34 Crooked Ledge Road, $97,000.

William G. Pfau III, and Karen S. Pfau to 6 Bears Properties Inc., 250 College Highway, $150,000.

Garrett J. Wojcicki, Adriana Wojcicki and Adriana Marcinowska to Joel P. Kupeyan and Yelena Kupeyan, 7 Old County Road, $405,000.


Brian J. Laframboise and Carolyn A. Laframboise to Jocelyn M. Kinlock and Christopher R. Wargo, 18 Rails End Road, Unit 11B, $339,900.

Deborah A. Melloni and Angelo S. Melloni to Brian E. Kelley and Riley Carrier, 19 Veteran St., $139,176.

Harold A. Heap Jr. and Sandra Aa Heap to Christopher M. Barden and Moira E. Barden, 21 Ed Holcomb Road, $260,000.

Hillside Development Corp. to Jaydub LLC, 681R College Highway, $350,000.

Joan C. Morvidelli to Steve Howes, 71 Kline Road, $310,000.

Seetharaman Raghuraman and Sara B. Raghuraman to Brian J. Laframboise and Carolyn A. Laframboise, 3 Amberleaf Way, $455,000.


Allan Cumberbatch and Allan Comberbatch to Shanice M. Torres, 55 Tyler St., $160,000.

Anthony Patalano and Douglas M. Delisle to Patalano Property Management LLC, 905-909 Sumner Ave., $200,000.

Brett R. Richard, Samantha L. Richard and Samantha L. Coventry to Carmen B. Galarza Colon and Roberto Alvarado, 23 Kerry Drive, $189,100.

Carl W. McCargo and Jacquelyn A. Shanti to Etabav Realty Trust, trustee of, and Jason Donaldson, trustee, 67 Keith St., $106,000.

David P. Bergeron and Amy L. Bergeron to Jesus M. Nieves and Wanda I. Nieves, 260 Cuff Ave., $211,000.

Eagle Home Buyers LLC, to Hector M. Hernandez Jr., 292 Breckwood Boulevard, $220,000.

Guillermo Negron to Roosevelt Amanfo, 68-70 Appleton St., $150,000.

H P Rum LLC, to Latonya Hinds, 331 Water St. #333, $175,000.

James P. Hager and Christine M. Hager to John J. Blackshear and Diana F. Blackshear, 22 Florentine Gardens, $314,900.

Jason Alonzo Jackson, representative, Mary Jackson Russell, estate, and Mary A. Jackson Russell, estate, to Joanna Rodriguez and Robert Roy Rochester Jr., 79 Eloise St., $221,000.

Jerome T. Weldon and Janice A. Weldon to Reshawn Buckhannon, 988 Parker St., $260,000.

Joejoe Properties LLC, to Gilbert Santiago, 16 Marsden St., $160,000.

Kelly R. Holbrook and Kevin Desean Holbrook to Jaritza Rios, 54 Newhall St., $185,000.

Lawrence F. Army, Jeanette Provost and Shawn Hubbard to Jevhan Velez and Julian Velez, 97 Francis St., $150,000.

Lula Brown to Levi C. Brown, Richard E. Brown, Agnes L. Paulk, Shirley A. Sellers, Patricia L. Young and Lula Brown, life estate, 19 Berkeley St., $100.

Madison Property Investors LLC, to Calisa Kennedy, 80-82 Leyfred Terrace, $286,000.

Maryann B. Guczek-Sawyer, representative, and Edward J. Guczek Sr., estate, to Donald Cushing, 208 Island Pond Road, $153,000.

Matthew E. Donnellan Jr. and Samantha J. Ferriter to Alexander Rohan and Catherine Kwiecien, 91 Lancaster St., $181,000.

Michael Sheltra to Zachary Edelman and Naomi Dupre, 737 Newbury St., $145,000.

Michelle Meara to Michelle Meara and Daniel T. Meara, 17 Russell St., $100.

Mister Mister LLC, to Monica Rahall, Oakland Street, $309,000.

Noah B. Hatton to Jacob J. Tagan and Jacob Tagan, 40 Luden St., $180,000.

Roberto Arias to Roberto Arias and Doris Arias, 11-13 Wait St., $100.

Robin L. Jones and Ariell L. Wilkins to Bretta Construction LLC, Buckingham Street, $26,000.

Robin L. Jones to Joseph Garcia, Hancock Street, $23,000.

Springfield City to City View Commons II Limited Partnership, Locust Street, $1,343.

Springfield City to City View Commons II Limited Partnership, Locust Street, $2,737.

Stacey Hildreth-Fortin, Katherine Hildreth-Fortin and Stacey Fortin to Robert Chamberlain, 144 Lamont St., $190,000.

Wayne G. Giguere and Patricia A. Giguere to Michelle L. Giguere, 901 Wilbraham Road, $175,000.

WF Real Estate Holdings LLC, to Hedge Hog Industries Corp., Eastern Avenue, $30,000.


Alexander Dzhuga and Tatyana Dzhuga to Maxim Michael Arbuzov, 60 Monson Road, $20,000.


U.S. Bank NA, trustee, and JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Trust to Cabarete LLC, 9-11 Otis Ave., $85,000.

Alyn M. Coler-Thayer to Ryan Rocheford and Amanda Bergquist, 174 Old Belchertown Road, $285,000.

Carl F. Banas to Robin L. Foster and Matthew S. Foster, 17 Old Belchertown Road, $190,000.

James V. Bourcier and Cynthia A. Bourcier to Merissa Titus-Abate, 114 North St., $177,000.


John W. Wasiuk estate and John P. Morris, personal representative, to Maxim V. Arefyev, Northfield Road, $57,000.


Robert A. Collini and Sally W. Collini to Christoher J. Millette Jr., Lockes Village Road, $30,900.

West Springfield

Ellen M. Guimaraes to Allison K. Smith and Lucas J. S. Smith, 422 Dewey St., $295,000.

Kevin Boyle, Lana Casiello and Lana Casiello-Boyle to Kevin Truong, 19 Rochelle St., $295,500.

Mark P. Skypeck to Justin P. Hancock, 48 Oakland St., $200,000.

Nicholas P. Boccio, trustee, and 1594 Memorial Ave Realty Trust, trustee of, to Ahmet Gunay and Canan Gunay, 1594 Memorial Ave., $95,000.


440 Southampton Road Realty LLC to Jai Hanuman LLC, 440 Southampton Road, $400,000.

Caio H. Veloso Silva to Lisa Marion Kozik and Aaron Banning Miller, 8 Lincoln St., $272,500.

Eric Mancini and Christina Mancini to Luis A. Lopez, 107 Main St., $256,000.

Frederick J. Dupont, representative, and Hazel A. Barton, estate, to David Bagge, 1047 East Mountain Road, $200,000.

Johnston Holding Co. Inc. to 10 Main WF LLC, 10 Main St., $495,000.

Jonathan Hawkins and Brooke W. Matuszko to Benjamin R. Fischer, 35 Grandview Drive, $305,000.

Robert E. Kelley Jr. and Jessica A. Kelley to Jay Michael Smith, 10 Cross St., $250,000.

Scott A. Machler to Arismendy Larancuent Jr., 45 Orange St., $295,000.


Charles E. Hatch and Rebecca A. Hatch to Nicole S. Gee, 12 Red Gap Road, $555,000.

Kathleen A. Scarglia to Todd N. Ashford, 6 Birch St., $220,000.

Maureen G. Christofori to Jad Mourad, 3155 Boston Road, $124,500.

Suzanne E. Middleton to Christine R. Augustine, 716 Main St., $435,000.

Timothy J. Marini and Jacquelyn D. Marini to Mark D. Van Ells and Paula A. Hartwig Van Ells, Cypress Lane, Unit 31, $550,000.


Linda K. Salguero, trustee, and Linda K. Salguero Living Trust to John Thomas Skinner and Mary Tresca Robertson, 17 Main St., $409,000.