Meeting People From Different Cultural Backgrounds

It is always exciting for me to meet people from different cultural backgrounds. It always thrilled me to learn about the culture of people I met from the different parts of the world. In my stay here in Malaysia, I am very lucky to have stayed in a guest house that caters all migrants from other countries. I was able to meet French, Russians, Dutch, Swedish, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Malaysians and the like.

It is very important also to learn to speak their language. Even a basic understanding of another language can help build bonds with people who speak another language. Concentrate on learning the languages and learn how to speak proficiently. You’ll be able to have conversations with new friends in a language they feel most comfortable speaking.

When you interact with people of varied cultural backgrounds, it gives you an opportunity to enhance your verbal communication skills. The more comfortable you are in communicating with others, the more doors are open for you in your personal and professional life.

Every time we collaborate ideas with other people, we also learn from them. Sometimes we are too preoccupied with our own world that it’s nice to hear differences in opinion and other perspectives. It’s really amazing to learn something from other people whether it’s intended or unintended, the result is the same. You are able to broaden your horizon and widen your perspectives.

Be open and kind to all the people you meet. Being nice to everybody and willing to learn about new experiences help you make new friends wherever you go. Never judge other people because their experience is different from yours. Try to find something that you can have in common to relate to the person. You can ask them about their lives and you can also share the things that you’re interested in. Never come off as condescending or rude to anybody. Keep yourself open to great possibilities. And it’s always great to make a new friends by being the first to open the conversation.

When you are around with new people, you can come alive with new creative ideas to learn from about your life. Having a strong network of people who are experts in different fields is an awesome experience! Because when you need something, it’s always a good thing to have trusted people to lean on. The person next to you might be the one you need right now or could be in the future.

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