Over 40% of Homeowners Have Undertaken a Climate Change-Related Home Project

As temperatures begin to drop, it’s no wonder that many Americans turn their attention towards home improvement projects to avoid the material damage that cold fronts can wreak on their houses. The ongoing effects of climate change exacerbate those potential issues, as natural disasters like hurricanes, torrential rains, and tornadoes become increasingly common. According to a recent Thumbtack study, 42% of U.S. homeowners have undertaken a home improvement project due to climate challenges.

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With climate change here to stay, many Americans are also taking it into account when choosing where to live in general. Speaking to 1,000 Americans about their home project plans for fall and winter, the company found that 63% of respondents say the possibility of climate challenges or natural disasters impacts where they’ve chosen to live and/or the types of home improvement projects they’re interested in doing.

Higher likelihood of extreme weather also means that substantial maintenance and repair projects have become increasingly necessary for American homeowners, such as plumbing inspections (up 134%), generator repairs (up 53%), and water treatment system installation (up 102%).

Thumbtack notes that generator installations rose rapidly in January 2022, as homeowners suddenly found themselves without electricity as winter weather wreaked havoc on their homes. The company recommends taking care of important winter home improvement projects — such as setting up your snow plow services, installing a generator, and checking your plumbing — before the winter season well and truly starts.

While climate challenges are frightening to say the least, Americans can take comfort in knowing that sustainability projects are also on the rise. According to the study, 22% of homeowners plan to tackle sustainable projects both indoors and outdoors in 2023. Meanwhile, demand for both solar panel installations (up 33%) and smart thermostat installations (26%) have increased this year. No matter what kinds of weather you’re facing this fall and winter, a bit of foresight and an eye for “green projects” can go a long way.

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