Portugal Announces A One-Year ‘Digital Nomad’ Visa For Remote Workers

Now that remote work has become the norm for many people, working full-time doesn’t mean you need to be tied to an office. In the absence of mandatory commutes, many people have opted to see the world in between Slack chats. If you’ve been itching to explore a new country, good news — Portugal is officially launching a one-year “digital nomad” visa, and it’s directly aimed at remote workers.

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From bustling cities like Lisbon and Porto to the spectacular beaches of Albufeira and lush island life of Madeirã, it’s easy to see why Portugal is such an alluring home away from home.

The European country has been a remote work hot spot for quite some time, thanks to its D7 visa. Although D7 was originally aimed at retirees, it’s also become popular with remote employees. According to Time Out, the visa allows anyone to live and work in the country, as long as they earn more than the minimum Portuguese wage per month (which translates to $804.40), and agree to live there for most of the year. Meanwhile, Portugal’s digital nomad visa is expected to be a bit more flexible.

To qualify for the visa, you’ll need to come from a country that is not in the EU or EEA, and prove income or employment from companies not based within Portugal. More information is expected to be released in the coming months. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for updates from the Portuguese government.

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