Property transfers

Property transfers

Baughman Township — Randall S. Kornhaus to Austin J. Horst, 16266 Church Road, $180,000.

Christopher R. and Lydia A. Bischoff to Lauren Ritchie and Austin Clemens, 2785 Wayne St., $381,000.

Zachary J. and Jennifer Franks to Jason and Shelley McAfee, 5184 Tannerville Road, $226,000.

Canaan Township — Mary M. O’connor (trustee) to John P. Moine, 4666 E. Easton Road, $780,000.

Jeffrey T. and Kristen M. Gerber to Bryan P. Spade, 204 Mcilvaine Drive, $190,000.

Bobcat Investments to Derek K. and Mercedes J. Orr, 111 Carol Drive, $350,000.

Chester Township — Roger D. and Donna J. Canode to Orlanda R, McKinley, 6322 Lattasburg Road, $256,800.

Matthew J. and Kathryn R. Miller to Lonnie and Naomi Wengerd, 4801 Lattasburg Road, $105,000.

Chippewa Township — Mcfarland Troy G and Troy Mcfarland to Ellis William, 14057 Allison Drive, Doylestown, $180,000.

Richard J. Pontius to David Zuppert, 15881 Mccallum Drive, $355,000.

Carolyn B. Sealey Cross to Craig A. and Kristie L. Ranney, 16300 Bieri Road, $394,900.

Mike and Ethel Faye Wyatt to Jeromy R. and Rachel D. Straub, 13217, Doylestown Road, $225,000.

Clinton Township — Ruby D. Troyer to Michael D. and Mary J. Troyer, 4025 Centerville Road, $102,000.

Michael Dutter (executor) and Richard L. Dutter to Colton R. and Erica L. Dutter, 10586 S. Jefferson Road, $185,000.

Congress Township — Ralph E. Shorts to Agri Soils, 15077 Rickel Road, $500,000.

Riley Sheppard to Scott M. Willig, 7922 Ruff Road, $280,000.

Doylestown — Jessica A. Breth to Susan Fausnaugh, 507 Church St., $136,000.

Edward J. and Steven E. Shondel to William Dannemiller, Silver Creek Drive, $55,000.

East Union Township — Emery Kauffman and Ida A. Yoder to Lisa Purcell, 5030 Cutter Road, $354,944.

Paul H. and Cynthia J. Mullet to Nixson Jarquin and Rhonda Jarquin Romero, 269 Eyman Drive, Apple Creek, $270,000.

Franklin Township —  Rhoda Gingerich to Roman R. and Emma C. Miller, 2721 Harrison Road, $380,000.

Norman D. and Tina Hershberger to Marlin M. and Nancy Kay Miller, Harrison Road, $54,500.

Lisa Lemar to Amy Catherine and John S. Harris, 3232 Fredericksburg Road, $190,000.

Larry and Kimberly Huddleston to Cindy E. Weiner, 3289 Fredericksburg Road, $335,000.

Carol A. Beichler, Jerry L. Wolbaugh and Barry C. Wolbaugh (co-trustees) to Barry C. Wolbaugh, 5661 S. Honeytown Road, $102,000.

Gail Miller and Vicki Kiernan to Heather Nicoel Myers and Tyler S. Bieniek, 7616 Haas Road, $107,000.

Orrville — Gary D and Margaret C McDowell to TD Benner Rentals and Margaret C. McDowell, 312 Hostetler Road, $32,500.

TD Benner Rentals and Margaret C. McDowell to TD Benner Rentals, 312 Hostetler Road, $32,500.

Reginald M. Turk to Brian A and Jennifer Orr, 524 Jerome Drive, $300,000.

Mark and Amy Beachy to Jacob O. Cecil and Samantha M. Gidcumb, 809 W Oak St., $170,000.

Brandon and Andrea Panek to Matthew D. Schwan, 528 S. Vine St., $216,000.

Rohrer Rental Properties to Caleb A. Rohrer, 616 N. Vine St., $120,000.

Joseph E. Wilford to Lena McCumbers, 600 W Oak St., $6,000.

MD Custom Builders to Brenda K. Maurer (trustee), 424 Emeril Court, $315,000.

Paint Township — 250 Properties to Springhill Estates, 17201 Dover Road, $800,000.

Rittman — Nathan J. Stephens and Samantha Rwyatt to Rachel M. Coffey, 100 Meadowvale Ave., $165,000.

Marta Josifov to James N. Brown, 146 N. Main St., $140,000.

Mary M. O’Connor (trustee) to John P. Moine, 355 Hilty Ave., $220,000.

Chad Weahry to Garrett I. Miller, 10 Windswept Way, $135,150.

Salt Creek Township — Kim Slutz to Rodney A. and Kathy J. Lemon, 153 E. Clay St., $43,000.

Sugar Creek Township — Daniel R. and Kathryn E. Hackett to Gerald Hackett, 233 S. Kohler Road, $150,000.

Lucas J. and Marlowe E. Daugherty to John Schlabach, 417 W Schultz Ave., $235,000.

Rebecca E. Johnson to Dustin Houghton, Henry St., $10,000.

Paul A. Snyder to Monte E. King and Audra L. Schultheis and Mark Bodziony (co-trustees), 208 Greenbriar Lane, $165,000.

Heidi S. Schlabach to Lucas James and Marlowe Elizabeth Daugherty, 670 Dalton Fox Lake Road, $310,000.

Soar Holdings to JOC LLC, 17485 Lincoln Way, $737,500.

Wayne Township — Douglas D. and Michelle L. Ventling to Scott Mollison, 3717 Schellin Road, $1,700,000.

Sarah Daniel to Aaron and Kaitlyn Kuhns, 1875 W. Smithville Western Road, $300,000.

Wooster — Dwayne Wenger to Eugene R. and Nonya R. Wenger, 302 W Larwill St., $25,000.

William W. and Pauline B. Walter to Joan R. Ancell, 1157 Billiar St., $143,900.

Lorie L. and Mark A. Stimpert Paxton to Docsier LLC, 1174 Madison Ave., $190,000.

Top Notch Real Estate Investments to Gabreyelle L. Steinman and Andrea Hess, 2212 Robinhood Drive, $190,000.

Stephen H. Leslie to Nicholas and Carrie Moore, 3315 Bayberry Cove, $235,000.

Erica Rae Davis to Tabitha M. Houghton Smith and Robert E. Barker, 1593 Lemar Drive, $174,500.

Donna L. Gerber to Tyler R. Schrock, 679 Skylark Ave., $201,000.

KandL Properties of Wooster to Walter F. II and Roxane Bremenour (trustees), 2578 Montclair Ave., $227,000.

Daniel J. and Rose Shanahan to Phillip Bruce and Margie Ann Cobb, 930 Church Hill Court, $537,500.

Vaidya OH Holdings to Western Reserve Mutual Casualty Company, Noble Drive, $894,600.

Clay H. and Sharon L. Sneller to James J. and Sue E. Hand, 515 W. Wayne Ave., $380,000.

Myrna Y. Hernandez to Matthew G. Poland and Trista M. Smith, 1039 Forest Drive, $280,000.

Josiah and Cassandra Hunter to Lori Katherine Nicholson, 1634 Cleveland Road, $225,000.

Deanna J. Weaver (successor trustee) to Tina L. Ginnetti, 1930 Saddlebrook Circle, $145,000.

Wooster Township — Tamela L. Brown to Chandler W. Dudte, 613 Robinson Road, $100,000.

This article originally appeared on The Daily Record: Here are property transfers recently filed in Wayne County