Sell Your Own Home and Profit Big – Who Needs an Agent Anyway?

Did you know that you can sell your home and save commission using the latest ‘for sale by owner’ methods which are available? This means that you can profit and profit in a very big way by seeking out the services of a company that’s designed to help you sell your home so that you can skip using an agent all together. Pretty great, don’t you agree?

Nobody is crazy about the idea of using a realtor and for good reason. The typical real estate agent can be a rather arrogant person and somewhat pushy. He may insist that you follow his set of rules. He might tell you that you have to re-arrange your furniture multiple times or do something like buy new curtains so that your home ‘looks right’ in his eyes. Plus, he will undoubtedly give you all types of other directives which you may not appreciate too much. To add insult to injury, you will be told (often at the drop of a hat) to leave your home whenever a prospective buyer is coming for a walk-through. This can be very inconvenient as you can imagine – especially if you have small children and pets.

You may think that you don’t have what it takes to conduct a private real estate deal. But if you think about it, who knows your home better than you do? You purchased your home because of it’s unique character, charm, building style, features, etc. This makes you the perfect DIY real estate agent because you can tell interested buyers all the great things about your home and why you bought it in the first place.

You can literally save thousands of dollars in commission fees by using a service which provides you with everything you need to sell your home. For a nominal fee, your property will be advertised on many of the largest existing real estate websites for several months. You also will typically be given a ‘for sale by owner’ sign, a ‘sold’ sticker as well as a simple guide which walks you through the entire process of how to properly conduct private home sales.

An increasing number of consumers are choosing to use this type of service which makes it very easy to sell a no agent property. If you choose to go with a service which helps you sell your home the DIY way, you can expect to be given access to no-cost, ongoing professional advice and assistance from a licensed real estate agent who can guide you in the right direction so that you will not have that ‘for sale by owner’ sign in your yard for long.

Due to the less-than-optimal economic conditions we have been forced to live with during past few years most of us these days are watching our money and are ‘tightening our purse strings’ so to speak. Many people are drawing up household budgets, are becoming coupon-clippers and are watching for discounts and sales on everything from clothing to food – all in the attempt to save money. Consumers are also looking for ways to save money whilst selling their homes so it should come as no surprise that many sellers are choosing the DIY route.

Private homes sales are now routinely being done each and every day and are quickly becoming the norm in the real estate world. This is because an increasing number of home owners are realizing that selling their own properties is far easier than they had previously thought. And, because no agent is involved in a private home sale, all of the commission money is pocketed by the seller.

By taking the ‘for sale by owner’ path, not only can you save thousands of dollars in commission, but you also will have 100% control over the price you are willing to accept for your home. When you are using an agent, it is very likely that he will allow a buyer to ‘talk him down’ a few thousand dollars just because he is eager to close the deal. Don’t let an agent walk all over you – sell your home yourself and save a bundle as well as a ton of headaches.

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