The Difference Between Termite Control and Pest Control

You can’t just employ any pest control company to take care of the issue when you have termites. You require a pest control Columbus Ohio that has specialized skills in controlling termites. You need a business that is aware of the distinctions between successful termite treatment and general pest control procedures and has the knowledge, tools, and resources to implement such treatments.

The Differences between Pest Control and Termite Control Businesses 

You can’t just hire any pest control firm to deal with the problem when you have termites. You will need a business that is committed to its training and is trained in Chandler termite pest treatment. You need to work with a business that completely comprehends the key distinctions between standard pest management and termite control; they must also have the knowledge and tools necessary to implement specialist treatments.

Before you search for “pest control or termite pest control near me” read these differences between pest control businesses and those that focus on termite pest management.

Goals of Treatment

The majority of pest control businesses strive to keep pest populations under check. The goal of termite treatment is to get rid of any termites that are on or near your home. Termites spread quickly and can inflict serious harm in a short period of time. If you leave even a small number of termites in your home or the surrounding region, you run the risk of an infestation.

On the other hand, companies that deal with pest control or management typically work to reduce rather than totally eliminate bug populations. So, for instance, the business may assist in ridding your home of spiders but not in your yard.

Specialized Information

Termite treatments are still the best option for the majority of termite problems. The staff of a typical pest control firm lacks specific knowledge. For them, it is superfluous. They only need to know what sort of insect you have and where to apply the pesticide.

They don’t need any more education or specialized training because they obtain that training right away after joining the company. Most treatments are topically applied, so all these “technicians” need to do is spray the right insecticide at the right place.

The variety and complexity of termite treatment are much greater. Florida is home to many subterranean termites, which live underground. They dig mud burrows to go to their habitat, which allows them to do so at all time remaining invisible. A termite treatment expert can locate termites if they are to be fully eradicated.

This includes actions like planting bait, drilling holes in wood, and other similar ones. The process is far more complicated and demands precise identification of the termite species, their location, and the extent of the infestation.

Short-Term Fixes Vs Long-Term Solutions

A pest infestation and the necessity to get rid of bugs are the two main reasons why customers search for “pest/ant pest control near me or termite control near me”. In the kitchens, there are a lot of ants that need to be removed. In order to get rid of the spiders in their garden, they need your help. They want an immediate solution, which the pest treatment business can provide.

Long-term solutions are the main emphasis of termite treatment. Its objectives include getting rid of any termites that are presently in your home and its surroundings as well as preventing them from coming back. A perimeter shield to keep termites away is frequently formed by digging a trench around your home. To ensure that the termites have been completely eliminated and that no new colonies have emerged, follow-up consultations are necessary.


The highly qualified specialized pest control Columbus at Champion Pest and Termite are knowledgeable about how to get rid of termites in your house or place of business. In order to determine the best course of action for the kind of termites and infestation you have, our professionals conduct a full termite examination.

We concentrate on long-term fixes for your termite issue in an effort to stop the spread of pests in the future. As a pest and termite control company, we also provide efficient treatments for additional pests that are widespread in Columbus, such as scorpions, ants, spiders, bees, cockroaches, and bed bugs. Call us right away to arrange for a termite examination or to request a quote for alternative pest control procedures.

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