These Yamazaki Steel Hangers Free Up Counters Space — No Drilling Required

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Many apartment kitchens are already small by nature, but to make matters worse, they require so many different cooking and cleaning accoutrements. From paper towels to stirring utensils, the number of accessories you need to complete even the simplest of food-related tasks is astronomical compared to the severe lack of counter space available. And that doesn’t even cover any decor you might want to include, like plants or a cute cookie jar. The good thing is that there are organizers and storage savers for virtually every need out there, including those pertaining to the kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a compact dish rack, baskets that can be attached underneath flat surfaces, or a tiered rack for spices, we’re here to guide you toward a clutter-free environment. With all that said, today’s find is one you definitely don’t want to skip out on.

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These steel undershelf hangers by editor-favorite brand Yamazaki are going to be your kitchen’s new best friend. Truth be told, they can be placed in any room. Use them for hand towels in the bathroom, jackets in the front entryway, or scarves and hats in your bedroom — the possibilities are endless. “The hook is deeper than expected, and the hardware is made really well,” one reviewer shared. “We use one to hold studio headphones under the desk, and we use one for all our masks before we leave the house.” The kitchen, however, is where these hangers truly shine.

Available in a set of two for just $16, they can hold anything from oven mitts, utensils, dish towels, or even a disposable bag for waste while you prepare meals. Arguably their most enticing feature is that they attach under cabinets without any drilling required, so they’re also renter-friendly. “I needed a REAL solution to hold my headsets for work,” one Yamazaki customer wrote. “Stick-on hooks don’t cut it, and I don’t want to have something that sticks out too far. THIS IS THE SOLUTION. … Absolutely a DREAM to put on, and doesn’t mar the desk.” All you have to do to install a hanger is slide it under your surface, then manually twist the bolt to tighten. Because the hangers are made out of steel, they won’t bend or break from the weight you place onto them.

We’re certain that once you purchase a two-pack, you’ll want to go back for more. Your clean counters will speak for themselves. And if you ever decide to remove these non-permanent fixtures, it’s totally no biggie.

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