TikTok Is Falling Hard For Michaels’ “Fairy Grunge” Halloween Collection

Seasonal home decor isn’t just for holidays anymore. The rise of TikTok aesthetics has given these decorations year-round life, as users hunt for pieces that perfectly complement their carefully curated niches. Many of these aesthetics (looking at you, Dark Academia) are perfect for spooky season, and as a popular TikTok, Michaels’ Halloween collections are perfect for viral-worthy looks.

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TikTok user @Dionthetaurus was struck by how well the craft store’s seasonal decor fit various TikTok aesthetics, from the grimy whimsy of “Fairy Grunge” to the wannabe Gothic romances at the heart of “The Vampire Diaries” and the “Twilight” Saga.

@Dionthetaurus recently shared a TikTok video panning across the store’s Halloween aisles, focusing on a few items in particular: A faux spellbook, as well as a framed photo of two skeletons embracing while surrounded by roses.

“Michaels is targeting the Twilight Elenacore fairygrunge girlies this year,” they captioned the video. “@Michaelscraftstore you ate sis.”

The TikTok has since racked up over 45,800 likes, suggesting that plenty of fellow zoomers are also enamored with the collection’s aesthetic appeal.

“This showed up to the right people and now I’m headed to Michaels,” one user commented.

A former Michaels’ employee also shared a tip for shoppers looking to grab some Halloween goodies for themselves: The store receives seasonal shipments every Wednesday evening, so expect your local store to have the widest range of items on Thursdays.

Whatever your spooky aesthetic desires are, it turns out an iconic craft store could be a one-stop shop for all your decor needs. You can check out Michael’s full Halloween line here.

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