If you love to have a wine collection, and you are concerned about the storage of each bottle, the wine cooler is the solution to many problems you face about storage. So what is a wine cooler? It is a refrigerator especially devised to keep your wine refrigerated to a specific temperature. They can be of smaller size, or the size of a regular fridge, but the bottom line is that it’s precisely for keeping the wine refrigerated. You can buy a countertop or slimline and narrow wine cooler in line with your budget and demand. It would be a smart investment as they are a great choice to store all wine types at the proper temperature, which assures good taste profiles and accurate ageing.

 Here are a few things you might need to know about wine coolers.

How to store your wine in a perfect way

All wine cooler manufacturers refer to the Bordeaux bottle when they set the wine cooler’s bottle capacity. But a handful of people just keep Bordeaux bottles. There are a lot of bottles that are both longer and thicker than Bordeaux bottles. Thus expect that you keep space for nearly 70% of the said Bordeaux bottle numbers if you possess different sizes of bottles. Try not to overload your wine cooler since there must be space for air to distribute on the inner side of the wine cooler thus you obtain an invariant temperature across the cooling zone.

Mildew in the wine cooler

Commonly, air circulation is a fine idea in case of moisture. Despite everything, this applies to wine cabinets also. Accordingly, from time to time the entire venting and opening of the wine coolers is a cool plan.

However, mould may occur in wine coolers. Favourably, this can be mended with a detailed and good cleaning, which is the right thing when it is done twice yearly. You can use mould and mildew remover products in addition to the main cleaning of the wine cooler. In cleaning, you need to remove the wine bottles and wash the cabinet’s interior with a light soap solution and wash with clean water in the end. Afterwards, make sure bottles don’t touch the back panel inner side of the cabinet when you set them back in the cabinet. In such a way you allow air exchange, which is useful in case of mildew.

Removable shelves

Plenty of wine coolers are developed near a typical Bordeaux bottle, while a few models do contain adjustable storage alternatives. If you fancy bigger sized bottles then keep tabs for models with detachable racks that make a little extra space.

Perfect temperature for wine 

Wine can be kept in a superstate as they age by preserving wine in the proper conditions. As shite wines are best stored at a cool 9-13⁰C. While red wines like high temperatures of approximately 12-15⁰C. A wine cooler with numerous zones allows you to set the ideal temperature if you cannot cherry-pick on a favoured wine type. 


Appropriate storage can preserve your wine bottles from the undesirable effects of vibrations, temperature fluctuations, heat, and light.