Lighting is a significant interior designing element in commercial spaces. It plays an important role in influencing the health, perception, and behaviour of employees. Furthermore, it also enhances the sustainability and efficiency proportions of the building. 

Ambient lighting is a widely used form of lighting in commercial spaces that ensures adequate illumination. Let us look more at this type of lighting in corporate spaces.

What Is an Ambient Lighting?

Ambient lighting, called general lighting, is installed as the primary lighting fixture in space. It serves as the foundation of other lights. In this way, it ensures brightness levels and comfortable illumination in a place. 

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Why is The Utility of Ambient Lighting in Corporate Spaces?

Ambient lighting influences and establishes the feel and mood of the space. When properly installed in a commercial space, it ensures a safe, productive, and comfortable work environment. LED lighting solutions are one of the best ambient lighting solutions required for illumination. 

Promotes Employee Safety, Wellness, And Comfort 

Lighting conditions greatly impact the psychological and physiological behaviour of people. It ensures comfortable and cooling illumination levels without causing any glare, migraines, headaches and eye strains. This helps build a productive environment. 

Ensures Higher Productivity

Dull lighting conditions make employees inactive, drowsy, and lazy. This leads to reduced motivation levels and concentration. Proper illumination radically increases the alertness and concentration of the employees. This makes an employee more energetic and confident. They have high levels of efficiency and productivity levels.

Types of Lighting Needed in Home or Office

There are several lighting sources that you can use in your home /office. Some of them being:

Natural Light

Natural light lights up the office and home during the day. It helps reduce your utility consumption. Natural light is a good source of Vitamin D. It promotes good health and well-being.  

Ambient Lighting

In this type of lighting, the light is distributed equally through wall-mounted fixtures, or ceiling-mounted. This increases the illumination level within the office/home.

Task Lighting

This type of lighting makes your office or home very comfortable. It enhances concentration and lowers eye strain. A convenient to move, and a light-weight table lamp or desk lamp makes a good option for task lighting.

Accent Lighting

Installation of accent lighting gives a stylish and smart look to a place. One can achieve it by incorporating an ornamental pendant light over the desk. It helps highlight specific regions of the place in your home or office.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

If your office has overhead storage cabinets, then you should consider installing under-cabinet lighting. Some of the best examples of this lighting system are power-efficient fluorescent lights or mounted LED strip lights.


Office authorities use several innovative lighting solutions such as surface-mounted luminaires, track lights, chandeliers, etc. for ambient lighting requirements. Whichever solution you choose, you can create ideal synchrony of the body, light, and mood. This helps improve the productivity and well-being of the employees.