If you plan to visit Goa India there are several different options for accommodations that you might wish to consider from camping to exotic resorts.

The reason you are visiting Goa may have more to do with the type of accommodation you desire. Many hotels cater to business personnel while others are more out to attract honeymooners.

If you want to enjoy camping while in Goa then the most popular accommodation is the Otter Creek Tents. Otter Creek offers a quiet retreat for those that want to get away from it all. The tents are actually small houses perfect for a couple that wish to cuddle up and forget the rest of the world.

If you prefer a resort, but you will be bringing the kids along, you will more than likely enjoy staying at Casablanca Beach Resort or the Goa Marriott Resort. Both cater to families with children and have amenities that the children will love such as swimming pools and a family atmosphere.

Honeymooners on the other hand will enjoy the peace and ambiance at the Dona Sylvia, offering a resort that will give you the chance to enjoy the beauty and special treatment you will receive.

No matter what your reason for visiting Goa, whether it is for a family vacation, your honeymoon, or a business trip, there are many different accommodations that will fit your budget.

If you are searching for hotels in Goa by price you will be glad to learn that you can find a large variety of hotels and resorts for under Rs. 1000 per day such as in North Goa the Anjuna Beach Resort, Baia do Sol, Kismet Mahal, Xavier Beach Resort, Green Park, Blue Bay, Rajdhani, and Royal Resort. In South Goa, you will find several more hotels and resorts under Rs. 1000 per day such as the Carina Beach Resort, Petite Guest House, Colva Beach Resort, Woodlands, and Bismarck.

Goa, India is a sought after destination for families, singles, honeymooners, seniors, and business travelers. To ensure you can find a hotel or resort that will fit your lifestyle it is best to book your hotel in advance as others are also searching for that perfect place to stay.

The best way to learn which accommodation will fit your lifestyle or be nearby the various attractions your family wants to see is by searching online and reading reviews of other travelers. You will be able to read reviews and learn which hotels are best for honeymooner or for those with young children. It is best to do your homework before booking a hotel or resort. Your children will drive you crazy if you book a hotel that has nothing for them to do and your vacation will be ruined.

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