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Many entertainments have shaped the way we look at the world. This includes Modern Art which plays an essential role as stimulation that provokes independent thought, and even emotions studied and taught through universities like uniathena dba, which aim to provide a wide array of educational services. Here are why modern art is one of the most splendid entertainments we have created throughout human history.

Understanding Art Periods

Art Periods are periods that encompass the work of visual, musical, literary, and theatrical art. These periods usually include art movements that have a shared focus or goal. Art historians usually group these artists and their works into an art group after the end of the period. In the Modern art era, we saw various movements, including the Impressionism movement, Post Impressionism movement, Symbolism, Art Nouveau, Expressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, Dadaism, Surrealism, and Abstract Expressionism. Each movement saw the rise of some of the most celebrated and famous artists known in the art community, and different art styles are still being used today.

What Defines Modern Art

Modern art refers to the period of art pieces produced from around the 1860s to the 1970s, the art produced during this era denotes the style and philosophies. Modern art is usually associated with art in which traditions have been rejected in exchange for artists to experiment with their work. These artists experimented with a newer way of contextualizing art. Artists of the modern art era played around with how their pieces looked, the nature of materials, and the functions of art. They stepped away from the narrative contextualization of art to a more abstract characteristic of art. 

Famous Artists From 5 Movements 

Many art movements during the Modern Art era saw the rise of some of the most famous artists in the history of art. The Post-Impressionism movement was against Impressionism and artists’ determination to depict light and color naturally. Artists that rose to fame during this movement include Paul Cezanne, Georges Seurat, Vincent van Gough, and Henri Rousseau. Artists from the Symbolism art movement focused on subjectively and individualistically representing ideas and emotions. Two famous artists of this movement include Edvard Munch and Paul Gauguin. The Expressionism movement became famous from 1905 to 1933 in Germany and saw the rise of artists like Wassily Kandinsky, who used to distort reality in their artwork to express emotion. Artist Pablo Picasso became famous for using geometric shapes during the Cubism movement. 

10 Reasons Modern Art is Great

Modern art is a form of freedom of expression and allows artist to express their feelings freely. Most modern art pieces contain a hint of mystery, an unexplored element that strikes every overly active human mind. Modern art allows us to explore our imagination as artists or observers. Observers are also able to examine the complexity of the artist’s subconscious. You don’t need to understand Modern Art. Just appreciate and explore the ambiguity of the artwork. Modern artwork communicates essential thoughts or sentiments or is made with creative energy and a cheerful attitude. Contemporary art depicts the interpretations of the artist’s dreams and charismatic symbolic patterns that immediately attract the observer. Modern art is an undefined form of art with a unique style. Contemporary art is considered a repercussion of the increasing events in today’s world. Finally, Modern art expresses imagination with intriguing and diverse rawness.

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