Ideal now, without having wanting at a picture, attempt to visualize Jerry’s condominium on Seinfeld. What do you see? The couch sits in the heart of the room guiding a small desk, with a kitchen to the correct. Possibly you also remember the desk put middle remaining. And the door to a rest room in the much again, around a bicycle on a wall. And of system there’s the entrance door that Kramer built popular. Very quick, appropriate? Why wouldn’t it be? That apartment is a single of the most legendary locales in all of television heritage. We’ve all viewed it around a gazillion instances. And yet, it’s only just now that the world wide web has figured out that the condominium defies the legal guidelines of physics.

Jerry’s Hallway Can not Exist. from r/seinfeld

Reddit consumer PixelMagic has exposed (in a submit we initially came throughout at Indy100) the darkish lie of Seinfeld. Jerry’s home just can’t exist in the real globe. Not if you feel in simple procedures of time and house. You can see why in an overhead rendering of the condominium. If you basically designed it to these technical specs, the outside corridor would have to have to operate by Jerry’s kitchen.

Your intuition may possibly be to say the hallway must have been curved. That was my initial response. Lots of other Reddit users reported the very same thing too. If you look at screenshots of particular episodes, that does look plausible. In certain moments the space involving Jerry and Kramer’s flats would seem smaller adequate that it could type a minimal cove. As you stroll absent from Jerry’s doorway, the hall could bend absent from the kitchen area.

Jerry, George, and Kramer inside Jerry's apartment on Seinfeld

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But after once again, “The Strongbox” is listed here to destroy Jerry’s existence. That was the episode when Jerry kept inadvertently torturing his building mate Phil. Inadequate Phil owned a parrot that choked to dying on the strongbox crucial Kramer hid in his food items dish.

As PixelMagic confirmed, that episode provides indisputable proof that Jerry’s hall did not curve absent from his doorway.

Jerry looks at his neighbor Phil down the hall on Seinfeld

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There are two probable approaches all over this conflict. The initial is remembering that this is a Television display. The apartment defies the legislation of physics since they established no matter what room they required to shoot the sitcom.

But the next is a a lot more Seinfeld-ian way to assume about this. It is basic: It is not a lie if you imagine it.

And if neither of people explanations make you pleased, and you are indignant about this incongruity, bear in mind: “Serenity now.”