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“I chortle for the reason that I should not cry, that is all, that is all.” Now, old Trustworthy Abe could not have been speaking about genuine estate when he quipped that all-time line, but that does not mean it is not an apt observation for quite a few of us looking at the recent marketplace.

In case you have been residing underneath a rock (which, by the way, you could likely encourage folks is just a “stone bungalow” with “historic roots” and record for $999,999 with the intention of offering for in excess of-inquiring), permit us give you the Coles Notes on the madness that is the Canadian true estate market place right now:

Cool amazing great.

In any case, it seems that our neighbours to the south are sensation a great deal the very same way, and @johnsonfiles took to TikTok to make a hilarious online video (yet again, we giggle so we do not cry) that captures the intensity and the insanity at the moment getting position for numerous would-be prospective buyers in numerous a authentic estate marketplace throughout North The usa.

Throughout the nearly 1-minute satirical movie, a number of people be a part of in the melee in an work to bid on a new, just shown, apple. And whilst they nail lots of of the current thoughts and realities driving up today’s real estate marketplace — “Is it even truly worth that?!” — potentially the most vital line is the a person we hope to hear least of all: “Why did I do that?“

Thankfully, looking at this video won’t give you any FOMO. It may, nonetheless, make you want to take in an apple. The good thing is, we just take place to have a new one particular for sale suitable here…


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