A home may be too dull without something that will pull it up. A specific thing that could make your home lively, specifically that perfect spot of yours. What will it be?

Among the pieces of furniture that could fill the gap and make your interior complete is an accent chair. You can place it on where you think will brighten up the mood or that specific spot that is perfect for it. Yet wherever it may be, a perfect chair like this accent chairs will give you that sense of a good vibe.

To give further understanding and help you decide what and where to put the stunning accent chairs, read on below. Browsing the official website of Yorkshire Fabric Shop is another way to get ideas and choices of accent chairs.

Let us start from the simplest.

Simple Accent Chair with Wooden Legs


This one is for those who seek a simple yet glamorous type of accent chair. With picturesque elegance despite its simple form, a chair with wooden legs will give you a major flashback during the fifties.

You can perfectly pair this type of accent chair with your coffee table, even in your living room and bedside table.

Today, simplicity rules and so this type might be the perfect one for you.

Wood and Faux Leather Accent Chair with Arms


Looking for an earthy one? Yes, this might be the one you are looking for. This accent chair possesses so much elegance with reclamation in nature. Made primarily with faux leather which is upholstered over wooden stand and arms, it is no doubt that this will give you that sense of relaxation.

This accent chair is good for those who seek a chair full of comfort. With its softness and quality, and the theme of its color, it will surely suit that perfect spot such as the spot where you could relax and could look over outside. It is ideal to situate this accent chair beside the window.

Arne Jacobsen-Style Egg Chair

Well, some of us are looking for that specific accent chair that will give that modern approach at the same time promote comfort. Nothing to worry about because this accent chair probably is the one you need.

With just one look, you can see that this is not the common chair we often see. It can provide you full comfort from your head, back, and feet while sitting and sipping your coffee in the morning.

Inspired by the shape of an egg, it is surely one of the best egg chairs that could set a happy in our homes. The perfect spot to place this unique accent chair is where the sun meets your window.

Mid-Century Modern Tufted Accent Chair


Hooked over tufted ones? Get your hands on this chair now, as this is the one you have been waiting for. At first glance, it looks more like a sofa, but this is in fact an accent chair.

Unlike other upholstered chairs, this tufted accent chair is quilted. They craft the sides of the chair with soft linen. As you see more closely, you could visibly notice the stitches that give the chair a more elegant look.

You can place a handmade throw pillow to support your back and prevent discomfort even sitting on it for a long period. 

The perfect spot for this accent chair is in the living area beside your lampshade where you can read a book and have a talk in life.

Panton S Chair

A simple yet modern one, that might be the perfect words to describe this accent chair. The manufacturer perfectly crafted this accent chair as an engineered seat over pieces of plastics that could be stacked up to four seats high.

Well, this looks modern and will surely love by those who want to add up some hint of a bang on their interiors. A seat perfectly fits anywhere you like be it in the living room area, bedrooms, or kitchen and terraces.


Wrapping things up, these are some options of accent chairs available in the market. This post will give you ideas and help decide where and what to purchase soon. Discover more unique and underlying accent chair design which promotes different purpose and vibes which suit the taste of yours.